Police investigating dangerous burnout at gender reveal party in Theodore

Lachlan Roberts 11 October 2018 11

Screen grabs of the video shared on Facebook.

With the smell of burning rubber and clouds of blue smoke, a Canberra family’s baby gender reveal party went to dangerous levels according to police, after a car performed a burnout in a quiet suburban street.

Around 3:30 pm last Sunday (7 October), Freda Gibson Circuit in Theodore was disturbed after a gender reveal party took to a burnout to reveal whether the expectant mother was having a boy or girl.

As a result, the driver could be facing serious consequences after a video of a green ute performing the burnout was posted online. Acting Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations Marcus Boorman said the burnout was dangerous and was relieved that nobody was hurt from the incident.

“I understand that the birth of a child is cause for celebration but there is celebrating and there is celebrating,” Station Sergeant Boorman said.

“The conduct that these people are engaging in is dangerous, it is unsafe and the consequences could be quite significant. Had that person lost control of the car, there was a number of young people and children around.

“At one point you can be celebrating and next moment you could be burying someone. People who engage in this type of conduct get caught up in the moment and don’t think of the consequences and the safety risk.”

In the video shared on Facebook, a green ute performs a burnout in a driveway of a home, with family and friends standing close by. In the aftermath of the minute-long burnout, the video shows clouds of blue smoke and burnt rubber on the driveway, amidst cheers from family and friends.

Rubber starts to burn as the clouds turn black while a young boy sits on the fence nearby.

Station Sergeant Boorman said the driver can expect to hear from police about the incident.

“Any sort of burnout on a roadway is dangerous and is unsafe,” he said. “The bottom line is that this behaviour is not condoned and when it comes to police attention, we will investigate and appropriate action will be taken.”

A similar incident took place in the same suburb in May, with the matter now currently before the court and a person facing a number of charges. A police investigation into Sunday’s incident is underway and Mr Boorman expects charges to be laid.

“Anyone who witnesses this sort of behaviour should bring it to the attention of police and it will be fully investigated.”

The burning rubber on the driveway.

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11 Responses to Police investigating dangerous burnout at gender reveal party in Theodore
wottaway wottaway 12:40 am 19 Oct 18

‘….a Canberra family’s baby gender reveal party…’…..’after a gender reveal party took to a burnout to reveal whether the expectant mother was having a baby boy or girl….’
I cannot believe what I have just read. I refuse to believe that such a phrase/sentence is possible to be written and still expect it to be taken seriously. Who could envisage such nonsense ? It gives me a pretty good idea of the slippery slope that Canberra is rapidly descending !

Claire Claire 5:37 pm 18 Oct 18

Whoever it is must get their tyres cheaply.

1967 1967 9:16 am 12 Oct 18

“Gender reveal party” = another opportunity to shamelessly seek fame and recognition through self promotion.
Got nothing to do with the kid, just Mum and Dads need for attention.

    madelini madelini 2:04 pm 21 Feb 19

    I mean… you could say that about a lot of pregnancies so…

Maya123 Maya123 12:41 am 12 Oct 18

Another photograph.

Must have lots of money to burn, doing that to tyres…unless they put on old worn-out tyres, which might be another offence, driving on them.

Maya123 Maya123 8:54 pm 11 Oct 18

Gross, imagine having them living next door. No fun for the neighbours. That cloud of foul smoke. They didn’t care for safety of the children, or their health, letting them breathing that smoke. Great example set too for the children watching; suggesting it’s okay to do this to neighbours. I do hope the driver is charged.

Narcobear Narcobear 6:42 pm 11 Oct 18

it happened on private property, fun police…

    planet42 planet42 9:55 pm 11 Oct 18

    Yes, but the acrid smoke would have drifted over nearby properties totally stinking them out. This happened to me once and the stench went through my entire house and caused coughing and watery eyes. It is a completely moronic act to do this in the suburbs and the police are right to get involved.

    gositsa gositsa 8:02 pm 18 Oct 18

    Yep, feral, so glad they don’t live next to me.

bj_ACT bj_ACT 3:24 pm 11 Oct 18

‘Car performs excessive Burnout in Tuggeranong.’

You can put this headline on daily repeat and it will always be correct.

‘Lots of Police on the beat throughout Tuggeranong.’ Now that’s a headline I never see.

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