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Police Wrap – 24 July

By johnboy - 24 July 2008 19

This in from police media today:

    1. Bad girls from Gowrie are in strife after a pair of alleged aggravated robberies in Tuggeranong. Three slightly older males in their company are “assisting police with their inquiries”.

    2. Yesterday’s lost silver BMW has now been found, along with a 29 year old Belconnen man. Sounds like an exciting chase across Totterdell Street balconies.

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Police Wrap – 24 July
Devil_n_Disquiz 12:35 am 25 Jul 08

I was going to suggest to AG83 something along the lines of,,if you don’t like it,,don’t read it.

I read them,,I like them. Keep up the good work JB

Deadmandrinking 10:09 pm 24 Jul 08

AussieGal83 said :

These Police Wrap things are boring and take up space on the page. No one reads them.

A much better way to say, “I don’t have an opinion on this matter”. The marist threads proved it was an effective way to have a debate without one.

el 9:15 pm 24 Jul 08

A good response by the wallopers.

RA readers eagerly await the stern talking to the mob of trash will receive as ‘sentencing’.

ant 9:11 pm 24 Jul 08

Evidently the daily stories are quite popular. But there should be more doughnut action.

Swaggie 8:59 pm 24 Jul 08

Way off beam AG83. Keep ’em coming JB.
All 5 of the Gowrie Mob must have a collective IQ of less than 100. Presumably the parents thought both girls were at School?

123qwe 8:42 pm 24 Jul 08

Crack on JB, I like these posts. I tend not to go searching for crime around Canberra in the media, so if I read about it here I get find out whats going on and observe a varied opinion on what has occurred.

Bundybear 8:36 pm 24 Jul 08

These Police Wrap things are boring and take up space on the page. No one reads them.

I like them and read them regularly. A very bold and innacurate statement AG83, based on????

johnboy 4:27 pm 24 Jul 08

Sounds like they’ve got older boyfriends…

Whatsup 4:17 pm 24 Jul 08

These girls are starting reasonably early, hopefully they wont enjoy the attention from the police and its not too late for them to rethink their idea of entertainment.

Thumper 3:57 pm 24 Jul 08

Yep, keep them coming…

captainwhorebags 3:33 pm 24 Jul 08

Interesting raft of charges for the BMW burglar. Does “Resisting a Commonwealth Official” include rejecting the advances of a pissed EL1 at OPH on a Friday arvo?

DJ 2:57 pm 24 Jul 08

I read them… JB can probably see how many people read them too….

Mish_Mash 2:10 pm 24 Jul 08

i like them! i read them all the time! keep up the posts JB!!

johnboy 2:03 pm 24 Jul 08


If in future you could address editorial feedback via the contact box it’ll be appreciated.

I will say that comments are not a reflection of interest.

AussieGal83 1:59 pm 24 Jul 08

These Police Wrap things are boring and take up space on the page. No one reads them.

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