Raiders smashed

johnboy 26 March 2007 13

The Canberra Times foreshadows a long season for the Canberra Raiders. A home loss 32-16 to the Storm was compounded by the loss of Ben Jones who was unable to feel his hands after a neck injury.

Coach Henry has also discovered a whole new sort of bias in referees with suggestions they’re naturally biased against the underdogs.

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13 Responses to Raiders smashed
Ralph Ralph 7:49 am 27 Mar 07

I’m just waiting for Neil Henry and the management to trot out some horseshit about this being a ‘rebuilding year’.

Then the year after next when all this talent goes elsewhere we’ll be in another ‘rebuilding year’.

sb14 sb14 7:58 pm 26 Mar 07

I think the next 3 to 4 years will see better times for the Raiders than for the Brumbies.

sb14 sb14 7:58 pm 26 Mar 07

I think the next 3 to 4 years will see better times for the Raiders than the Brumbies.

Mess Mess 2:30 pm 26 Mar 07

Oh yes and i must give kudos to Billy “i kick people in the head” Slater. If the Raiders had contained him they probably would have won.

Mess Mess 2:28 pm 26 Mar 07

The raiders played really well for the first 40 minutes. Pity they didnt really show up for the second half. The ref did make some bad decisions, like ruling a knock on against the Raiders when the storm player clearly interfered with the play the ball, and the following tackle allowing a storm try when the pass was clearly forward. But in the end the Raiders lost the game for themselves. But the signs are encouraging. The roosters on the other hand are in for a long season.

Sammy Sammy 11:56 am 26 Mar 07

I’m a little concerned about Dobson’s maths skills. From the Raiders website player profile for Dobson:

Wayne Rooney, Scarlett Johansson

Sammy Sammy 11:53 am 26 Mar 07

Weyman aggravated his recurring quad injury at training a few weeks back. He is supposed to return this week.

Sammy Sammy 11:51 am 26 Mar 07

The Raiders are off the bottom of the ladder!

That dubious honour is currently held by the Roosters.

Ralph Ralph 11:13 am 26 Mar 07

What is up with Weyman (again)? He is a china doll.

Ralph Ralph 11:12 am 26 Mar 07

I was impressed with Tilse.

I think you are right with Costigan, Tilse, Learoyd-Lahs and Weyman up front they will be very devastating.

You can get good money on Betfair at the moment on Raiders not to get the spoon. A mate of mine laid $100 on at 4-1.

Sammy Sammy 10:22 am 26 Mar 07

Yeah, Howell was shocking. The number of times last year that he bombed a try right on the line was painful.

It seems to me that when the ball is heading for him, he is already thinking 5 steps ahead to when he scores the try.

As a result, he takes his eye off the ball, and it bounces off his chest, or somesuch.

Perhaps a focus at training for Howell should be to either teach him to keep his eye on the ball when it is heading for him, or if that doesn’t work, improve his ability to catch the ball while looking forward.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 10:08 am 26 Mar 07


Dobson is a class act, Tilse made a ton of yards, Tongue tacked as he always does.

The problems are the right side – Colin Worst and Dave Howell were terrible again.

If the Raiders big boppers in Costigan, Learoyd-Lahrs and Horse Weyman can all get on the paddock together, the team will be much improved. I genuinely believe that they will not win the spoon – Gold Coast, Parra and Easts will battle that one out.

Sammy Sammy 9:53 am 26 Mar 07

I was quite impressed with their performance.

For a quarter of the game, the potential wooden-spooners led the potential premiers.

However, I think Henry is stark-raving mad to be blaming the referee for the result. The Raiders were outclassed in some areas, but dominated in others.

The Raiders had the weight of possession for the entire match. At one point the “Tackled in opposition 20” was something like 40 to the Raiders and only 5 to the Storm!

This reflected the fact that the Raiders spent a *lot* of time peppering the try-line, while the Storm scored a lot of their points through line-breaks resulting in run-away trys.

I think the Raiders performance was very encouraging.

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