Probing the polls: should we change the weekend bus roster? And how about vegan lunches?

Genevieve Jacobs 23 August 2019 21

Last week, RiotACT readers weighed in on weekend bus routes.

There’s been ongoing uproar over the government’s changes to the bus roster and last week, transport minister Chris Steel attempted to fix some of the problems by introducing a new roster that reduced the number of services but guaranteeing rapid services.

It seems that it all comes down to how the rosters are organised: as matters stand, the availability of bus drivers and their willingness to drive on weekends means that the government can’t cover all routes. Hence the changes to focus on what’s seen as the vital links.

But on the poll results from the last week, it seems that many of you don’t buy it. We asked whether the roster should run over seven days, ensuring that all routes are covered regardless, or whether the government should work with the resources at hand.

From a total of 345 votes, there was a strong majority (71 per cent) in favour of the seven-day roster option, while just 29 per cent of respondents felt the government needed to work the situation out without shifting the roster arrangements.

This week, we’re asking whether you think that vegan options should be part of the offerings on school canteen menus. Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur thinks so, pointing out that more than 12 per cent of Australians eat a wholly plant-based diet and calling for similar options in hospitals and prisons to be more widely available.

But the ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations believes the current policy already provides healthy menu options for students, stating that most canteens are already mindful of diversity, nutritional and environmental concerns.

While they welcome greater support for volunteer-led school canteens, more funding for school gardens and support to integrate gardens with the school’s food service, the Council doesn’t believe further regulatory stipulations are necessary.

Many readers agreed, with some going so far as to refer to vegetarian and vegan options as a form of social control. But others argued that it’s never a bad thing to encourage kids to eat more vegetables, and couldn’t see the harm in ensuring that was easy to manage. Others argued that vegan options are the responsibility of parents.

What do you think? Cast your vote and let’s take the temperature on the RiotACT.

The Greens have called for vegetarian and vegan options in school canteens. Do you support this?

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21 Responses to Probing the polls: should we change the weekend bus roster? And how about vegan lunches?
Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 5:37 pm 27 Aug 19

Vegan or Veg "OPTIONS" but not the default as most of us still eat meat.

Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 1:56 pm 27 Aug 19

Re the vegan meals - offering vegan or plant-based options are fine - as OPTIONS. As I read the motion Ms Le Couteur presented to the Assembly, if the person e.g. hospital patient did not specifically request a meal containing meat, then the plant-based meals be provided first. I can imagine a rather startled patient receiving a meal they weren’t expecting.

Brad Rogers Brad Rogers 1:16 am 27 Aug 19

There's surely got to also be a gap in the night time market for buses too. Nightrider buses would be great for Canberra too. I'd pay half of what I pay for an uber (still a lot) to get home in the wee hours.

Maria Greene Maria Greene 12:06 am 27 Aug 19

I suggest we restore the old bus timetable at least on the southside. Which moron designed the current one?

William William William William 10:47 pm 26 Aug 19

Sell or lease the school runs

William William William William 10:46 pm 26 Aug 19

Sell to Deans put money back to run the services they removed from south side Left the Elderly in the Dark with no services at all

Tara Maree McInnes Tara Maree McInnes 10:19 pm 26 Aug 19

Weekend penalty rates for drivers

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 10:23 pm 26 Aug 19

    Tara Maree McInnes by reducing their standard rate as the standard rate already includes a “loading” for weekend work.

    Tara Maree McInnes Tara Maree McInnes 10:36 pm 26 Aug 19

    Doesn't say alot when getting the same pay as on the weekday people deserve family time or penalty rates.

    Stephen Matthews Stephen Matthews 5:16 am 27 Aug 19

    Tara Maree McInnes Light rail drivers are on a 7 day roster

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 10:16 am 27 Aug 19

    Tara Maree McInnes They are getting penalty rates but they are rolled into a flat composite rate. This is a common way to pay shift workers.

    So in essence those not doing their fair share of weekend shifts are getting overpaid for their weekday shifts.

Christopher Mawbey Christopher Mawbey 9:52 pm 26 Aug 19

Change the drivers eba.

Shayne Borger Shayne Borger 9:46 pm 26 Aug 19

Stop pandering to minority. Focus on healthy options n fix the damn public transport

Sarah Watson Sarah Watson 9:31 pm 26 Aug 19

Vegan options don't always equal healthy. Vegans can still eat sugar and other highly processed foods. Is the survey about healthy foods or providing options for those on a vegan diet?

    David Newman David Newman 10:00 pm 26 Aug 19

    There's also the question as to whether vegan diets provide children with all the nutrients they need for growing bodies.

    JeeKay Dee JeeKay Dee 12:14 am 27 Aug 19

    David Newman I daresay any vegan offering couldn't be much worse than the standard tuckshop pie with sauce, nutritionally speaking.

    Corey Karl Corey Karl 7:00 am 27 Aug 19

    JeeKay Dee i dont know which canteen your children buy from, but the ones where my school attend always are healthy eating options anyway !!

    David Newman David Newman 7:10 am 27 Aug 19

    JeeKay Dee, I’m not saying that a tuck shop pie is good - I don’t know where you got that idea so please desist with that straw man. However, the recent SYDNEY case does come to mind.

    JeeKay Dee JeeKay Dee 12:50 pm 27 Aug 19

    David Newman I never said you said pies are bad, nor did I misrepresent what you said in any way, so no straw man here. I simply said it can't be much worse than some of the other tuck shop options and used a pie as an example.

    That case in Sydney was extremely sad. I'd point out that your inclusion of this article is indeed a straw man argument though. The subject of the article was whether or not schools should include vegan options in the canteen. Not whether veganism is in and of itself bad for people. Now you're the one misrepresenting the argument.

    JeeKay Dee JeeKay Dee 12:53 pm 27 Aug 19

    Corey Karl ours is abysmal. It's all pies and nuggets and sugary yogurt. 😥

Linh Kieu Linh Kieu 9:28 pm 26 Aug 19

They should come back to the old network, it was much better than the new one.

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