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Public urination – don’t get caught

By johnboy - 5 July 2010 36

The Canberra Times brings word that since Christmas even 148 Canberrans have been fined for having a wee where the police could see them.

And one police sergeant believes the fines have helped reduce the instance of the unhygienic offence. The fines or criminal infringement notices were established to help police deal with minor matters quickly and provide a deterrent.

The acting officer in charge at City Police station, Sergeant Max Mokrij, said the fines had been an effective and efficient tool for police.

”The process has reduced the administrative burden on police officers. Police believe that [the fines] have had reduced the number of public-order offences in the Canberra CDB particularly public urination,” he said.

A good use of policing resources?

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Public urination – don’t get caught
vandam 3:53 pm 05 Jul 10

Actually it is a great use of Police resources.


To write out a Criminal infringement notice may take about 20 minutes of Police time. The public pisser get’s their ticket and off they go.

Before the notice’s Police would have to arrest/charge the person. Meaning time in custody, more paper work and a later date at court.

Rather than tying up numerous coppers for hours while they type out the facts and babysit them in the cells, we have 1 copper that simply writes out a ticket. It’s easier on the court system too.

Now, whether people should be ticketed for wizzing in public, my oath they should. I’ve been out and seen people wizzing on shop fronts, walk ways and places where people eat and sit in the city. Seriously it doesn’t take much to walk around a corner and hide yourself from public view.

BrassRazoo 3:31 pm 05 Jul 10

Actually, there should be similar measures taken against public expectorators, given the heightened public health risks these days. It’s been disappointing recently seeing young males – at a shopping centre and several times while waiting outside a college to collect a student – publicly slagging or whatever it’s called these days (usually in conjunction with a studied look-at-me-aren’t-I-cool puff on a cigarette and tough-man swagger). IME, this used to be the type of thing some young grubs did at around 12-15 years, not 16-20.

BrassRazoo 3:11 pm 05 Jul 10

This unfairly discriminates against League and Rugby players and fans and what if you’re French or Japanese as well?

georgesgenitals 2:36 pm 05 Jul 10

phototext said :

“A revenue stream.”


Yes, it is gold.

georgesgenitals 2:35 pm 05 Jul 10

What a pisser!

p1 2:05 pm 05 Jul 10

phototext said :

“A revenue stream.”


A veritable golden shower of revenue?

martyo 1:48 pm 05 Jul 10

any news about deification in public? same offense? – or will they do you for littering?

astrojax 12:36 pm 05 Jul 10

phototext said :

“A revenue stream.”


golder… 😉

phototext 12:16 pm 05 Jul 10

“A revenue stream.”


Disposable 12:08 pm 05 Jul 10

Do the public toilets in Civic still close at midnight?

wishuwell 11:46 am 05 Jul 10

A revenue stream.

p1 11:12 am 05 Jul 10

I don’t think there is anyone out there who would suggest this is a revenue raising exercise. They’d have to catch a lot more public pissers to make it turn a profit. Asking the question about what is and isn’t a beneficial use of police time is the only way we will make sure that they stay focused on what is important and not get side tracked on revenue raising or issues of political importance.

Personally I think that this probably a very good use of police time. While I am not against the occasional leak behind a tree when the occasion calls for it, people who pee down stairs in Woden deserve everything they get.

buzz819 10:40 am 05 Jul 10

I find it funny that when ever there is something in the paper saying the Police are doing this or doing that, what ever, there is always a sentence saying, A good use of Policing resources?

What I think people should be thinking that Police do is to make sure people are not breaking the law. They are not there as people to settle petty disputes, to stop people from parking on your lawn blah blah blah.

Police enforce speed limits, because that is the law, not to raise revenue, Police enforce laws against public urination because that is the law, not a revenue raiser. Police enforce littering, drink driving and many many other laws, not because they are having a bad day, not because they want to raise money (That none of them actually see) but because if they didn’t and people didn’t follow the laws then you would get a stated of anarchy where more people would be running around hurting and killing people.

If Police are doing anything in relation to enforcing the laws, then yes, yes it is a good use of Policing resources.

Feathergirl 9:45 am 05 Jul 10

It’s a good use. Nobody wants to step in, smell or see someone else’s wizz. Well, you know, most people…

“Thank you, Mayor Simpson. Because of you, we are all taking golden showers.” Kent Brockman.

JessP 9:24 am 05 Jul 10

Good use of police resources? Probably not.

A unsociable digusting thing to do? Undoubtedly!

The stairs from Woden Square (Bank House area) to the interchange at Woden seem to attract the public wee-ers. There is a guy in a kilt (I kid you not) who has made this is public toilet of choice! Not a charming thing to discover if you use the stairs particularly mid stream! If you see guys sitting on the stairs……well you get the idea.

Oh for a police officer at those moments.

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