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Pre-Election Electioneering

By MrMagoo 8 April 2008 31

I’ve noticed that ‘would be’ Chairman Zed has already began campaigning for the October Election with an advertising package. Well one can only hope that it is a worthwhile investment for the ACT Liberals. Lord knows they’ve invested poorly in the past….

Anyway, suppose we’ll now live through a protracted campaign.

What’s Your opinion?

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Pre-Election Electioneering
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Crikey 5:05 pm 10 Apr 08

Who is Read? LOL

Mr Pip 3:20 pm 10 Apr 08

Really – why do ignoramuses like you bother posting pure unfounded speculation which you attempt to portray as fact and in the process expose yourselves for gossip queens of the highest order who haven’t got the slightest idea of what your talking about.

I know the majority of RA’s think that are really “in the know” and posses some superior and elite knowledge of how EVERYTHING in the Territtory operates – I do not pretend to – but at least I don’t get on and make unfounded, irrelevant and downright stupid comments about topics which I really have no idea about.

READ: No you are NOT smart, that comment was NOT witty, your point of view reminds me of those of a five year old (I apologize to any five year olds reading this) and lastly why don’t you go and GET A FUCKING LIFE before posting your banal and mundane comments – and how about a bit of integrity -BACK IT THE FUCK UP!!!

Thats all,

Cheers from Mr Pip

Mælinar 12:18 pm 10 Apr 08

err – wrong thread.

Mælinar 12:18 pm 10 Apr 08

Every time I hear the old SMS “dit dit dit – dah dah – dit dit dit” (morse code for SMS) I subconsiously do a “dit dit dit – dah dat dit – dit dit dit”, morse code for SGS.

SGS, he’s that extra dit.

Skidbladnir 11:04 am 10 Apr 08

From amount of lively vigour and personality he displays in his pre-campaign campaign ads, Zed might well be deadand just another Liberal Party puppet, Weekend at Bernie’s style.

Interestingly, even though Troy Williams now says he’ll lend the Liberal Party all the support he can, possibly including his elite squads of sticker-placement technicians or a swarm of legbreaking thugs…

His facebook status is now “Troy Williams is plotting the downfall of civilisation”.

Thumper 10:56 am 10 Apr 08


After the standard 30 minute wait, he blew under, and was released.

it sounds as if the cops followed SOPs. What are you insinuating?

jenny green 10:50 am 10 Apr 08

Kate Carnell started that trend, didn’t she???

Everytime I hear Zed’s name, I can’t help but think of Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction: “Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead…”

Crikey 10:35 am 10 Apr 08

HA….I understand that Brendam Smythe has had a similar experience (talk to the local cops). As with Minister Hargreaves….it’s ok to drink and drive if you are a local pollie.

barney 10:51 pm 09 Apr 08

Oh well. I think it is viable. It most certainly is. Who ever said it had to be 100% government funded?

Come on, get some real policies. Ah sorry, I forgot that everybody gets drugged up to the eye balls on the way home from work in their cars. So so so many accidents are caused by all us criminal druggo’s. Road-side drug testing should go further. Police should be able to pull you aside on the street and drug test you.

True, but sad nobody can get it going.

So I look to the visionaries of Canberra, AKA “The Liberal Party”, to set the ball rolling.

HA 10:42 pm 09 Apr 08

[Ed. Post removed. In future if you are going to make accusations please back them up with something substantial.]

Thumper 8:36 pm 09 Apr 08

It’s just not viable.

Sad but true.

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