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Police Clearance Sale

Jazz 31 October 2005 28

The Canberra Times in their wisdom appear to have run a public notice on pg 9 of todays paper (no online link that i can find) that talks about the $20 million sale of reposessed, liquidated, stolen et al good being run by the AFP. Only problem is that it’s not being run by the AFP. Whatever the confusion, the AFP felt compelled to put out this media release to tell the good people of Canberra to stop calling about the sale.

No wonder the AFP don’t respond to serious calls, they are too busy telling mrs bloggs that city station don’t sell toasters or wide screen tv’s.

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28 Responses to Police Clearance Sale
Maelinar Maelinar 2:47 pm 03 Nov 05

Face it, no matter how hard you train them, how many books you make them read, how learned they become;

They’ll still be sitting next to a child who hasn’t. And that will bring down their IQ in a social homogenisation kind of way.

Remember the teachers can only teach to the capabilities of the class, so your children will be hampered by the young illiterates who are taking up all the teaching time just like everybody else.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 1:55 pm 03 Nov 05

Random If they are anything like their mum they have probably outsmarted you already 🙂

RandomGit RandomGit 12:58 pm 03 Nov 05

My children are going to be the saviors of the doh generation. I shall see too it personally.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:26 pm 03 Nov 05

I expect that society should begin to ask questions like;

Just where are these ‘enhanced training outcomes’ that were promised ?

Just why has my child got a Masters in Education yet cannot spell words that contain more than three syllables ?

Just how can I lose 50kg a week by using this elastic band that cost $350 where a tyre tube costs $3.50 and does the same thing ?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on your side guys, I’m absolutely dumbfounded by how thick our children (society level) are going to be.

Bring back the cane.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:55 am 03 Nov 05

Well, what do you expect from society? School is being dumbed-down so no one fails anymore, TV is full of shit about how to lose 50 kilos while having your house renovated by a gay chef who is into ballroom dancing, half our population is off their fucking tree on drugs (prescription and non-prescription), and nobody takes responsibility for their own actions anymore.

Christ, I’m glad I’m not a Policeman: I’d shoot far too many people!

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 7:47 am 03 Nov 05

I know what your saying Maelinar, oh how I know…

Maelinar Maelinar 7:57 am 02 Nov 05

I for one (apart from laughing my tits off at Jazz and VG and RG having their tiffle), went down to the AFP markets last Saturday and got some 1/2 decent deals.

I at no stage in my role as husband/porter felt in any way that there was a lack of communications, nor the need to contact the AFP in regards to when/where the sale was.

Who are these people ?

Do they live near me ?


Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 7:36 pm 01 Nov 05

Hmmmm, on that note…Did you hear the one about the rabbi and the priest?
No? Neither did I!!

vg vg 7:00 pm 01 Nov 05

Two rabbis walk into a bar………………
Is that enough for you Jazz?


RandomGit RandomGit 3:13 pm 01 Nov 05

Time to resort to smilies.


Jazz Jazz 12:45 pm 01 Nov 05

the lack of sarcasm tags is killing us here

Jazz Jazz 12:45 pm 01 Nov 05

I was saying you don’t have one

vg vg 9:45 am 01 Nov 05

What was that you were telling people about having a sense of humour?

Jazz Jazz 9:28 am 01 Nov 05

oh, well other than that one.

next time i shall make sure i include tags for your benefit VG

vg vg 9:08 am 01 Nov 05

Well now you put it that way………..

simto simto 8:41 am 01 Nov 05

VG – everybody here is an instant expert on everything – emergency management, defence policy, police management, and, indeed, local government.

It’s kinda like a backyard barbeque after a few beers have increased our expertise levels.

vg vg 8:41 am 01 Nov 05

“No wonder the AFP don’t respond to serious calls, they are too busy telling mrs bloggs that city station don’t sell toasters or wide screen tv’s.”

“I have not, nor have ever taken cheap shots at the police, so pull your head in.”

Reconcile those 2 statements then.

If there’s a head to be retracted in a turtle-like fashion methinks it should be yours.

Jazz Jazz 8:26 am 01 Nov 05

I have not, nor have ever taken cheap shots at the police, so pull your head in.

I made the observation that the wider your media releases are distributed even if it is to the one extra person that read it here first, then that is one less call that the police switch needs to answer. The AFP switchboard is not a limitless resource even if they are non operational.

I’m not sure what your point about the ombudsman is but if you are refering to protecting the police ‘image’ then no amount of ombudsman or II services will make a difference.

vg vg 9:07 pm 31 Oct 05

Don’t try and pontificate here and justify your poorly described position as above. All you tried to do was, once again, take a cheap shot at the coppers.

The ‘calls’ are answered by the switch or the property office, both ‘non-operational’ areas.

And no, I don’t really have a sense of humour when it comes to rubbish like this. I have never seen a place where so many people have ‘all the right ideas’ of how to do Police work. If I had a $ for every time someone told me how I could do my job better I’d be nigh on a millionaire.

‘Broader distribution’? Think you may be talking yourself up a little there. Take a logical look at all the ‘public backlash’ the Police receives and see how much of actually sticks around once Ombudsmans and internal investigations are conducted….not much if not virtually nil. So many people here have a policing sob story but I can guarantee that 99.9% of them didnt bother to take up their civil right to make a complaint to an independent body such as the Ombudsman.

I’m not saying that I have a perpetual lack of humour. You have to have one to do what I do occasionally. You do yourself no justice by making a fool of yourself with remarks like you have made.

Again thanks for advising me/us on how we can do our job better. Next time you get a boot full in the City be sure to wander up to one of the people in blue and make your suggestion, it really will be appreciated

Jazz Jazz 8:26 pm 31 Oct 05

Sometimes i wonder if you have a sense of humor VG, cause if you do, it has failed you miserably here.

By posting it here as well we are allowing a broader distribution and stopping joe public from bothering the police about something they have nothing to do with. Feel free to use all of that grey matter you claim to possess to follow it though to the logical conclusion. Clearing up the confusion cause by the canberra times notice will allow already overstretched resources to focus on more serious police work. If the AFP would prefer to answer calls of this nature then you’d bloody well be prepared to put up with all the public backlash that comes with it when you don’t respond to a ‘real’ call (as evidenced on numerous occasions here).

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