Poet to Chair ACT Cultural Council

che 5 April 2005 8

In a move that will both please and annoy Canberras Arts Communinty, poet Dr Paul Hetherington has been appointed as the Chair of the ACT Cultural Council according to this media release from the Minister for the Arts, John Stanhopathon.

It will annoy individuals in the arts community because they didn’t get chosen, but it will please them greatly that now the ACT Poetry Award will not be decided on by the Comrade, who stood up at the last presentation joking that he knows nothing about poetry and then deciding on the winner. You never want to be in a room full of artists/poets and say those immortal words “I don’t know much about art/poetry, but I know what I like” and then award a prize to what you like.

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8 Responses to Poet to Chair ACT Cultural Council
bonfire bonfire 4:10 pm 26 Aug 05

nope i have it on a cd by raymond j bartholemew.

ronaldo ronaldo 4:05 pm 26 Aug 05

Hey bonfire..”marooned……..xmas” do you know the history of this verse… or is it from your memory of ‘hey hey its saturday’?

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 6:53 pm 02 May 05

My poem –
Dan,dan,the garbage man,
Stole a can, and away he ran !

bonfire bonfire 10:00 pm 05 Apr 05

i dont have a problem with poets except that annoying guy at the gorman house markets who always trys to flog a poem when im having a coffee, but i dont think that my tax dollars should pay for them.

if they cant make a buck by being a poet, i dont see why the gummint should pay. following that logic, goodberrys would be gummint funded.

vg vg 6:03 pm 05 Apr 05

I guess the enormous amount that poetry and prose contributes to society justfies its support.

Reading a pithy piece of prose won’t prevent you from heart disease. The encouragement of sport amongst the masses is of far greater benefit to all than some of the out and out crap that passes for art.

Each to their own, but they hardly bear comparison. I enjoy a good piece of art from time to time but a doctor who’s a poet, I wonder where his true vocation lies?

5:37 pm 05 Apr 05

I think government support of sport is a scam, but luckily we don’t just govern for what I like or what you like.

vg vg 3:03 pm 05 Apr 05

perhaps he is a ‘people’s poet’ a la Rick of the ubiquitous Young Ones.

Or in the words of Ford Fairlane:

“You’re a poet
and don’t even know it”

bonfire bonfire 12:08 pm 05 Apr 05

and poetry is just so relevant and popular that we need to have a council and chair and public funding ?

i wouldnt give these people a cracker.

the whole ‘arts’ industry is a scam.

the tedious introspective meanderings of depressed introverted social outcasts is of no interest to 95% of umm the world.

surely they can meet at the tradies club and exchange soliloquies ?

i am an island
i am an isthmus
i come from the bahamas
and i dont believe in xmas

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