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Public release of the Costello report?

By johnboy 6 September 2006 18

One of the more charming aspect’s of the Stanhope Government slashing and burning of the ACT’s public amenities has been the way it has all been justified by Michael Costello’s functional review. A secret document might be a pretty poor way to justify actions in public debate, but it’s also a bit tricky to refute.

Bill Stefaniak has put out a media release “Welcoming” the publication of parts of the Costello report. Bill is, however, a little unhappy with what exactly has been released.

“The four parts that have been released are:
· Appendix 1 – the media release from the Chief Minister, in which the Costello Review was announced;
· Appendix 2 – the terms of reference for the Review that were released at the same time as the Chief Minister’s media release;
· Appendix 8 – an advertisement that invited submissions from the ACT community to be made to the Costello Review; and
· Appendix 13 – a list of abbreviations and acronyms that were used in the Report

It’s that heady mix of openness and subtlety that makes the Stanhope Government such a joy to behold.

What’s Your opinion?

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Public release of the Costello report?
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publius 7:32 am 03 Oct 06

It is absolutely outrageous that the Stanhope Government refuses to put on the public record the Functional Review report prepared by their mate Michael Costello (the well known journalist and occasional public servant). They made sure it was brought before Cabinet so as to avoid releasing the report to the public. We hear Costello applied basically a template approach to the ACT based on what he did in WA. You have to ask – what are Stanhope and his team afraid of? They are happy to preach about everyone else’s rights – but not defend ours.

Thumper 1:54 pm 08 Sep 06

Terry Pratchett?

che 1:38 pm 08 Sep 06

its been done, cannot remember the name tho sorry

Absent Diane 2:53 pm 07 Sep 06

I always wonder what society would be like had the roman empire not collapsed. no dark age perhaps? could make for a good book or movie…

Mr Evil 2:45 pm 07 Sep 06


snahon 12:25 pm 07 Sep 06

all hail the romans, the fore-fathers of the modern world !!!

Big Al 11:51 am 07 Sep 06


Thumper 10:58 am 07 Sep 06

Okay, so except for the aquaducts, what else have the Romans done for us?

johnboy 10:51 am 07 Sep 06

And then there’s Brendan’s endless “my wife told me we should give more money to her mates in tourism marketing”

Not to forget Bill Stefaniak’s “My buddies at the Southern Cross Club told me there’ll be trouble if anyone touches the poker machines”

The others have, i’ll admit, been better lately though.

simto 10:46 am 07 Sep 06

Well, Mulchay did have the unfortunate “hey, let’s build roads through Garema Place” idea…

Thumper 8:37 am 07 Sep 06

He is a bit of an embarrassment at time isn’t he….

The others seem to be chugging along nicely but Pratt just appears to keep making , well, a prat of himself…

simto 8:35 am 07 Sep 06

If said consultants can tell them to drop the ideological morons like Pratt, so much the better.

bonfire 5:08 pm 06 Sep 06

whatever it takes…

Big Al 4:40 pm 06 Sep 06

Apparently Big Bill called in consultants – they got a ditch digger and a stable hand who were able to explain to them the diference between shit and clay…

bonfire 4:33 pm 06 Sep 06

All the more reason for an effective opposition.

I think theyve lifted their game recently.

At least they seem to be more on the ball.

Still a policy free zone though.

seepi 4:21 pm 06 Sep 06

Just like Johnny Howard the Stanhope govt have realised that most people don’t pay any attention to these issues, beyond a glance at the headlines. Which will say somehting like ‘report released’. Canberra’s minimal media doesn’t help – they virtually print the govt line on most things – they have no time for actual investigation.

Thumper 3:36 pm 06 Sep 06

Open and accountable government?

Yep, the best since the Burmese military junta takeover that resulted in the murder of Aung San in 1948.

Can’t wait to see the Acronyms and abbreviations. That should make compelling reading.

Big Al 3:30 pm 06 Sep 06

Almost sounds like Stanhopes being a smart arse – he’s kidding isn’t he?

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