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Racing connected Elkie Stuart wins Fashions in the Field, says other women need to return to “classic elegance”

By johnboy - 11 November 2008 139

[First filed: November 11, 2008 @ 09:32]

The Canberra Times reports that Elkie Stuart, 21, of Red Hill, was crowned the first “Myer Face of Canberra Racing” on Saturday night.

It’s particularly nice because she’s connected up the wazoo with Canberra Racing types, who’d have seen that coming?:

    But she shouldn’t have been too surprised racing tradition is in her blood. Her great-grandfather, Sandy Stuart, reopened the ACT Racing Club in 1946, and her grandfather, Dougal Stuart, was chairman for 10 years. Her father, also Sandy Stuart, has owned many racehorses.

However she’s none too pleased with the outfits the rest of you tarts are getting about in!

    ‘I used to go and see the races when I was four or five.

    ”The girls would be all dressed up and so glamorous.

    ”But when I went to the Melbourne Cup celebrations in Canberra on Tuesday, it was all really short dresses and a lot of cleavage, so different from the image I had in my mind.”

    She is keen to see a return to classic elegance, ”nothing too raunchy don’t show a lot of skin.”

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UPDATE: Mrs Grundy has noted that Elkie Stuart’s Facebook Profile is not a study in classic elegance.

It could, however, be argued that what’s appropriate at the races is not universally applicable.


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139 Responses to
Racing connected Elkie Stuart wins Fashions in the Field, says other women need to return to “classic elegance”
Skidbladnir 12:38 pm 11 Nov 08

For anyone shocked at the degree of tartflesh on display and pheromones in the air on a field day…
You didn’t seriously think it was about the horses, did you?
They’re just a pretext for a gathering, only the gambling addicts and owners pay attention to those…
Everyone else is either making business deals or filling the skirts with champagne…

Davo111 12:35 pm 11 Nov 08

^^ as per above.

justbands 12:31 pm 11 Nov 08

Ladies should never be discouraged from showing cleavage or thigh…never.

jakez 12:28 pm 11 Nov 08

I went there (my fiancee had free tickets through work) and I was shocked at the level of tart around the place.


Footloose 11:50 am 11 Nov 08

The point that fashion (and binge drinking) are going out of style is a point that has been pushed hard throughout this season and also the last.
Isnt it funny that it was orginally ‘heir heads’ that began the trend of dressing like tarts and frickin themselves up on drugs and grog in the first place…and now we have other ‘heir heads’ telling us that we shouldnt do that because its not classy.
I’m confused. Someone get me a beer.

AngryHenry 11:38 am 11 Nov 08

She likes racing, she made an effort, good for her. I’ve seen some pretty messed up chicks out at that race course so it’s refreshing for the guys to know that a few of the fillies are hard to get. It can get pretty skanky at the races, I remember one year a girl had to be rescued from the toilets where she’d passed out and shat all over herself, doesn’t matter how facinating the fascinator is after that my friends.

I think Elkie has a point, maybe the sport of kings doesn’t need to be surrounded by whores.

At least we’ve raised the bar today and moved on from ‘the hottest checkout guys in Canberra’ hey!?!?!

MrMagoo 11:20 am 11 Nov 08

Yes I must concur, big fan of cleavage, certainly has its place.

hax 11:03 am 11 Nov 08

I’m all for cleavage, but pushing them up so tight they’re basically hanging out the top like squashed balloons just isn’t a good look.

Keep it classy, ladies

Mr_Shab 11:01 am 11 Nov 08

A few years back I knew Elkie’s older brother and her Dad. Haven’t seen either for a few years now, but I can say that they’re not your classic Red Hill types. Former dairy farmers (they owned the Dairy Flat farm and started out the turf farm there to diversify after dairy deregulation), proud yobs and all round good blokes.

FWIW, I don’t think there’s any suggestion that anything innappropriate has gone on here (I can’t see any money having changed hands over this, somehow). Given Elkie, and her family’s interest in racing, is it that much of a stretch to imagine that she might have put a bit more effort (and cash) into her frock for the carnival than most?

Snarky 10:35 am 11 Nov 08

They all had magnificent thighs but not anything resembling a redeeming feature between them.

Skidbladnir 10:28 am 11 Nov 08

I went to the Canberra races once, and the girls there were all either tarted up rich girls or authentic slappers. They all had magnificent thighs but not anything resembling a redeeming feature between them.

But, thats why I was there…

realityskin 10:27 am 11 Nov 08

less is better

Mr Evil 10:24 am 11 Nov 08

Could be worse – she could be ‘writing’ a Sunday opinion column for the Canberra Times.

Footloose 10:16 am 11 Nov 08

Poor Little Rich girl gets sweet job through parents connections; thinks she’s earned it, develops delusions of granduer and snobs regular people. News at 11.

StrangeAttractor 10:12 am 11 Nov 08

Need pics to do the poll justice 😉

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