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Police crack down on motorists running red lights and flouting road rules at Canberra intersections

Glynis Quinlan 8 October 2018 50
Despite getting traffic lights in April last year, the Barton Highway/William Slim/Gundaroo Drive intersection is still one of the problem locations to be targeted by police. Image supplied.

Despite getting traffic lights in April last year, the Barton Highway/William Slim/Gundaroo Drive intersection is still one of the problem locations to be targeted by police. Images: Supplied.

Police will this month crack down on driver behaviour at intersections which is the cause of around half of the collisions on Canberra’s roads.

Drivers failing to stop at stop signs and red lights will be under the police spotlight with the problem intersections to be targeted to include the two roundabouts where Parkes Way intersects with Anzac Parade and Coranderrk Street.

Police say other locations they will specifically target include the Athllon Drive/Drakeford Drive/Isabella Drive intersection, the Barry Drive/Cooyong Street/Northbourne Avenue intersection and the Barton Highway/William Slim/Gundaroo Drive intersection (which still has problems even though traffic lights were installed in April last year).

Almost half of Canberra’s collisions occur at intersections. Image: Supplied.

Almost half of Canberra’s collisions occur at intersections.

So far this year (January-September), ACT Policing has issued 959 traffic infringement notices and 688 cautions to people breaking road rules around intersections.

The three most common intersection-related reasons for motorists receiving infringement notices this year are for not stopping at a stop sign (161 notices), disobeying a no right turn sign (148) and not stopping at a red light (134).

ACT Traffic Operations Officer in Charge, Acting Station Sergeant David Wills, said Canberrans need to take extra care around intersections and pay more attention to the road rules.

“With one in two collisions occurring around intersections in the ACT we all need to slow down, be patient, be considerate of other road users but most importantly obey the road rules,” said Acting Station Sergeant Wills.

“When travelling through an intersection it may be common sense to follow the road rules but the number of collisions shows there are too many drivers who still just don’t get it.”

“Everybody has seen other road users pushing the boundaries or breaking the road rules around intersections,” he said.

“There is no excuse for driving in this manner and it is exactly this type of road user we will be targeting during October.”

What do you think are the main problems at Canberra’s intersections? Let us know in the comments below.

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50 Responses to Police crack down on motorists running red lights and flouting road rules at Canberra intersections
bigred 9:08 pm 12 Oct 18

Three issues totally ignored in this release are u turns at traffic lights, correctly performing a right hand turn at a multi lane intersection and how to correctly perform a right hand turn at a normal intersection (ie not swerve left and not cut the corner).

planet42 10:10 pm 11 Oct 18

Whatever happened to traffic cops on motorcycles? Haven’t seen one in years, do they still exist?

Christopher Mawbey Christopher Mawbey 7:20 pm 10 Oct 18

Go the fixed combination red light speed cameras.

Most red light runners are speeding. Double fine

Laurie Berry Laurie Berry 9:42 am 10 Oct 18

only need to indicate left if the driver is changing roads. Not required to indicate if going straight through on same road. Indicating right to leave a roundabout sounds American to me.

Matt Matt Matt Matt 8:49 am 10 Oct 18

Here’s an idea, let’s not have traffic lights on roundabouts.

    Dave Zeus Dave Zeus 11:59 am 10 Oct 18

    If you don’t like it, then leave 😛😛😉😉

    Matt Matt Matt Matt 11:59 am 10 Oct 18

    Dave Zeus I think I will.

    Antony Dingle Antony Dingle 4:37 pm 10 Oct 18

    No...lets put lots of mini roundabouts around the main roundabout like Swindon

Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 8:48 am 10 Oct 18

I wonder where the Law Society is on this. They are all fired up re the changes to the CTP insurance but something like this that has the potential for less crashes and therefore less CTP claims and there is not so much as a chirp from them...

Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 9:47 pm 09 Oct 18

You know what would be a good idea? Synchronise the lights that are close together so you can drive through on green rather than having to sit at a green light because the carts in front are sitting at a red light.

Alison Midolla Alison Midolla 8:09 pm 09 Oct 18

I see so many people drive fast to beat the Orange light that they even drive through a red light.

So many drivers just don't care, they are such a rush to get there.

I even see tradies go through red lights.

One of these day one of these idiots will cause an accident.

When it's Orange it means you stop not try to race it.

Jane Farrugia Jane Farrugia 7:55 pm 09 Oct 18

Come out to the intersection of the Barton Hwy & Curran Drive Nicholls.... you'll catch heaps of drivers who seem to think the Stop sign is a Give Way sign!

Kim Hooper Kim Hooper 7:47 pm 09 Oct 18

Thankyou 🙏🏻

Tony Armstrong Tony Armstrong 6:44 pm 09 Oct 18

It's spring. The flowers are out, the police are out, winter must be over!

Blen_Carmichael 6:15 pm 09 Oct 18

How about an education campaign on giving way at roundabouts? An easy but much-misunderstood rule in Canberra.

Vindalu 5:04 pm 09 Oct 18

Yeah but I’ve got a hot car with a loud exhaust and I want you to take notice of me. I might be a peanut in a back the front cap but I am awesome and my car is amazing.

Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 4:28 pm 09 Oct 18

Does that include signaling right when you leave a roundabout?

    Daniel Berry Daniel Berry 6:27 pm 09 Oct 18

    I hope so, so many people don't do it. It's a real pet peeve of mine

    Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 6:28 pm 09 Oct 18

    Daniel Berry especially when you could have gone because you waited for them.

    Iaian Ross Iaian Ross 6:37 pm 09 Oct 18

    Speaking as a pedestrian, signalling to leave a roundabout is dangerous. Signalling that you're about to turn left after turning right, when you intend to go straight on implies the car may turn away from the intersection the pedestrian is at. If no signal is given its obvious they intend to go straight.

    Not signaling for left hand turns always illicits a disapproving head shake from me as they pass by when cars do turn left. Happens about half the time at any intersection in Canberra.

    Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 6:45 pm 09 Oct 18

    Iaian Ross yeah good point. I always indicate but will pay extra attention to predistians.

    Gerard Jenkins Gerard Jenkins 6:47 pm 09 Oct 18

    Aren't you meant to indicate left when you leave a roundabout? Or is that your point?

    Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 8:04 pm 09 Oct 18

    Gerard Jenkins yes, they are indicating right and haven’t bothered to let us know they are leaving the roundabout.

    Marc Edwards Marc Edwards 9:57 pm 09 Oct 18

    Do you mean signaling left when your leaving a roundabout

    Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 8:17 am 10 Oct 18

    Marc Edwards yeah but not just that not being bothered to indicate when you change lanes.

g210 3:57 pm 09 Oct 18

Half a dozen full time traffic cops, on the road, day & night, sensibly enforcing existing road rules (not just setting up downhill speed-traps & cruising number plates), and you might actually get through to some muppets in this town. Little things like – red lights means stop; half a car length is not a safe distance at 90km/hr; indicate at roundabouts – hey, maybe indicate in general; keep left on arterial roads.

Graeme Jeffries Graeme Jeffries 2:56 pm 09 Oct 18

Could we have crackdown on tradies tailgating whilst they are on the phone...

    Tony Morris Tony Morris 3:19 pm 09 Oct 18

    Graeme Jeffries allot of tradies seem to be getting around in dress shirts ties and dresses?

    Amanda Adams Amanda Adams 3:41 pm 09 Oct 18

    Agree they are so aggressive 👍

Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones 2:49 pm 09 Oct 18

Red light running js an increasing problem. I can no longer trust that when the light in front of me turns green it's safe to go, because waaaay to frequently tbere is a semi , bus, or several cars still crossing the intersection. But they probably didn't go through a red light, they probably went through the orange late in the sequence, when rather than stop, they sped up to run the orange light too late for safety. Then the heavy vehicles are still going throhgh the intersection after my light has turned green.

    Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 4:29 pm 09 Oct 18

    Jennifer Jones it's actually illegal to go through an orange light. My friend got booked.

    Ryan Daniel Ryan Daniel 5:30 pm 09 Oct 18

    I don’t think it’s possible to still be in the middle of the intersection as the others get a green if you were speeding as you went straight through the orange. You get 3 seconds from the red to the other person getting the green. At 90kph you travel 25m per second. So you could go through the red at 90 and still be well out of the intersection by the time those 3 seconds are up and the other people get a green.

    So those people still in the middle of the intersection when you get a green must have gone through when it was red for a while.

    Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones 10:28 am 10 Oct 18

    Ryan Daniel Just giving them the benefit of doubt but perhaps I was too generous

    Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones 10:29 am 10 Oct 18

    Seon Ferguson I MUST brush up on the road rules!

Lynne Audsley Lynne Audsley 2:27 pm 09 Oct 18

Great idea. And while you are checking traffic light intersections, maybe also check on the new habit of motorists leaving at least a car space in front in the red light queue. I'm noticing this more and more; only one or two cars get through a red light because of it. It doesn't excuse running a red light, but it does add to frustration.

    Sharon Wall Sharon Wall 7:53 pm 09 Oct 18

    It’s probably because the person behind them was tail-gaiting and so far up their coit they didn’t want to get shunted into the intersection.

    Lynne Audsley Lynne Audsley 8:25 pm 09 Oct 18

    Sharon no it's got nothing to do with tailgating, I hate it too and as a driver of a small car, experience it all the time. This is about drivers just stopping their vehicle leaving a carspace in front. I see it often at Woden. it's particularly bad in a short left turning lane.

Jason Presti Jason Presti 2:07 pm 09 Oct 18

Just this month?? What happens next month? Free for all??

David Eschbach David Eschbach 2:03 pm 09 Oct 18

Any chance you can add right hand lane drivers to the list of targets?

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