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Racism concerns over ANU Terrorfest II gig

By David Heidelberg 23 September 2005 18

Concerns have been raised by anti race hate group, Fightdemback!, about the headline act for this years Terrorfest II gig.

Baal Gadrial, appear to be no more than your average death metal band, however, a cursory glance at some of their press releases reveals a pretty strong anti-Semitic message.

They’re certainly not the first death metal band to engage in morbid hate filled lyrics, and perhaps this in isolation is no more than a sick joke, however, enter the promoter of this years gig, a guy going by the name of Lailoken. Lailoken lists some of his favourite bands as being Gestapo SS’ and ‘Zyklon B’. For those of you who don’t know, Zyklon B was the chemical used in the Nazi gas chambers.

Lailoken is a prominent member of the ACT Metal scene, and runs the metal forum. I’d be interested to hear him clarify his position.

Fightdemback!, have looked at all the other bands on the list, and none of them are of any concern to the organisation. It would be ashame if this controversy threatened the future of the gig that showcases some of the country’s best death metal talent.

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Racism concerns over ANU Terrorfest II gig
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Thumper 6:07 pm 27 Sep 05

Any hint of racism should be stamped out. As I said before, sounds very KKK to me which is a very scary thought in this country.

Does anyone remember the self styled militia group based in QLD that called themselves the Aussie Freedom Scouts? They sound as if they were simply a group of knock about Aussies with a belief and commitment to their country but deep down they were simply a racist, KKK styled group whose real agenda was a totally white Australia.

We really don’t need anything like that in our country.

Indeed, before I get flamed I will say that groups such as the AFS actually stifle real discussion regards race and religion as it is always the extremists that get the limelight.

We remove the extremism and sensible debate can occur.

No easy answers I’m afraid but radicalism is not what we need.

bulldog 5:08 pm 27 Sep 05

Oh yeah simto; there are f*ckheads all over the world!

As far as ‘sounds like Onanists’, well you say “tomato” – I say “redneck wankers with a deathwish” so we’re both right!

simto 4:28 pm 27 Sep 05

My understanding, from a member of another band who are playing at “Terrorfest”, is that the band involved has pulled out, and the organiser is likely to be in hiding, since there’s a few people who want to explain things to him with their fists…

He also mentioned that there’s apparently a couple of white supremecist metal-heads in Norway who call themseles “Odinists”. Sounds rather too much like Onanists for me.

bulldog 4:14 pm 27 Sep 05

More than the brown hair, Hitlers Grandmother was a Jew. Talk about self loathing. if you want a good read I suggest “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”. Brings some things into perspective and you see Hitler for what he was; a megalomaniac and weilder of mob-rule.

Thumper 4:05 pm 27 Sep 05

I wonder if you can put “hastn’t worn nail polish for 6 months” on your resume?

Maelinar 3:50 pm 27 Sep 05

There’s actually a bigger irony there;

Hitler wasn’t Aryan. (he had brown hair)

He went down in history as the only person EVER to fight for a cause that he was in no way a part of.

But that’s racial steryiotyping for you.

bulldog 1:32 pm 27 Sep 05

bonfire, Mein Kampf speaks of the Aryan Nation, that is all the blonde haired blue eyed types. This is where the Nazis worked from. Handy hint for struggling authors, usurp leadership of a country and make your novel compulsory reading.

The irony is that a coutry such has Germnay had ceased to by ‘pure’ Aryan many thousands of years previous to the third reich.

Now as I said previously: storm in a tea-cup.

bonfire 1:14 pm 23 Sep 05

i still cant figure out how a religion makes you a member of a race. the nazis really screwed that linkage up.

dna shows all humans to be one race.

Mr Evil 1:02 pm 23 Sep 05

“Lower races” – I’m sick to death of people hanging shit on Kiwis! 😉

Thumper 12:53 pm 23 Sep 05

This guy has quoted ‘lower races’. Sounds pretty much clear cut KKK sort of stuff.

Probably wears von Dutch stuff as well.

David Heidelberg 11:54 am 23 Sep 05

I’m certainly no Zionist!

The band are clearly anti everything, which as I said in isolation means very little. However, the combination of the band and promotor doesn’t smell good.

slinke 11:46 am 23 Sep 05

This Lay-low-key boy sounds like a nice chap. Quote: “Firstly we must establish who we are and create self empowerment and a pride of who we personally are, then and only then should we consider helping the lower races if they deem worthy.” and “If we continue to help these weaker people we are lowering ourselves to their level and not helping ANYONE”.
Pretty hardcore for someone who publicly admits he “hastn’t worn nail polish for 6 months”.

bulldog 11:37 am 23 Sep 05

Storm in a teacup. What is the world coming to when music groups sing unpopular lyrics and cause contoversy?

Absent Diane 11:24 am 23 Sep 05

I am proudly anti-everything :)) I am even anti-hypocrites which makes me a self loathing hypocrite….. anyway…. I quite like prejudice when it is aimed at the right parties (equally of course) ie Im pro the abolishment of christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism, and anything that preaches ridiculum… and by force if necessary:)…..

bonfire 10:54 am 23 Sep 05


The take on this blog post is that its anti semitic, yet when one reads the linked material its clearly anti-everything. anti christian, anti islam, anti you like it we hate it.

note how we get bent out of shape for anti-semitism, yet the upside down crosses and satanic symbols are just accepted in every day life as ordinary symbols for goths, headbangers etc.

does that say something about a guilt machine ?

all this anti everything is just theatre.

this takes me back to iron maidens ‘number of the beast’ handwringing. that album also had anti imperialist expansion songs, and the one that people got all bent out of shape about was not pro-satan but simply a tale of the songwriters dream about evil.

why should we care anyway ? if this gentleman wishes to have and hold a view promoting one thing or another let him. expose his ideas for debate and see what the result is.

he’s probably a softhead anyway.

LurkerGal 10:48 am 23 Sep 05

I don’t think you can understate racism issues, especially with the state of the world at them moment, and all the “muslim bashing” going on.

justbands 10:25 am 23 Sep 05

Reminds me of a Seinfield episode I saw earlier in the week… burger slightly overcooked? Must be Anti-Semitism!

Mr Evil 9:59 am 23 Sep 05

God, I think they are over-reacting somewhat!
Anyway, as for burning an Israeli flag, what’s so wrong about that?

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