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Advertising Feature 4 October 2012


Are YOU Stressed Out? In Pain? Overwhelmed? Always tired?

Feel like you are barely holding on sometimes because life seems so busy? You are always running around doing everything for everyone else…when is it going to be your turn? At times work, family and social commitments can take over our lives and leave us feeling tired, stressed, tight and sore, and surprisingly unmotivated. So much to do – where do I begin…?

A good place to start is deciding to see yourself as a whole person who needs a bit of assistance rebalancing, in order to get all the parts working harmoniously together again. Often we neglect our mind and body (worrying, working long hours, not exercising, eating erratically or poor quality food) and ignore the signals it sends us until we are in so much pain (physically, or emotionally) that we are forced to go and seek help.

Most of us yearn to feel relaxed, and feel good in our bodies. In order to fully relax our body needs to learn to move purposefully to release tension. Coming to a gentle Dru yoga class or half day retreat can help you to stretch your tight muscles and learn easy breathing techniques and postures to help your body feel strong, flexible and aligned again. At the same time your mind begins to unwind and relax and you feel wonderfully focused, calm, and serene.

The ripple effects work like magic. Sleep improves, you can focus and make better decisions, and you feel more open and able to interact with others in a calm and centred way. You feel like the happy version of you again! Soon you begin to notice that you are responding to situations rather than just reacting. The ‘quick to frustration and anger buttons’ aren’t pushed as easily. Other people notice you are calmer and happier.

No one likes being in pain or restricted in their movement. Yet we often ignore those little aches and pains, brushing them aside until they begin to interfere with our work, play or sleep. However there is a simple, gentle, non-invasive therapy that effectively addresses many issues: sore shoulders/neck/arms, sore hips, backpain, sore knees/ankles, sinus problems & headaches. Bowen Therapy-NST allows the body to deeply relax & release tension & pain. Clients experience rapid results, with increased movement & flexibility, improved sleep, and higher energy levels. Usually a series of 3 sessions is all you need. We then reassess and discuss if and when any further treatments are necessary. No oils are used and you can remain fully clothed, while comfortably supported by pillows and draped with warm towels. You also are given some easy to do stretches, breathing & relaxation techniques to help you maintain this improvement at home.

If you would like to make some positive changes to how you are feeling, contact now to find out more and book into Dru yoga classes/retreats and Bowen/NST sessions to get your body relaxed and moving more freely again.

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