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Remembering Katie Bender

By I-filed - 16 July 2007 34

I noticed the Bender family placed an ad in Saturday’s paper marking 10 years since Kate Carnell and her chilling “attachment to your birthplace is just emotional baggage” henchpersons blew up the Canberra Hospital as a spectacle. Let’s hope that the plans to redevelop the Albert Hall environs don’t mess with Katie’s little memorial. And I hope that the unfortunate who won the competition to get to press the blaster has since recovered emotionally. A dreadful event, still dreadful ten years on to those most affected.

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34 Responses to
Remembering Katie Bender
Danman 8:03 am 17 Jul 07

Move on Bender family. 10 years is enough

Regardless of who is at fault – lets see you try and move on after seeing your own little girl taken from you so swiftly – with no time to say goodbye – hence all the roadside memorials to peopel who have gone but will never be forgotten by those who loved them.

having someone taken from you so quickly with no warning is tough man – not having time to say goodbye and just remembering the last time you saw them and trying to hold onto their memory is tough… Eventually memories fade…..Sad… but we do sometimes need a reminder of the joy that these people put in our life.

Your comments reek of juvenile arrogance – regardless of how old you may or may not be.

How dare you try and tell someone to forget someone they loved – which is pretty ,much my interpretation of your “move on” comment.

And for the record – I have never (Touch wood) lost anyone close to me suddenly.

Pandy 9:10 pm 16 Jul 07

Please youtube it vic

Vic Bitterman 8:47 pm 16 Jul 07

We were about 50 metres away from where Katie and her family was standing. My wife was 6 months pregnant… it could just as easily been one of us. Got it all on videotape too, seeing this on the news brought all those sad memories back 🙁

bd84 8:44 pm 16 Jul 07

So when is the implosion of Albert Hall taking place? Though it will fall down before that happens.. give it a few months lol

Ah I remember that day.. didn’t go and didn’t get the big deal.. people will always go to see something being blown up (yes blowing things up does look fun though) anyway I was born in Woden Valley Hospital. lol

Pandy 8:20 pm 16 Jul 07

BTW, I am dicksletic

Pandy 8:19 pm 16 Jul 07

Move on Bender family. 10 years is enough. (And yes I get pissed off seeing all those little raod side memorials 20 years after the deaths with little plaques, trees, vases, flowers and even battery powered lites).

BTW do the Bender family read English? The NCA had the Katie memorial and surrounds on their redevelopment palns for the Albert Hall as a declared sacred site.

Mr_Shab 4:17 pm 16 Jul 07

How about controlled = safe or implosion = the polar opposite of an explosion. Guess they didn’t figure on your analysis, bonfire. Or maybe fun for all the family = take the kids?

We get used to the government being ludicrously risk-averse, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to factor that in on your “risk assessment”. Particularly where they are encouraging people to come along and enjoy the spectacle. Rather like fireworks. Don’t see many folk killed by Skyfire now, do we (which also has explosives – lots of them).

I’m no fan of the nanny-state holding your hand from cradle to grave; but there is a definite matter of liability here. If a private entity had managed to make so many stuff-ups leading to someone’s death, I’d applaud the family as they trundled in for a very substantial compensation claim.

bonfire 3:30 pm 16 Jul 07

y’see jenna you are one of the sheeple.

the gummint says its safe, so it must be.

perform your own analysis.

explosives = explosion = perhaps not safe.

jenna 2:43 pm 16 Jul 07

Bonfire, the govt advertised this “event” as safe!
The hospital was supposed to implode, not explode. The inquiry clearly proves where the blame lies and it’s not with the parents or the thousands of other people who went along to witness a significant event in the history of this city. If it had been done properly, it would have been safe and this tragedy would never have occurred.

And Danman, you’re right on in your comments. People do grieve in their own way and they should be allowed to without criticism.

Danman 1:17 pm 16 Jul 07

JTK – Just because you grieve in on eway does not mean that everyone deals with grief your way.

If the benders want a tribute to their girl – so be it – if they post a memorial notice in th epaper – so be it.

They grieve – so let them – in their own way – until it harms anyone else we have no right protesting how they grieve.

Welcome Back Bonfire – your hiatus was duly noted.

bonfire 12:27 pm 16 Jul 07


everyone knew it would be dangerous.

we are attracted to danger.

it gives us a thrill.

why do you think people were kept several hundred yards away.

its sad that someone died, but that can happen. we all know that at the drags or motor racing you can get killed as well. spectators routinely die or suffer injury at these events.

why would any sane person think using explosives to demolish a building would be ‘safe’ ?

so when we are apportioning blame – from he govt, to the contractor, to the laws of physics – we should also remember that her parents took her along. they should have known better.

Growling Ferret 10:36 am 16 Jul 07


Leaving the Lennox Gardens area a green space rather than filling it with over development ala Kingston Foreshore is my preference.

Leave the eastern side of the lake for rampant development – save the Western basin, from Scrivener Dam to Commonwealth Avenue bridge as an area for recreation, green space, a hint of natural beauty next to the lake.

Thumper 10:29 am 16 Jul 07

I agree with Mr Shab’s sentiments.

Mr_Shab 10:02 am 16 Jul 07

I say it should be kept in place – not so much for Katie Bender’s family – but for future governments; to remind them to think grand schemes through a little better.

James-T-Kirk 8:53 am 16 Jul 07

It is sad that Katie died.

It is even sadder that her family feels that they need to make the site where she died sacred.

When I die, I would like people to remember the great things about my life, not build a shrine to where I happened to be when I died.

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