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respect for all creatures, as long as they don’t smell bad or look ugly

By weeziepops - 14 June 2009 66

My place of work has called in the exterminators to get rid of some mice who have made the office their home.  The exterminators use bait stations which attract the mice, who eat the poison and run off to die.  I understand the death involves internal bleeding, which doesn’t sound like a painless way to go. 

I understand people not wanting to share their work places or homes with other creatures and am well aware that mice are considered to be a pest.  But surely there is a way to either repel them from settling there in the first place or, if they do have to be killed, using a humane means of doing so.  Old fashioned traps have the benefit of being quick if they work first time, but pose problems if the mouse is smart enough to try to take the bait with a paw only to find it smashed with a spring loaded metal bar.

Does anyone have any information to share on humane pest control in Canberra?

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66 Responses to
respect for all creatures, as long as they don’t smell bad or look ugly
Thumper 10:03 pm 14 Jun 09

Mice are sooooo cute, Big black eyes that look at you…

Come on, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

Except my cat bites them in half and eats them….

grunge_hippy 9:42 pm 14 Jun 09

my dog must think its a cat, because it is always catching mice.

pug206gti 9:20 pm 14 Jun 09

Internal bleeding – caused by eating the chemical Warfarin.

Wait until your dimmer years, and you too will probably end up on it! Well you’ll be prescribed it anyway.

(I’m serious.)

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:50 pm 14 Jun 09

A vet euthanasing a mouse?

Use a chunk of wood. If they’re already asleep they won’t know about it anyway.

I’ve only ever had to deal with rodents once, and I found Mr Talon did the job nicely.

Felix the Cat 8:32 pm 14 Jun 09

Maybe some sort of food laced with a drug that puts the mice to sleep and then you can retrieve them and take them to the Vet to be euthanased. Would be a costly way of going about it though.

ant 8:02 pm 14 Jun 09

I often find that mice (not sure if they’re exotic mice or native mice) are living in the compost (one of those bottomless plastic things). They are quite useful, they shred up all the big leaves and things so they compost faster. I realised they were there when I was watering the compost to get it to compost faster, and a very wet mouse appeared and glared at me. Only problem is, it attracts the snakes (as I also discovered the unpleasant way).

weeziepops 7:21 pm 14 Jun 09

I’ll give SheepGroper’s advice a try, I think. Cats aren’t an option, unfortunately, as a colleague is allergic. Thanks to those who have taken my post seriously and respected my views.

BerraBoy68 6:42 pm 14 Jun 09

farnarkler said :

I’ll lend you our cats. They’ll soon get rid of the problem.

Hey weeziepops , glad to hear you’re being considerate of even those creatures most consider to be pests, but I’ll say I agree with farnarkler. Cats are the natural solution. It might not be clean and pain free, but it is the ‘green’ solution. Tell your boss that an RSPCA cat and catfood costs less than an exterminator, and they’re fun too.

SheepGroper 6:39 pm 14 Jun 09

The best way would be to make work unattractive to mice, that is by making sure there’s little to attract them in the first place. Could food scraps be luring them in? Dirty kitchen areas inside, food litter from people lunching outside?

weeziepops 6:28 pm 14 Jun 09

Death by cat wouldn’t be a nice way to go. Plus one of the people at work is allergic. I understand that some people want to reduce the number of mice which share our world. I don’t agree but am only asking that the killing be done as humanely as possible. It would be good if the RSPCA could offer some advice that would minimise pain to these creatures when humans want to get rid of them.

barking toad 6:17 pm 14 Jun 09

I assume this thread is a piss-take.

So I’ll suggest AK47s.

If it’s a serious thread, I am embarrassed for reponding.

I-filed 6:09 pm 14 Jun 09

I inquired on this exact topic with the RSPCA. They use inhumane pest control themselves, they said.

farnarkler 5:39 pm 14 Jun 09

I’ll lend you our cats. They’ll soon get rid of the problem.

Morgan 5:34 pm 14 Jun 09

Or carry disease.

You have got to be kidding, clever mouse traps releasing them in the park? They are an introcuced species that are classed as vermin. Give me a break.

Whatsup 4:52 pm 14 Jun 09

We purchased some “Clever Mouse Traps” from Bunnings. They capture the mouse alive and well so you will need to check them every morning, if they are full we drive to a local park, where we let the little beasties go. No critter handling required, just open the lid and away they run. We use peanut butter as a bait which attracts them nicely.

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