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Porsche Crash on Lady Denman Drive This Morning

By lobster - 20 November 2007 35


Did anyone else see the crashed Porsche on Lady Denman, just up from the gravel car park this morning?

I don’t know much about Porsches, but it was grey and had a hard top, so it wasn’t a Boxster.

I passed it at around 8:30am.

The Passenger side of it was munched up.

Anyone know what happened? It was on a straight section of road… The only thing I can think of was that the driver was in the gravel carpark and might have gotten some wheel spin leaving it which caught up with him further down the road?

But I dunno.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Porsche Crash on Lady Denman Drive This Morning
Adza 6:33 pm 20 Nov 07

I blame all you guys for being complete idiots in coming up with hopeless stories.

We all know it was the teddy bears. Sheesh…

ugh 5:45 pm 20 Nov 07

I blame union bosses

RandomGit 5:41 pm 20 Nov 07

Well then…

I blame Greens policy of not chopping down trees.

hk0reduck 5:32 pm 20 Nov 07

This is third hand info but I was told the driver of the porsche swerved to avoid hitting another car, lost control and hit two trees.

Heavs 5:25 pm 20 Nov 07

Break the drivers legs. Clearly he needs that to be able to learn.

pierce 5:12 pm 20 Nov 07

I blame speed cameras

lobster 5:09 pm 20 Nov 07

I blame work choices

Mr Evil 5:01 pm 20 Nov 07

I blame global warming.

astrojax 4:35 pm 20 Nov 07

maybe damge done elsewhere, then towed by a stolen tow-truck and dumped to make it look like it was done there. and it is almost certainly that same porsche, sammy. i think i saw it in adelaide in july. has to be.

Sammy 4:09 pm 20 Nov 07

Just in case it’s not immediately obvious, my previous post was sufficiently laden with sarcasm.

Sammy 4:08 pm 20 Nov 07

I once saw a Porsche in Sydney. I’m not sure if it was grey, but it was certainly a dark colour. It had a roof as well, and it was quite hard. Perhaps it was that one?

Ari 4:05 pm 20 Nov 07

Ingeegoodbee, I doubt the damage was done elsewhere.

I sw it too and both axles were broken and the side was completely smashed.

Looked nasty.

blingblingbears 3:51 pm 20 Nov 07

hmm I parked next to a silver hard top porshe yesterday in Dickson… I wonder if it was the same one? If so the guy didn’t seem like the type to drive like a moron (but you can never tell these days!).

Ingeegoodbee 3:26 pm 20 Nov 07

If it was a stolen car the damage may have been done elsewhere and then it was abandoned where you spotted it. Porsche’s have a rather beguiling habit of punishing the timid driver who back’s off in a corner after going in hard.

VYBerlinaV8 3:08 pm 20 Nov 07

Bugger. Hope it can be fixed.

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