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Response to the residents of Power Street, Mawson

By Omnomnomnivore 4 June 2013 68

power street

Over the last month or so, those of us who park our cars in Power Street, Mawson and make our way to Woden have returned of an evening to find a letter left under our windscreen wipers signed “the residents of Power Street”.  It is time for us to respond, in order to clarify a few things. We do apologise to those residents of Power Street who had nothing to do with this (we suspect these letter drops have been undertaken by a lone operator).

The letter reads:


We, the homeowners of Power Street, would like to ask for your consideration and help in NOT turning our street into a “park & ride “parking place.

Especially since there IS a PARK AND RIDE parking area two streets away from here, on the corner of Mawson Drive & Athlon Drive.

We would greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the matter.

Thank you in advance.

The residents of Power Street”

This might seem like a reasonable request on the surface of things.  Images of congested tiny streets in Hughes or Curtin may spring to mind, but actually, Power Street is largely empty for most of the working week. Also, it is wide enough to have cars parked on both sides of the street with still enough room to drive each way down the road between them!  If you feel so inclined, take a drive down there and see for yourself.

To the above letter, we respond:

“Dear Power Street Residents,

We, the motorists that park in Power Street, would like to respond to the delightful letter that we find on our windscreens of an evening (a copy is provided overleaf for your reference).

Firstly, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that Power St is a public street and is thus paid for by all rate payers – that’s right, it’s as much everybody’s as it is “yours”.  Also, Power St lacks formal parking restrictions. Until such a time that formal parking restrictions are introduced, many of us respectfully decline your request that we not park in Power St as we are under no obligation to do so.  If you would like formal parking restrictions to be introduced, you can lobby the ACT Government Territory and Municipal Services.

In your letter you refer to the “Park and Ride” arrangements on the corner of Mawson Drive and Athllon Drive. We would like to point out that “Park and Ride” requires that the motorist obtain a parking permit. To be eligible for a “Park and Ride” parking permit, the user must ensure that $90 per month ($40 for concessions) is loaded on to their MyWay card.  For many, this is unnecessarily expensive, especially given we can park in Power St for free.  Additionally, in your letter you profess that “Park and Ride” at Mawson is only two blocks away.  We would like to correct you in that it is actually 1.5km away.

Also, many of us who park in Power St enjoy the thrill of a brisk walk, cycle or scoot to Woden of a crisp Canberra morn.  Why would you deny us the opportunity for some moderate exercise and fresh air?  You may be interested to know that 63.4% of Australians aged 18 and up are overweight or obese (ABS, 2012).  We walkers, cyclists and scooters are just doing our best to avoid lifestyle diseases caused by a larger waist line.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight that Power St is unusual for a residential street in that it is vastly wide and houses stand on only one side.  If you are experiencing difficulties in navigating your vehicle around our cars parked on the opposite side of this exceptionally wide street, please consider re-sitting your motor-vehicle licence test.

Lastly, we would like to say that we do our best in avoiding inconveniencing you, the residents.  We do not park across or unnecessarily close to your driveways.  Indeed, we rarely even park on your side of the road.  This is why we were a little taken-aback by your request and felt the need to respond to your letter.

If you would like to reply to this letter, you will be able to find it on The Riot Act later on today.

Thanks very much for your understanding.

Warm regards,

Power Street Parkers”

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Response to the residents of Power Street, Mawson
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rhino 10:27 am 06 Jun 13

The way I see it, it’s fine to park there and I wouldn’t care if I lived on the street. It’d only become an issue for me if they were parked on my side of the street, filling it right up and overlapping my driveway a little with large 4WDs so that I can’t see any cars coming when I’m reversing out of my driveway. That’s the only time I’d get annoyed at it. They could put up a no parking sign on that side of the street, but that’d be just as annoying for me if I lived there. What if I had visitors? The other side of the street would surely be filled up. If I had 3 cars at my house and someone visited, I wouldn’t want them to receive a fine. If it was just a no parking zone between certain hours, that’d be better i guess, but still potentially annoying. So I can’t really see a potential improvement for anyone. I wouldn’t have put the letter there unless that person was parked almost blocking my driveway in a large vehicle that i couldn’t see around regularly. If the street is in fact big enough to reverse out and have others drive around you even within their lane, or if the street is very quiet during the day, then i wouldn’t even be close to annoyed enough to write the letter. So to me, it seems like they should pretty much get over it. Unless people are parking on their side of the road too close to driveways unnecessarily and regularly, in which case they should be more considerate when possible. That’s the end of it really. I don’t see that it should become a war. I do think ppl who have nothing to do during the day tend to make issues out of tiny things that many with more active lives wouldn’t have a second thought about.

Watson 10:13 am 06 Jun 13

Dilandach said :

So you think that you have the right to park in any street you want for as long as you want and in front of whatever house then do it repeatedly every day?

This just proves how far removed from reality you are. Have you ever actually left Canberra? Or visited other streets near places that attract lots of visitors? At my office, our carpark fills up by 8.30am and the only other place to park legally is in the nearby residential streets. I’ve often wondered how on earth their bins get picked up every Friday because there are cars parked all along the curb, only leaving the driveways free.

In a quiet residential street in the middle of a ‘remote’ suburb, yes it is common courtesy to not park in front of the neighbour’s house. UNLESS there is nowhere else to park!

It might be news to you, but you do not own the street. Maybe go have a look at the deeds of your house to remind yourself where the boundaries of your control are.

tim_c 9:01 am 06 Jun 13

Dilandach said :

…Yeah too bad for the people that live there, flap em. They have visitors? flap em. Someone parking too close to a drive way? flap em. Visibility issues? Flap em. Its just down to cheap and lazy people who really don’t care about the issues that they cause…

Yes, welcome to life in a city where other people also live and work! It might be a surprise to you, but it requires some willingness to share the spaces in the city with those other people, and perhaps even the occasional visitor. I know, it’s inherently annoying to have lots of people living in close proximity (or even just the handful that we have in Canberra). When I try to go out of my driveway in the morning, I usually have to wait for someone to finish past – that’s right, driving past my house, disturbing the tranquility of my garden! He just says
“Flap you (whatever that means?), I want to go to work too”. Then I usually have to wait again to turn out of my street. When I try to get onto busier roads, I have to wait longer for more people. They all just say
“Flap you, you have to give way”. The traffic is banked up because lots of people want to go to work at the same time
“Flap you” they say “We’ve got places to go to too”, and then we are all slowed further (or stopped altogether) because there are roadworks. The roadworkers say
“Flap you, can’t you see we’re trying to work here?!” Then when I eventually get through the traffic filled with all these “inconsiderate” flap-you people, I find I can’t even park right outside the door because someone else already did
“Flap you” he says, “I got here first”.

According to your logic, all these people should just stay off the roads until I get to work because they’re all inconveniencing me all the way to work, and on the way home again in the evening. They should stay out of the shops when I want to buy something because I have to wait for them all in the checkout queue. And who was it saying we should all have a bit of “common courtesy”?

Evil_Kitten 2:00 am 06 Jun 13

When I lived in Kingston, people would take all the spots on the street outside our complex and even in our visitor parking when they came to the area for dinner. We knew not to leave after about 6pm or we’d lose our space. But that’s just the way it is when you live in certain areas. You get over it lol.

Aeek 10:11 pm 05 Jun 13

Dilandach said :

It isn’t from people parking across the street but rather in front and along both sides of the street. Knowing the typical horde that decends when there’s free parking on offer,

So you’re going on in general and not actually commenting about Power St, which is clearly different.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 9:58 pm 05 Jun 13

Dilandach said :

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

No, seriously, how does it inconvenience them? What exactly goes against common courtesy by parking across the street from somebody’s house?

It isn’t from people parking across the street but rather in front and along both sides of the street. Knowing the typical horde that decends when there’s free parking on offer, there would be those that push things right to the edge when parking. Both sides of someone’s driveway being covered by cars which no doubt causes issue for those backing out of their driveway having to back out straight past the cars on either side of the driveway further out onto the road than they would without them there.

When this was discussed before by someone else another piped up with ‘so? they should learn to reverse into their driveway so they don’t have to reverse out!’. Its their house, they live there. Why should they have to change their habits for those that are causing the issues?

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

And yes, I would love a source stating that any area near someone’s house means it is not for public use.

So you think that you have the right to park in any street you want for as long as you want and in front of whatever house then do it repeatedly every day?

Yeah too bad for the people that live there, flap em. They have visitors? flap em. Someone parking too close to a drive way? flap em. Visibility issues? Flap em. Its just down to cheap and lazy people who really don’t care about the issues that they cause.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

By your logic, the park across from my house is for the residents that have a line of sight to it?

Not even close.

Umm yes. Unless I am breaking a road rule, then I can park in any street in canberra, as long and as often as I like. That is my right as a Australian citizen.

Luckily, disgusting NIMBY’s rarely get a say in the law making.

Also, again, L2 Drive.

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