16 August 2007

Police on Bindubi Street?

| witm
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Driving to uni this morning I noticed a police car, lights flashing pulled over on Bindubi Street just near its intersection with William Hovell Drive.

A car had been pulled over, no obvious damage and what looked like a body was lying on the side of the road covered in blankets.

Anyone heard anything? It’s got me curious.

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Ummm, what was the original post about again?
the-tangentact.com yet again…
Who really gives a she-ite? Let people do what they want, as long as they are prepared to accept the consequences.

Crikey! I can almost predict who will have the next “big one” in traffic-bd84 & groonsnout take note. Scary people!

Yes I was talking about moving traffic, it wasn’t the usual weaving in and out of traffic at 130kph, this fool was going between cars i.e. cars travelling level with each other, including tailgating between cars and cutting off cars he was overtaking.

First of all, lane splitting is against the law.. this includes riding between the traffic stopped at the lights, down the road shoulder. Cars aren’t allowed to drive over the median strip and go to the front of the line just because they want to?

Secondly, it’s dangerous.. i’m sure riders know all about the blind spots in cars (and the people who don’t head check), drivers are more likely not to see you if you are in the lane beside them instead of sitting behind them!

But it’s the motorcyclists death wish if they want to do it, I can’t say I feel sorry for many of them when they do something stupid and end up dead though..

As for roundabouts, the ones with two lanes are generally there to help the traffic flow through quicker, you are legally allowed to go straight ahead from both lanes and use them for overtaking, i believe changing lanes in the middle of them is illegal though! Bottlenecking on the other side is generally the result of people trying to get ahead of each other, if you don’t get a moron next to you trying to force their way past and go staggered into the merge, you don’t normally have too much of a problem! Anyway I think most people including myself would have used the right hand lane to overtake the slow truck in the left lane around a roundabout..

People jumping ahead of others in long lines of stopped traffic? Have a look at all the scum doing exactly that IN CARS when they come to where the road forms into 2 lanes for a roundabout. The right lane is for turning right on the roundabout, but there they go, little piggy tails whirring round as they jump into the right land to overtake all the cars, and then rejoin the traffic when the lanes merge again. This merging, btw, causes bottlenecking and the traffic stops. (This happens at the airport roundabouts every morning).

The people who jump into the right lane are queue jumpers, but there are so many who do it.

groonsnout = anger management issues. Like I said, can’t wait for psychological profiling for driver’s licences.

BTW, I did say stationary, I don’t lane split in moving traffic. The guy who moved over did it in stop-go traffic and essentially parked himself so he was diagonally across two lanes. He was just being an arsehole, I wasn’t obstructing him and letting me through wouldn’t have affected him one way or the other.

A-huh. Because I don’t feel that a motorbike lanesplitting past me is some kind of challenge to my manhood, it follows that I listen to crapulent AM radio and sit 20 below the speed limit? You should come take a drive with me sometime, and see how badly your attempt to stereotype falls flat. But I guess you would prefer to keep on acting out Mad Max fantasies in your beaten up 1980s Ford Laser hatchback.

Oh, and as for your feeble straw man, if I saw a motorcyclist (or any motorist) endangering cyclists like that I’d probably report them to the cops. Note though that I wouldn’t attempt to run them off the road, or otherwise take it as some kind of personal affront.

that’s great for you caf, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that you’re sitting in traffic somewhere oblivious to everything around you with 1053 2CA blaring away, sitting in the right line at 60kph in an 80 zone.

So I’m guessing you’ve got no problem then with motorbikes travelling 90kph down the bike lane on william hovel in the morning then either? Why would you? It doesn’t affect you?

groonsnout, another thing that is breaking the law is vigilantism. It’s not your job to “pull over to block a lane splitter”, and the fact that you do implies that it’s you who needs to “grow up and deal with it”.

By the way, I’m not a motorcyclist and never have been, but I still don’t have a problem with lanesplitting – I would suggest that any such problem is due to an overdeveloped competitive instinct.

motorcyclist = temporary australian.

Lane splitting is breaking the law, simple as that. The same way that speeding, stealing, snorting coke and rape all are. I spend a lot of my day on the road and see dicksmacker motorcyclists breaking the law all day and generally being c***ts. I’ve got no problem pulling over to block a lane splitter which I do frequently. You’re not higher than god so just grow up and deal with it.

I’ve seen 4 people die in my life (2 here in fyshwick), all in front of me on the road, all motorcyclists by themselves being dickheads doing three times the legal limit.

To the few law abiding motorcyclists out there, please ignore this post.

captainwhorebags9:12 am 17 Aug 07

Jemmy – I got the impression that bd84 was talking about moving traffic (I think it’s called traffic filtering). I get angry at these future road crayons too.

Anger against lane splitting is usually a case of people getting the shits that someone is cutting to the front of a line – kind of like a big toughguy going to the front of the line at the movies because he can get away with it. I don’t think lane splitting really endangers anyone and possibly has safety benefits for the riders.

Traffic filtering is stupid, there’s no excuse for it, and the minority who practice it are doing themselves and the motorcycling community no favours.

Why do you think lane-splitting is dangerous? Where I come from, it’s taught as good practice in stationary traffic.

Why are you angry about it? What’s it got to do with you?

I’ve come across people like you with anger management issues. It’s like they’re super competitive and just can’t handle the fact that someone is actually ‘beating’ them through the traffic. I actually had one guy look at me in the side mirror and then move across into my lane.

The sooner they bring in psychological profiling for driver’s licences, the better. These people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns or vehicles.

The police car came from behind me when I was waiting in the glenloch interchange traffic snarl.. I was hoping it was after the absoulte di*khead of a motorcyclist who was literally riding between the two lanes of nose-to-tail traffic along the Tuggeranong Parkway.. another death wish waiting to happen, which I was mightily tempted to give him! (legalities aside) Hopefully someone will grant this fool his wish soon! ..

not sure why the above comment got cut off

The police car came from behind me when I was waiting in the glenloch interchange traffic snarl.. I was hoping it was after the absoulte di*khead of a motorcyclist who was literally riding >between

You sure or are you taking a guess? I haven’t seen anything on ABC News or AFP media releases.

heart attack in traffic. poor bugger.

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