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Police Wrap – 25 April

By johnboy 25 April 2009 31

1. Deakin Pharmacy Heist:

    ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery at the Deakin Pharmacy in Duff Street this afternoon.

    Just after 3.00pm a male entered the pharmacy and produced a knife, fleeing the store shortly after with a sum of cash.

    The offender got into a waiting vehicle, a white 1998 Mazda Bravo tray back utility bearing ACT registration YAB59E. Police have confirmed this vehicle was stolen from a Kingston car park earlier today.

    A short time ago police were involved in a short pursuit with the vehicle through Manuka, however eventually lost sight of it.

    The offender is described as a Caucasian male, approximately 30 years old with a medium build, dark hair and about 5’9” (175cms) tall. Police suspect him to be a passenger in the stolen vehicle, being driven by an unknown male.

    Officers from the Territory Investigations Group have taken carriage of the investigation and are currently speaking with witnesses.

If you can help police call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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31 Responses to
Police Wrap – 25 April
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Spideydog 10:17 am 28 Apr 09

Granny said :

Whereas you sound so scintillatingly intellectual and diabolically clever ….

Well said 😉

No worries tooks. Keep it coming, makes life interesting…

Granny 8:10 pm 27 Apr 09

Whereas you sound so scintillatingly intellectual and diabolically clever ….

barry ottor 7:50 pm 27 Apr 09

Why do memebers of our local police force persist in making themselves look so thin skinned and silly on these pages? I dont understand, they work hard and most do a good job, but come on here making themselves look ridiculous.

Tooks 3:41 pm 27 Apr 09

Nah VY, you misread me if you thought I took any of your comments personally, and it certainly didn’t get under my skin in the slightest.

I thought yours was a ridiculous comment that warranted a silly reply. When it appeared that you were actually serious, I thought I’d reply again, just to keep things interesting.

As for the ‘essay’, it took about as long for me to type as it did for you to read it. No biggie.

…an admittedly facetious REMARK, that is…

I guess this has been done to death previously anyway. I’m just curious why someone took an admittedly facetious so personally.

Anyway… back to bitching about cyclists and politicians!

johnboy 3:18 pm 27 Apr 09

OK children, your squabbling isn’t adding anything to the discussion.

Thanks for the big reply. Perhaps in responding to you post#16 I got under your skin a bit. Frankly I would expect some police response if a cop was tailing a known aggravated robbery offender.

Just out of curiosity, Tooks, are you a cop? You seem to have taken my comments very personally. I base this observation on the personal comments you included with your posts (eg post#18), as well as the essay at post#21.

Good on you for airing a different opinion. Mine certainly hasn’t changed, though.

Tooks 10:59 am 27 Apr 09

Good point Spideydog. VW van or Hilux cages would struggle to keep up with a bicycle.

Tooks 10:57 am 27 Apr 09

I’ve never made you out to be some tough guy to get out of the argument, nor do I sit at my computer for hours on end pressing refresh to see if someone has replied to my posts.

Which details didn’t I read?

My initial response to your absurdly simplistic comment wasn’t overly harsh. Perhaps you take the whole internet thing a touch too seriously. This is just a bit of fun to me, and nothing more. Don’t take things so personally and get so defensive.

I’m amazed at how simplistic the thought process of an adult can be. You took away all the possible factors and boiled it down to this: New Commodore or Falcon versus crappy old Mazda = cops fault.

By the way, I acknowledged that it may very well have been police driver error, because *shock horror* police make mistakes too.

Basically, you ignored the following possible factors involved:

– At what distance did the police vehicle sight the Mazda (50m? 100m? 500m?)?
– Pedestrian traffic (Manuka shopping district is very high pedestrian).
– Vehicle traffic.
– Intersections.

Then there was your smart remark about the ute outrunning police radio, implying that they should’ve radioed to one of the infinite patrol cars in the area who could have intercepted the vehicle. Doesn’t always work out like on TV unfortunately.

The point of me replying was to hopefully get people to actually think a bit before posting simplistic comments like yours.

Picture this scenario: Police driver pushes it a bit harder, clips a pedestrian while turning a corner, catches crook a short time later. Pedestrian has a busted arm. Following days Canberra Times front page: “Pedestrian Injured in Police Pursuit”, and the obligatory argument on Riotact about the pros and cons of police pursuits (could easily replace that scenario with a collision with a citizens vehicle).

Spideydog 10:50 am 27 Apr 09

The PO lice “MAY” have been in one of the VW vans …. not really a pursuit type vehicle ?? Where even a 98 Mazda Bravo could even outrun it !!

Your post #14 was a snide, emotional response where you didn’t read the details. Now by making out I’m some sort of tough guy, you try to get out of the argument. I notice your response wasn’t so fast this time either.

Tooks 9:32 am 27 Apr 09

I’ve already told you how they might have lost the vehicle (see post 14). Having said that, it may have been ‘bad’ driving (ie. over cautious) by the cops – I don’t know.

There’s no arguing with a Monday morning quarterback like yourself, so I’ll leave you to it.

The story says that the police gave pursuit but lost the vehicle, not about giving up the chase. It also says nothing about traveling through the actual mall area of Manuka.

You know heaps about reading hey? I can tell.

Tooks 9:18 am 27 Apr 09

You know heaps about policing hey? I can tell.

…and yet the crappy old ute even outrun the cop radio.

Tooks 9:12 am 27 Apr 09

Yeah he should be ashamed. Fancy not burning through a high pedestrian area like Manuka as fast as he could. Fancy slowing down at intersections to reduce the chance of a collision and staying on the correct side of the road. Ashamed indeed.

I just reread this thread. Got away from the cops in a 1998 Mazda Bravo?!?! The cop doing the pursuing should be bloody ashamed.

Tooks 11:59 am 26 Apr 09

You don’t fool us, ant. You closet police fan 🙂

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