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Police parking

By Skyring - 26 December 2009 163

Naughty Boy!

While this police car was parked illegally in Murulla Lane at 1600 on Christmas Eve, the driver was booking cabs on the nearby taxirank for double parking.

If this was an isolated incident, it would be bad enough, but this is standard procedure for cops: parking rules and traffic regulations do not apply to them, apparently.

Police and parking

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163 Responses to
Police parking
Anna Key 10:56 pm 26 Dec 09

I’m sure one of them stayed with the car to book anyone who had to pass around them by crossing the unbroken white line.

Dougal 8:27 pm 26 Dec 09

Your post annoys me. The police were booking people. Seems like a good use of taxpayers money to me.

Personally, I have no problem with ambulances, fire trucks or police parking ‘illegaly’ if they are simply doing their job.

Your petty post indicates to me that you would be equally pi$$ed off if you saw people parking illegaly and the police just cruising on by because it was too hard find a park.

Special G 8:10 pm 26 Dec 09

This one comes around all the time. Should the Police park in the multistory car park and pay for parking so they can then walk down to the taxi rank to book the cabs then over the radio receive an urgent job of your mother getting stabbed in her house although takes them 10 minutes longer to respond to the job because they had to walk back to their car.

The job they are on may not be an emergency although the one they have to drop everything to respond to may be.

vg 6:02 pm 26 Dec 09

S305 of the Australian Road Rules.

Have a squizz at it………see if you can find your life in there while you’re at it, because clearly you don’t have one

bd84 5:40 pm 26 Dec 09

The police can legitmately park anywhere (i.e. in no parking/stopping areas) if they need to do so in the course of their duties. If the driver was booking taxis (as opposed to visiting the donut store), then he is in the course of his duties. Also, where he is parked is probably the safest place in that area for him to be stopped.

Or are you stupid enough to think that the driver is expected to go and find a car park and put money in the metre (which they’re also not required to do)?

smack 2:49 pm 26 Dec 09

Is this really such an issue? I would prefer that whilst they are doing work like this (not that I really like it when they give out tickets) that they have their cars nearby so they can get back in them and go to emergencies quickly. I would hate to think that if I ever called 000 that the cops had to walk 5 minutes back to their car before they came. The only time I wouldnt agree is if the Police car was parked dangerously, which in this case it isn’t.

knuckles 1:18 pm 26 Dec 09

As it is an emergency services vehicle it is not illegally parked. Police and other emergency services staff need to have their vehicles close by so that they are able to quickly attend emergency incidents and ensure your safety.

Cameron 12:52 pm 26 Dec 09

I have absolutely no problem with this whatsoever.

2604 12:46 pm 26 Dec 09

Stuff like this would be much easier to take if traffic ops police weren’t so darn zealous about fining people for the most minor traffic violations. A few years ago my Dad wore a $79 fine for not indicating when changing lanes. And a couple of months ago I got a lecture and a $249 fine for entering an intersection when the arrow was amber, and turned red before I had exited the intersection.

I’ve seen Constable $249 lurking underneath the Commonwealth Avenue overpass on Parkes Way on numerous occasions, trying to catch Eastbound traffic which hasn’t slowed down from 90 km/h to 80 km/h. Pretty dangerous stuff.

It would also be easier to take if the AFP were actually properly resourced to follow up violent and petty crime in the community.

NickD 12:18 pm 26 Dec 09

The three options in this survey seem rather biased – what about ‘they make mistakes from time to time’?

Bosworth 11:10 am 26 Dec 09
Dome 11:08 am 26 Dec 09

And there’s the AFP/Protective Services van which is permanently parked in the “Security Reasons” Drop Off only zone at Snowtown – usually over the No Parking paint. And yes I have the photo.

Mike Crowther 10:58 am 26 Dec 09

So cops should only attend those jobs which arise where there is plenty of adequate legal parking available?

Ari 10:51 am 26 Dec 09

I can see your point, just from looking at the massive traffic disruption in the photo.

bigfeet 10:35 am 26 Dec 09

You are quite right. Parking rules and Traffic Regulations do not apply to them. See Rules 305, 306 and 307 of the Australian Road Rules.

You clearly state that they were engaged in enforcing a law, its not as if they parked there to do their christmas shopping.

I guess you would be the type of person who would whinge if a police car drove past the double parked cabs you referred to and did nothing about it.

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