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Pregnancy Seminar – preparing for birth, regaining your figure, and what to do with a baby…

By emd - 11 June 2009 26

Saw this on email yesterday… the website is here.

Free Pregnancy Seminar

Tuesday 16th June 2009
12 noon for 1 hour
Wesley Uniting Church, Forrest ACT

Guest speakers on topics including: Keeping fit during pregnancy, Preparing for birth, Regaining your figure, How to use baby slings, the latest and greatest products on the market and more!

Fabulous Prizes, Free Showbags full of product samples and great offers, information & much more!

RSVP is essential as places are limited, over 50% of places are already booked.


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26 Responses to
Pregnancy Seminar – preparing for birth, regaining your figure, and what to do with a baby…
emd 4:17 pm 12 Jun 09

I don’t think anyone is selling anything at the seminar, it’s more to let new parents know what’s out there and some ideas on health & fitness. Some of the guest speakers don’t sell stuff, but are service providers or experts on how to do things (eg preparing for the actual birth).

astrojax 4:11 pm 12 Jun 09

i’ll be watching… ; )

will there be sales of these items there?

emd 10:46 am 12 Jun 09

I’ll be doing a demo on different styles of baby slings and what’s good for newborns.

thegirl 9:47 pm 11 Jun 09

Sounds great emd. Are you going to be presenting?

astrojax 8:48 pm 11 Jun 09

i’ll rent mine out to you, thumper, for a fee… ; )

Thumper 7:12 pm 11 Jun 09

Ah, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong 😉

Granny 5:31 pm 11 Jun 09

Babywearing dads = totally eye candy!


astrojax 4:56 pm 11 Jun 09

yup! though ingrid was doula-ing, so the effervescent marie stepped in ; )

emd 4:29 pm 11 Jun 09

those “first six weeks” seminars are great. David and Ingrid really know their stuff 🙂

astrojax 4:19 pm 11 Jun 09

thanks granny – it was of course the lure of free stuff anyway! and my better half considers me eye candy always, so i guess i’d pose that risk anyway! ; )

actually, went to a great ‘first six weeks’ seminar thing last weekend, was very enlightening and empowering to get some grasp on realistic expectations. very exciting, of course! looking forward to the slings, actually…

emd 4:10 pm 11 Jun 09

I think more dads should get involved in prep for the new baby. Dads can do everything mums can do except breastfeed, and they definitely need to know what they can do to support mum during labour! Plus there’s some women who consider babywearing dads to be eye candy 😉

Granny 4:06 pm 11 Jun 09

I don’t think that would be odd at all, astro. Why shouldn’t a new dad go along to get info. It’s not like it’s just the mothers that need to know about slings! Plus they have prizes and free stuff!! Free stuff should never be sneezed at!

astrojax 4:01 pm 11 Jun 09

ta emd, will try to get the fat one to go, but she may be otherwise engaged [dang work..!] might have to play lone father-to-be and see what’s me can pick up for her… would that be odd?

emd 1:01 pm 11 Jun 09

No idea, you’d have to contact the organiser.

Igglepiggle 12:50 pm 11 Jun 09

Any comment on creche availability? I’m currently 38 weeks and theres no way I could keep my toddler under control at this otherwise!

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