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Possible Pokie Ban Backflip.

By S4anta 21 November 2005 6

In a move that may surpise you all, ABC on-line is reporting here that the Gubbmint is keeping an ‘open mind’ about an appeal from the licensed clubs in our region to over turn a ruling that saw notes above $20 AUD not accpeted by the beloved pokie. Apparently, their takings are down, and they fear that the smoking ban will harm them even further, plus a higher tax rate being applied to these places.

Poor little diddys.

Our beloved treasurer has come up with this bueaty;

“It’s one thing for the Government to interpose itself and address problems of gambling and it’s another thing to start trying, you know, the nanny state control of people’s gambling habits.”

Well, as a government you seem hell bent on curbing the habits of smokers, whats the difference between a 120kg+ bastard with a pack a day fag habit, as compared to the bloke who pishes his last away in a miserable licensed club, rather than interacting with his family?

Personally, I like these new changes, my chances of winning meat trays have risen slightly. As for the good old herring of ‘the community will be harmed as clubs won’t be able to support local groups etc’, perhaps a good old fund raiser where the licensed clubs might have to use grey matter and innovative nouse, rather than wait for people to sit at a machine to earn their cash… Under the new serfdom choices they are going to have to something, mind you i await with glee the day when clubs workers flog pokie patrons with a cat o nine tails, for not putting enough money in pokie. That would be kind of cool.

What’s Your opinion?

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6 Responses to
Possible Pokie Ban Backflip.
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johnboy 7:17 pm 21 Nov 05

well on the one hand why not tax the stupid for all they’re worth via the pokies.

on the other hand why not get more of that money for the government rather than the unaccountable plutocrats who run the so called “community” clubs.

Absent Diane 2:36 pm 21 Nov 05

Won $80 on them once had another $80 in my wallet… later that night I lost my wallet and only had enough change in my pox to get me home…. Even someone as cynical as I could see that as big sign… never pokie’ing again after that!!

Count me in for some pokie smashing!!

Thumper 2:01 pm 21 Nov 05

sounds like fun….

I hate the f*ckers

ssanta 1:54 pm 21 Nov 05

Perhaps pokie smashing vilgilantes are in order…
after a few lagers we jump up from the table and decent into the pokie dens like a rampaginbg viking horde, smashing all technology in sight (and the odd weirdo if they look up from their machine)…

Maelinar 1:32 pm 21 Nov 05

Pokies are wonderful and should be encouraged. I think that they should also be enabled to take your credit card directly, so you don’t need to carry around huge bags of cash.

And personally I wouldn’t go near one with Thumpers money, as I have a relative who worked for Aristocrat and I know of some of the inner workings of the machines.

As for the pokie-sponsored meat trays though, yeah baby. (My wife and I haven’t purchased meat since this time last year).

At the end of the day, if people are that willing to throw their own money away, who are the government to say they can’t do it?

Thumper 1:20 pm 21 Nov 05

It can be quite amazing how a $91 billion deficit can change policy in the blink of an eye.

I think I heard dear old Ted says the other day that, ‘all election promises by all governments are almost impossible to fund’ or words to that effect.

And then he backed it up with the even greater cracker by saying that ‘what is the use of having a good credit rating if you don’t use it?’

Remember people. These are the officials whom we give our tax to.

This is particular really cracks me up;

“it’s another thing to start trying, you know, the nanny state control”

Ah, excuse me, did I miss something vital here?

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