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Pre-Election Electioneering

By MrMagoo - 8 April 2008 31

I’ve noticed that ‘would be’ Chairman Zed has already began campaigning for the October Election with an advertising package. Well one can only hope that it is a worthwhile investment for the ACT Liberals. Lord knows they’ve invested poorly in the past….

Anyway, suppose we’ll now live through a protracted campaign.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Pre-Election Electioneering
caf 10:58 am 09 Apr 08

Funnily enough, Gentleman was in the news this morning with his solar power tariff bill.

LG 10:01 am 09 Apr 08

Gentleman will be the next speaker I tipping

Swaggie 9:32 am 09 Apr 08

The ‘dead wood’ argument applies to both sides – Mick Gentleman anybody?

Crikey 9:23 am 09 Apr 08

When a party starts advertising so early with only a focus on its leader (Zed) it usually means their polling reflects that their leader (Zed) has a very low profile and no one gives a rats arse about him (Zed).

I also will not support Liberal until they get rid of their dead-wood – Smyth, Pratt, Burke etc

Thumper 9:04 am 09 Apr 08

I’m going to vote for Mael’s cat as well.

he’s a pain, but he’s cool…

vandam 8:08 am 09 Apr 08

I’m sure that people have already made up their mind on who their voting for. The hippies will vote for Labor and the greens, and the PS will vote for Liberal. The people in the middle who don’t really give a rats, should already have decided to vote liberal.

Either way who Governs the ACT, its going to be a diaster. But Stanhopeless has had more than his fair share of time to screw Canberra over. Time to give someone else a go.

Nemo 11:56 pm 08 Apr 08

“I’ve noticed that ‘would be’ Chairman Zed…”
The term Chairman is used for Stanhope’s particular ideological resemblance to a certain Chinese Communist thug – hardly relevant to use for a conservative politician.

Hax – my thoughts too. Maelinar’s cat would get my vote over Stanhope.

Thumper 6:49 pm 08 Apr 08

Election08, unlike Rudd hey 😉

hax 6:26 pm 08 Apr 08

He’s not stanhope. Good enough for me!

election08 6:17 pm 08 Apr 08

It is part of the campaign to divert attention that Zedenko Seselja, his buddies and advisors are in reality religious right zealots.

Mælinar 5:37 pm 08 Apr 08

Last years campaign didn’t work, I still don’t know who he is.

If I didn’t see Stanhope every time I go to Belconnen mall, I wouldn’t know who he was either, so not really a big deal in the grand schema.

boomacat 4:48 pm 08 Apr 08

They’ll actually have to come up with a decent team and some good policies before I’d even consider voting for them, in my opinion Stanhope is still a much better option.

Ditch the long serving losers (eg Pratt, Dunne, maybe some others) for a start.

S4anta 4:36 pm 08 Apr 08

Welcome to ACT politics AussieGal. The only place in the country where the turtle beats the Hare (Clark).

AussieGal83 4:13 pm 08 Apr 08

I campaigned with Zed last election, back when no one knew who he was. He’s a good bloke. But think April is still way too early.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I help out with the Libs campaign this year, but honestly I think I’ve lost all respect for the party locally.

DarkLadyWolfMother 4:05 pm 08 Apr 08

Another protracted campaign. I’m beginning to think that will be the norm from now on.

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