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Police Conduct Machine Gun Raid At Dickson

By realityskin - 26 March 2008 25

Turkish restaurant next to Trinity at Dickson last night got raided by police with machine guns and bullet proof vests. Busted out of a plain marked van and stormed the back entrance. *Apparently* a massive cocaine bust. Anyone know anything ?

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25 Responses to
Police Conduct Machine Gun Raid At Dickson
Thumper 7:35 pm 26 Mar 08

I dunno about that. Imagine if the cops were French and were armed with garlic bread?

Pure carnage…..

boomacat 6:31 pm 26 Mar 08

Couldn’t agree more Nath, imagine copping an eyeful of tabouli – ouch! With all that garlic etc it’s gotta sting.

Mr Evil 5:22 pm 26 Mar 08

After seeing what the Turks did to the ANZACs at Gallipoli in 1915, I’d be going in fully armed too. 😉

NathanaelB 3:15 pm 26 Mar 08

Tabouli can be pretty dangerous if left out of the fridge … I’d be going in with a Kevlar vest too …

Absent Diane 3:13 pm 26 Mar 08

maybe they didn’t like the food.

astrojax 2:36 pm 26 Mar 08

and i thought that was just icing sugar on the turkish delight…

RandomGit 1:46 pm 26 Mar 08

I worked there behind the bar for a short stint about a year and a bit ago.

Never even had the slightest idea anything dodgy was going on.

It does explain why he never wanted the store room tidied up.

realityskin 11:43 am 26 Mar 08

There were some rumour about videos made in fun of cutting up coke on the front bench. Apparently an employee who quit last week was involved in this.

jimbocool 11:41 am 26 Mar 08

The SOT are called in when “lethal force is authorised” – which generally means anti-terror operations or they are expecting to meet armed resistance (say an armed robbery where an offender has discharged a weapon) – presumably they had intel that suggested that the baddies in the restaurant were armed with something a bit more dangerous than tabouli…

Colin_Dixon 11:34 am 26 Mar 08

Would they really need machine guns to raid a restaurant? It’s hardly a heavily-armed headquarters for the Popular Liberation Front of Dickson (PLFD)

jimbocool 11:19 am 26 Mar 08

Special Operations Team in the AFP use Heckler and Koch MP5 sub machine guns (9mm) – capable of semi automatic fire (one round per squeeze of the trigger), three round bursts or fully automatic. The MP5s have laser sights. SOT also have other cool toys such as stun grenades and really big pump action shotguns. Having met some of the SOT boys I would suggest that a van load crashing in through your back door would see you wishing you had been wearing brown underpants.

Stung 11:18 am 26 Mar 08

machine guns? Why lie..

mutley...again 11:07 am 26 Mar 08

Maybe it’s a followup to the bad review that was posted on here a while ago.

Perhaps this will encourage restaurants to pull their socks up on service.

AussieGal83 11:04 am 26 Mar 08

Anyone know anymore about this? I have a friend who used to work there.

barking toad 10:58 am 26 Mar 08

Machine guns?

Plod will be interested to know they’ve got those in the armoury.

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