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Real estate sales in ACT

By vtr1k 2 March 2008 115

We have been trying to sell our reasonable family home at Gleneagles Estate for 6 months now.  There is nothing wrong with it, we have just outgrown the house.  What I can’t understand is that people are saying in the papers, the net and other forums that they cannot get a decent sized house on a good block of land for a reasonable price in Canberra.

Has anybody else come across this?

What’s Your opinion?

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Real estate sales in ACT
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deadtree89 11:10 am 05 Mar 15

im no advocate for real estate agents but when I had no choice Mitchell Carney at Maria selleck Properties Helped me so much and now my view has changed

Mælinar 2:09 pm 05 Mar 08

Sorry, who are you ?

Blow in.

Shinigami-Gus 1:25 pm 05 Mar 08

Maelinar is a hater… forget what he say’s… I think he comes on the site just to pick people apart because it’s an environment where he can’t get his ass kicked for his arrogance and ignorance… your the poser maelinar, I bet you vote liberal don’t you?

Mælinar 10:35 am 05 Mar 08

VTR1K – Special G hit the nail on the head – 14months on the market means you have brought an overpriced elephant.

GP – here’s where you could be useful and describe the property valuation triangle to VTR1k, I’m not going to bother as my rudimentary interpretation would either confuse everyone or have everybody in stitches – and you are the self-confessed supposed resident ‘expert’ on real estate. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

I’m with Thumper though, its pretty priceless you show up attracting more heat than a tin of dirty uranium in Iraq, then have the gall to imply that you are a reasonable poster.

Poseur more like it.

Thumper 8:20 am 05 Mar 08

Geez GP,

and what do you add?

Nothing, unless it has something to do with expensive houses.

oh, and I don’t go changing my log in name to comment on the same thread as a different person.

Simple as that my friend.

maybe you could post something of interest now and then?

Special G 8:04 am 05 Mar 08

You forgot to mention location close some good places to take the firestorm.

If the house took 14months to sell last time me thinks there is something wrong with it.

All credit to Potts for sticking around even if he is a pompous ass

I-filed 8:02 am 05 Mar 08

n vtrk – we all know how it feels to be locked out of the Sydney property market, but it must be worse if you did it to yourself!

nyssa76 7:36 am 05 Mar 08

Keep burying yourself vtr1k. 🙂

vtr1k 10:24 pm 04 Mar 08

GP – thanks for the advice, my cousin Jim at Eastview mentioned you were a smart cookie.

Nyssa67 – do you own or rent? From the gist of your conversation, I think the answer is rent.

We moved from Sydney (sold a two bedroom townhouse and bought in Canberra – with plenty of change)with the intention of bringing our children up and then retiring somewhere nice. Well all good plans change, we want to sell our house and will wait for the right buyer for the price we want – this may take time (it took the original owners of our place 14 mths to find us). We don’t have a mortgage so interest rates don’t affect us (thank god for all our buying and selling over the years)and therefore we can wait. All we want is to provide for our children some of those things we did not have.

So instead of bashing the suburb, house prices or people, maybe you should put the energy into buying now – any property will do!

And by the way, yeah I may be mad, deluded and crazy, but I own my own property, and the size of my d$%^# does not matter – it used to work as I have a wife,4 kids, and a vasectomy!

Over to you

sepi 10:04 pm 04 Mar 08

I quite like that part of Kambah – quick to Woden and Civic on the parkway, and yet really close to the river and the bush etc. Out of my price range though.

cranky 9:57 pm 04 Mar 08

Location, location.

Gleneagles has always struck me as a bit of an imposter. Kambah round a golf course, sold at premium prices, it really has not established it’s location credentials. I have the same feelings regarding Jerra, but have (probably illogical) horrors at the thought of NSW governance.

I-filed 9:41 pm 04 Mar 08

At the price you’re asking, that 6 months would have allowed you to discount some $30,000 in interest forgone…. if it isn’t selling, there has to be a reason. Small house near me just sold for $750,000 after one day on the market (inner city)

sepi 8:32 pm 04 Mar 08

I wish you guys wouldn’t chase new posters like Margo Kingston away.

I’m sure she would have had some interesting stuff to say.

needlenose 5:46 pm 04 Mar 08

What Ant said. (quite a long way back in this thread).
Times 1000.

nyssa76 5:31 pm 04 Mar 08

I have to tell you. This guy is a real nutter.

He logged onto my teaching blog and used my real name to post a piss-poor comment.

I mean WTF? Seriously that is like SingleWhiteFemale crazy.


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