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Professional Pomposity

By John Hargreaves 15 July 2014 22


I reckon I can count the times I have agreed with Jack Waterford on one of my toes. Imagine my surprise when I found I agreed with what he was saying about the magistrates and their wanting to be addressed by the title Your Honour!
What errant pomposity and arrogance!

We see them appointed (not elected by us) so that they may sit in judgment of our deeds. Not to sit in an eyrie casting a disdainful look at us and our misdemeanours. They have no right to a privileged position in society just because they get to say whether we are guilty of some crime or another.

In my time as an MLA and a minister, I hated being called “Minister”. My parents gave me a first name and a surname. If calling me John was difficult, Mr Hargreaves would do fine. But I walked among many who basked in the sunlight of such titles. And check out the pomp and ceremony of the opening of federal and State Parliaments!

I guess we all know someone who we reckon is pompous or arrogant, but some professions seem to attract that sort. The legal profession is one of them and so is the medical profession. I had nearly 20 years working with the medics in this town and the more the specialty the more the elitism and pomposity and the need, yes need, for ceremony and deference. Academics are the same. And in my years in the Army gave me evidence pomposity in the exalted ranks of that bunch. (I only got to Corporal so I guess I had no leadership!)

What is it that makes men and women need to feel superior to others? Another gripe of mine in the same vein is the term Public Servant. This suggests an inferior position relative to other work classifications, trades or professions and it is not so. When I went into the PS in 1968, I was appointed an officer of the Commonwealth Public Service. It is a service to the Australian people to which I belonged but I was the servant of no-one.

How about a straw poll among rioters to see which profession/trade/service is the most pompous and arrogant?

Over to you…

PS: this is not an academic exercise, merely a conversation. Since we can all count to some degree, let’s put an end time on it and do the count in two weeks.

What’s Your opinion?

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Professional Pomposity
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thatsnotme 4:05 pm 19 Jul 14

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

That they have ever done a hard days work in their life.

Hatred is for weak minded fools. I suggest you get that in order.

Ahhhh, CaGN returns, with his single word trolling.

You want your precious ‘source’ (a word you don’t seem to understand)? Try me. I’ve worked closely with dozens over the years, and seen the work they need to do. No way I’d want to be in their position. If you think being exposed on a daily basis to the worst aspects of humanity doesn’t qualify as a hard day’s work, then there’s truly no arguing with you.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 8:37 pm 18 Jul 14

bigfeet said :

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

Mysteryman said :

You really do find the most inane things to “discuss”, John.

For a very long time in the English speaking world, magistrates, judges, and justices have been referred to as “Your Honour” or “Your Worship”. I don’t think there’s a problem with that. They get to their position by working hard, and being good at what they do. Is it really such a drama to refer to them in that way? The response from people like yourself is far more telling of who has a complex about superiority.

You got a source for that, right?

Seriously? Which part requires a source? The fact that Judges and Magistrates or Justices have been been addressed as Your Honour or Your Worship for a long time?

Some facts are self-evident, common knowledge, and don’t need a source.

I forgot how much I hated you crying “source” on every single thread when it was rarely necessary.

That they have ever done a hard days work in their life.

Hatred is for weak minded fools. I suggest you get that in order.

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