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Restaurants that provide low fat options?

By Christof 3 February 2012 22

Does anyone know of any restaurants around Canberra that provide low fat options for dieters?  I have been dieting pretty hard in an attempt to wash away the sins of the Christmas holidays and would like a break from home cooked stuff for a night.  Thanks for any ideas!

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Restaurants that provide low fat options?
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devils_advocate 2:25 pm 06 Feb 12

Disinformation said :

devils_advocate said :

VYBerlinaV8_is_back said :

Weight loss is actually pretty simple: energy in has to be less than energy out.

Ah this old chestnut. I didn’t think anyone threw this around anymore but clearly it’s still doing the rounds.

Energy in/energy out is just not true. It’s the quality of the calories in the food that counts more than the sheer number. The quality of the calories (ie the food) is especially important if you’re expecting to use the food as fuel for exercise.

Ah, sorry. Entrophy says that the energy in / energy out balance IS true. However you’re correct about calorific quality. All food calories are not created equal. The technicalities however, don’t escape the laws of the conservation of energy.

Well, what I was getting at is that saying that “weight loss is simple” and then quoting the energy in/out theory indicates to the reader that this is all there is to it. Conservation of energy is all well and good but the important truth that it doesn’t capture is that eating a bag of sugar won’t give you the same effect as consuming the same amount of calories in steak and veg.

Giving someone incomplete information like the calories in/out statement is setting them up to fail.

imagesplat 1:20 pm 06 Feb 12

Time for some science. Science journalist Gary Taubes has researched this topic for over a decade:

In simplistic terms, a good diet & weight loss/regulation etc is about eating to manage insulin response. I’ve heard it put as we should be eating hormonally, not “calorically”. Sugar/processed carbs in the diet leads to insulin spikes, storing the excess blood sugar as fat. This leads to gradual weight gain, but the rate depends on the sensitivity of each individual to sugar etc (so we get both fat and thin people). Eating fats doesn’t cause the same insulin response. “Low-carb” is probably the most common term for this now.

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