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Pitbulls in Canberra. Time to ban? [With poll]

By Jethro 18 August 2011 112

So overnight a little 4 year old girl in Melbourne was mauled to death by a pitbull terrier.

I have had a couple of close encounters with this breed of dog in Canberra – once by one that yanked its leash out of its owner’s hand and came at my black ball of fluff  and the second time by one that was roaming free as I was relaxing in a park with my kids. Again it came barrelling at us very aggressively. (On a side note, what’s with the huge numbers of dogs that roam our suburbs during the day time… are there people out there who let their dog out for the day while they go to work?)

I’m fairly certain the both times things could have turned out quite badly if I didn’t know how to react in that type of situation.

So, my question is: is it time for the ACT government to reassess its policy to not restrict the ownership of pitbulls in the territory? They have been selectively bred for aggressiveness and I can see no reason why anyone would need to own one.

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112 Responses to
Pitbulls in Canberra. Time to ban? [With poll]
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Mumbucks 12:29 am 31 Dec 11

Ban them

Instant Mash 1:08 pm 30 Dec 11

I believe it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that the dog poses no threat. If it does, then I’m all for the dog being taken away or put down.

Also, I believe the owner should be punished in such instances. I say this as the housemate of a dog owner who seems to believe he doesn’t need to train his dog for whatever reason. It’s not violent, it just has no sense of boundaries or rules because the owner looks the other way.

I feel that the only way people will learn is with direct consequences.

p1 1:07 pm 30 Dec 11

matt31221 said :

To the people who want to ban breeds – you are not god. What right do you have to dictate whether a breed of dog lives or dies? It is almost fascist in my opinion. Piss off to Commie land if you want your freedoms taken away and everything banned, go and live in a sterile nanny state.

Tooks is right, it is the owner not the breed.

While I agree that it is the owners truly to blame (I propse, should a dog prove so bad it needs putting down, the owner be required to join it in the afterlife), you’all seem to forget that these many different breeds only exist because humans pick traits in mutts they like and “breed” them together to get what they like the look/speed/temperament/whatever of.

So, we as society either take the libertarian approach and let people breed dogs however they want, or we take the authoritarian approach and limit the breeding to dogs with traits we as society enjoy. While I like to dabble in libertarianism, I still sometimes think there are situations where. The greater good etc etc… Plus, pit bulls are fugly looking mongrels.

matt31221 1:06 pm 30 Dec 11

I would like to add – go to the dog park in Tuggers, to the big dog area and you will see big scary breeds, Pit bulls, Great Danes, Labradors, big black dogs with 3 foot long strings of drool flying from their mouths etc, what is it that the absolute majority that these dogs have in common? They are big friendly softies that come up to you for a pat and a cuddle. Goes to show that the owners care enough to train them well and care for them. With the exception of one time most of the trouble I have had is in the small dog section, little balls of screaming terror running around barking and attacking!

It truly is up to the owner as to the temperament of their pet regardless of breed.

matt31221 12:52 pm 30 Dec 11

To the people who want to ban breeds – you are not god. What right do you have to dictate whether a breed of dog lives or dies? It is almost fascist in my opinion. Piss off to Commie land if you want your freedoms taken away and everything banned, go and live in a sterile nanny state.

Tooks is right, it is the owner not the breed.

NoImRight 11:37 am 30 Dec 11

What about Staffies? I like the look of them and they are supposed to be good family dogs.Planning on adding one to the family once Im satisfied with the fencing around my yard.

roflmao 5:53 pm 05 Nov 11

A ban on a particular bread of dog no matter how aggressive leads to bans on lesser aggressive dogs. A golden retriever is a large dog with the capability of killing and so is a Labrador and many others should these dogs also be banned?

clintonDogowner 4:34 pm 19 Aug 11

colourful sydney racing identity said :

clintonDogowner said :

Punish the deed not the breed

Who writes your slogans? Tony Abbott?

Please! This is the exact sort of fear mongering that Abbott uses. No way would I use anything that Abbott says!

clintonDogowner 4:31 pm 19 Aug 11

This slogan comes from a hard fought campaign against Breed Specific Legislation that is being argued all over the world! By responsible dog owners of all breeds that are discriminated against! Discriminated against from media beet ups!” New York Pitbull advocacy” has a great Facebook and web site for anyone who wants to see what happens when this form of legislation comes int effect! The pictures and stories are not for Th feint hearted, as the can be very graphic!

john87_no1 4:30 pm 19 Aug 11

Jethro said :

Erg0 said :

what_the said :

If there’s evidence to support it, then I’ll happily take it on board. Anatomically, they are no different to any other dog.

Anatomically, a 90 pound weakling is no different to a professional boxer. Even putting temperament aside, I know which one I’d rather be attacked by.

Anyways, I agree that nothing should be done without evidence, but I also don’t see much of a rational justification for the continued existence of the breed. I’m not talking about rounding them all up and shooting them, but I think it would be reasonable to ask the breeders to show reason why they should be allowed to continue breeding them.

And this comes back to the original point I made when posting this topic. All I would like to see is some stricter regulations in the ACT for these dogs (and other breeds of dangerous dogs). We are the only state or territory that has no additional regulations (on top of normal dog ownership regulations) on pitbull ownership.

If it isnt an issue in our state then why would/should we take action on it?

john87_no1 4:28 pm 19 Aug 11

Yeah, let’s just ban everything we don’t completely understand.

Thumper 4:26 pm 19 Aug 11

On the other hand my cat just bites everyone.


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