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Petrol Pricing?

By maloomike - 25 February 2008 27

As a Gungahlin resident I found it odd last Friday when I went to fill up the car at the local Servo. Given that Woolworths have had the petrol monopoly at Gungahlin for quite some time I have decided to use the newly opened Shell (Coles Express) servo. I have never been one to look at the cost per litre before entering, but Friday was different. For some reason I took a special interest at the prices between Shell (Coles) and Caltex (Woolworths). Shell had a non-discouted unleaded price of $1.44 per litre and to my amazement Caltex fuel non-discount was advertised at $1.28.

16 cents on a full tank ended up saving me over $7.00.

It is normal to see some flunctuations BUT 16 cents come on. Did the Woolworths express staff miss the memo about Public Servant Pay Day?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Petrol Pricing?
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:58 pm 25 Feb 08

Personally, I’d much rather we leave the servos and fuel companies alone to move the prices up and down during the week. Everyone knows the price is usually substantially higher Thurs-Sun than it is Mon-Wed, and many people take advantage of that. I strongly suspect that if we lay the boot in too much, the oil companies will simply say ‘screw it’, and leave prices undiscounted across the weekly cycle. Petrol is not that expensive in Australia, and in real terms is no more expensive than most times during the 80’s anyway. Plus, we choose the cars we drive. So if I drive a V8, I can’t really complain about fuel prices, can I?

pug206gti 5:18 pm 25 Feb 08

I’m with Vader: bring on Fuelwatch and enjoy the ability to know the prices online before you even leave home.

eh_steve 5:02 pm 25 Feb 08

This was all over 2CC the other day, about how it was happening all over Canberra.

The guys at the actual servo itself don’t decide the prices, well, for the woolies ones that is. Somebody just calls up, tells them the price, and they change it.

ant 4:44 pm 25 Feb 08

Yep, Wednesday is Getting Petrol Day. Last Wednesday it was 124 ish at the Manuka servo, next morning 144 at the Qbn servos. It’s down to 135 in Qbn today.

ASP 4:42 pm 25 Feb 08

$1.24 at Mawson Wollies/Caltex last Friday, which is what I normally pay on Tuesdays.

V8 Berlina with a th 4:21 pm 25 Feb 08

Wasn’t a mistake. Down in Lanyon, Caltex had the same price. Shell in Manuka was just as high as up north too. Something tells me Caltex is edgy about the new oversight, 1.22 in a Friday is unheard of in this day and age.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:57 pm 25 Feb 08

I fill up my cars on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. That way I always get petrol pricing at the low point of the cycle. It probably saves me 5 bucks a week. Woohoo!

Growling Ferret 3:05 pm 25 Feb 08

There is now also a third servo in the Gungahlin area, with Caltex opening up at Gold Creek Village, just off the highway. I wonder how much traffic this place will get, as you can’t see it from the Highway until you pass it….

Vader 2:59 pm 25 Feb 08

System over in WA is great.

All servos have to advise the govt by 2pm what price they will be charging the following day. Govt puts it up on a website, usually by around 2:30pm ( People can then see where the cheapest petrol is, as well as having advance warning of price hikes.

Petrol prices change at 6am each day, so you know the price you see on the way to work is the price you’ll pay when you fill up on the way home in the evening.

Great for the consumer all round.

Gungahlin Al 2:43 pm 25 Feb 08

You must have caught it mid-change. They were pretty much all $1.28.9 until Thursday then jumped 16c, but – very strangely – were back down again Friday morning. Can’t say why but a nice change to not be stang on a weekend…

The 4c discount BTW was just over $1 on a Forester tankload – NOT worth driving around for.

The dude who is the petrol commissioner implemented a scheme in WA where all servos had to lodge their price for the next day the previous evening, and then could not vary from it. Now that would lock in some competition if he could get it into place nationwide…

neanderthalsis 2:38 pm 25 Feb 08

I have noticed that many Shell servos have an inflated price compared to other servos. Recently I was about to fill up at the Shell in Manuka when some git decided to park and fill his Statesman at the only bowser there that has a diesel pump (my greatest annoyance, servos with only one Diesel pump integrated into a bowser with numerous forms of unleaded). I hiked out and down to the BP at Kingston where diesel was 7c per litre cheaper.

Skidbladnir 2:37 pm 25 Feb 08

I have a suburban servo near my house who is routinely five cents cheaper than the nearest Woolworths\Caltex.

shanefos 2:34 pm 25 Feb 08

Not surprising at all.
Coles Express at Hawker was $1.24 p/litre last Monday – Wednesday and, lo and behold, come Thursday morning, it was up to $1.44 p/litre.
This morning it was back down to $1.28 p/litre.
I initially thought the low prices were Woolies and Coles reaction to the government appointing a Petrol Commissioner, but it’d appear that was only wishful thinking…

Duke 2:32 pm 25 Feb 08

It happens in other places too. I work in Queanbeyan and have seen the isolated Caltex near Letchworth charging $1.44 whilst down near main street they’re only asking $1.28.

You burn up too much fuel driving around looking for the best price so the rule of thumb is to go where petrol stations cluster.

I was wondering when Gunghalin was getting another Servo. That monopoly had to end eventually.

hingo 2:29 pm 25 Feb 08

Must have been a mistake. They are usually priced identically. Having two servo’s was supposed to increase the competition and bring down the prices but it hasn’t happened…until now.

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