Probing the polls: mandatory masks and hard borders for some

Genevieve Jacobs 12 August 2020 5
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Should police stop all travellers at state borders? Photo: File.

As the pandemic rolls on, COVID-19-free Canberrans remain anxious about the risks posed should the virus arrive in the ACT.

Should we be proactive and require masks in public? The advice so far from ACT Health is that they’re not required although people who are vulnerable are advised to use them in crowded places.

Helen Morgan wrote “I have mine ready if needed’, although Heidi Greenthumb observed that “the staff at Woolworths, making bread and working in the deli etc are not wearing masks. Lots of people/staff handling food etc are not wearing masks around Canberra”.

Gabriel Spacca thought it was “Not a yes or no proposition. Masks should be made compulsory when conditions and the medical experts dictate they should”.

Our question was Should masks be mandatory in the ACT as a preventive measure? A total of 1,103 votes were cast and the split between was close

Your options were to vote No, there’s no need for that yet if we all stay sensible. This received 52 per cent of the total, or 578 votes. Alternatively, you could vote Yes, better safe than sorry in a crisis (this received 48 per cent of the total, or 525 votes).

This week a remarkable situation developed at the Victorian border where dozens of Canberrans were stranded by last-minute changes to their entry permits, despite having sought and received all the necessary exemptions to the border closures.

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But while the ACT Government offered to provide a police escort home to Canberra and increasingly desperate residents resorted to sleeping in their cars in the midwinter cold, politicians heading north for the next sitting of Federal Parliament with the same permits were able to transit through and are quarantining in Canberra ahead of the 24 August sitting date.

Chris Sant thought “Gladys is an absolute disgrace. Completely ridiculous to suggest that people who have been doing essential work in country Victoria should have to fly to Sydney (which would probably require driving to Melbourne), spend 14 days there, then somehow get themselves back to Canberra, having had to leave their car in Victoria”.

But Joel Benson said “So Barr is trying to let these people return from Victoria with no quarantine? In the Canberra Times it was reported one couple were in the Hume muncipality, which is in the top 5 Victorian hotspots. Rules are Rules. At least Gladys is now enforcing tough rules. Stay in bloody Victoria. Even if they did get through they should be forced into 14 days quarantine in a hotel at their own expense. Again something Gladys has introduced. Barr should hang his head in shame if they are allowed back, without this”.

Our question is:

Should anyone be allowed across the border in a time of pandemic?

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5 Responses to Probing the polls: mandatory masks and hard borders for some
Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell 1:02 am 14 Aug 20

If every Health Department was on the same page and the rules are the same for everyone you wouldn't have this miscommunication in the first place and there needs to be clear understanding who is an essential worker. The permit thing is a joke as well you can drive into these states without anyone asking you any questions and then you go on line and get a permit to come back out which last for 14 days.

Rural Victoria doesn't have any case but it's been blanketed as a hot spot the whole state so why has the same been done for NSW it's got two hot spots and it hasn't been blanketed in the same way. So you can see the reason why people are confused with what going on.

Sean Bishop Sean Bishop 11:56 pm 13 Aug 20

All persons shouldve stayed in Vic to begin with. Had plenty of notice to leave beforehand. Now that someone pulled a favour and jeprodised Canberra.. mandatory 14days Iso. If they leave, full fine imposed etc. Including the political members.

Veronika Sain Veronika Sain 11:30 pm 13 Aug 20

Every politician and their staffers should quarantine for 14 days at their own expense and be tested before being allowed to wander around Canberra.

And if they want to work here in Canberra without putting local lives at risk - they should stay in Canberra for the duration of the pandemic.

Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland 9:38 pm 13 Aug 20

Yes. And these coming back from vic should be quarantined for 14 days and tested.

quetzacchi quetzacchi 12:50 pm 13 Aug 20

It’s all good to say “if we all stay sensible” but if everyone stayed sensible, we wouldn’t have had the Victoria outbreak. If everyone stayed sensible, there wouldn’t be at least three people on this mornings bus to work coughing and sneezing without taking proper precautions. Such as sneezing into your elbow or covering your cough. Hence I will wear a mask.
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