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Reducing Indigenous over-representation in the justice system

By johnboy 3 August 2010 144

Yesterday Simon Corbell announced he had signed an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Agreement with the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body.

(It might surprise you to learn we have an ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body, which might have something to do with them managing to put out one media release in the last two and a bit years.)

Chairperson of the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body, Terry Williams, said Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people account for 1.2% of ACT residents and approximately 10% of people in the ACT criminal justice system.

“The actions outlined in the agreement demonstrate an ongoing commitment in the ACT to address the over-representation of our people in the criminal justice system, and brings together the efforts of ACT Government agencies and the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to get serious and do something about it,” Mr Williams said.

Efforts in health, housing, education and employment are intended to address this issue.

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Reducing Indigenous over-representation in the justice system
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Special G 11:16 pm 17 Aug 10

Kuku – You seem to be informed about the organisations out there to assist the community so tell us your solution.

There are several hundred support organisations (govt and non-govt) in the ACT across every minority group and I would be very surprised if someone knew of all of them.

Kuku 7:17 pm 17 Aug 10

buzz819 said :

Kuku said :

AJC = Aboriginal Justice Centre.
Perhaps you need a course in whats out there to try and assist you???

How hard is it for you to answer the basic question? If you don’t know then feel free to say you don’t know.

What basic differences are there in the ACT between the welfare available to indigenous and non-indigenous persons?

Instead of saying someone should do a course, which you appear to be an expert in, just answer the question, or people, including me, will continue to believe that your stories and judgments are conceived in a time that is 10 years out of date.

No, you’re right and I should have not been so blunt, but I really would have expected law enforcement officials here in the ACT to know what is out there to help them. I was terribly disappointed at the launch of the ACT Aboriginal Services Directory there were no uniformed AFP reps – that says a lot about engagement. But trying to make judgements about the wider community and Indigenous community are not helpful – hell I think I said in an earlier post that I was told my son was failing because he was Indigenous? Duh – what about that he was lazy or had a learning problem or that his teacher in that year spent a majority of it away…..And no my judgements are not 10 years out of date, as I said I am only telling my own stories – which are 10 years out of date 😉 but my engagement and involvement is not. What is important is that there are organisations in the ACT who want to help, who are desperate to help and try and engage…..and it’s not happening except for a few dedicated officers.

Thumper 4:53 pm 17 Aug 10

What VG said, oh, and the minor issue of 40+k years of archeological evidence.

vg 4:27 pm 17 Aug 10

CraigT said :

vg said :

No proof ‘they’ were here first? You are kidding, please tell me. How about the records that non-indigenous explorers have of our country right back to the mid 1600s or so where the aforementioned explorers reported inhabitants that were here.

And what, precisely, do those records say about anybody being here “first”?

Interesting to see the shallow-thinkers accusing others of being “ill-informed”.

I gather you’re not splitting atoms in your daily employ.

I will explain it in simple language.

Explorers come here in 16-1700s

On arrival they see indigenous natives.

They note it,

No other culture or race indicates a pre-dating of the aforementioned indigenous natives.

Logical extrapolation would suggest what?

a) Someone being here ‘first’ or least before anyone else cares to claim
b) I can’t understand as the blood that rushes to my neck restricts the bloodflow to my brain; or
c) 42

I’d prefer my logic to be thought of as shallow by yourself. The rest of us think you’re plain imbecillic.

As for the precision of what the documents say, well I don’t speak Dutch, but I’d suggest you amply partake in Amsterdam’s ‘finest’ based on your deductive powers


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