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louise 31 July 2007 119

ABC news reports that Revolve has said it will fight the government’s decision to effectively close it down.

I know Revolve wasn’t the flavour of the month with some readers (see this thread). But wouldn’t it be nice if govenment could actually make an open, transparent and justified decision that had broad community support, and left no avenue or desire for ‘fighting on’?

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Coops Coops 8:46 pm 31 Jul 07

Gutter management, huh!! Its that gutter management as you call it, that has taken revolve from strength to strength over the past 10 years, you silly git!! Instead of Revolve just disappearing , Kaye Hewitt and the Revolve Directors are standing up to the government bureaucrat’s and it looks like they just might win. Good luck to them when they do win, at least their employees will still have a job. Love or hate Revolve, everyone needs to make a living!!

nathan11 nathan11 9:19 pm 21 Jul 07

i think people should be aware that i was told by revolve management that,it was not answerable to the ACT GOVERNMENT, THIESS or THE GENERAL PUBLIC,but in recent times,ran to get help from all including the media.what a bad attitude for a community based business to have and so two faced….SHAME ON YOU…..

nathan11 nathan11 8:56 pm 21 Jul 07

i am finally glad that kaye hewitt has been put in her place by revolve losing its site.I have had the displeasure of being abused and accused by this womam who showed to myself no manners or integrity but a low coarse attitude which disgusted me.i was a member of the community that donated to revolve and i was disgusted by such gutter management

Thumper Thumper 9:02 am 11 Jul 07

This little piggy went to market,
this little piggy had none,
this little piggie was recycled,
at the barrel of a farmer’s gun…

Coops Coops 6:46 pm 10 Jul 07

Gee Bushpiggy, there you go again, mouthing off about what you only THINK you know!! If AJ has so much stock, why are they trying to buy stock from Revolve that is still in the old yard. Read last weeks Supreme Court transcripts, its there in black and white!! If AJ is gonna sell antiques and good stuff, they better withdraw all of there good stuff from ebay, because their shed at mitchell is as good as empty. If the “happy public” are the half a dozen writers on this site, that have nothing better to do than bag Revolve out all the time, then what a joke!!
Me and the rest of the sane public are laughing all the way to the new revolve yard, Bushpiggy. C ya there!

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 5:34 pm 10 Jul 07

revolve is over and out end of story so bushpig will sign out good by all. by the way aussie junk will be having a big grand opening day next ther will be a free BBQ all welcome the goverment is going to bulldoze all the shit revolve left this week aussie has ten trucks loads of good goods for opening day plus they have for truck loads of antiques as far as i no aussie junk hase being collecting goods from mugga transfer station all weekend and the public are very happy

Coops Coops 10:47 am 10 Jul 07

Hey Danman, Your mixing me up with bushpig, the revolve worker that got the sack for stuff we can’t mention. I beleive HE like a beer and other peoples money as well!! As for the King of trash comment, gee that doesn’t even rate a response!!
As for who kicks who’s ass, AJ can’t even get Revolve out!!Yeah right, great ass kicking.

Thumper Thumper 7:56 am 10 Jul 07

Totally agree with that last sentence Danman…

Danman Danman 7:42 am 10 Jul 07

Coops = The king of trash.

hey man – you gotta have pride…

Oh and the cars lining up – it was not popularity – it was a backlog… get over yourself and your devolve cronies.

hey man – Ill keep an eye out for you next time – shout you a beer or something… your the guy with the work boots pencil cut stone wash black denim jeans and flanny shirt – yeah really narrows it down… thanks…

Mitchell Aussie Junk kicks Revolves arse……and here endeth the argument…

Coops Coops 8:49 pm 09 Jul 07

Hey bushpig, when did you look last? better put your glasses on, ’cause it looks like a dirty big fence and an even bigger dirtier security guard there. Lots of pretty flags, but no “paddock shoppers” there. Guess you must be dreaming again, ah?

Joyce Joyce 8:32 pm 09 Jul 07

went past today it looks like they will be back soon.

Thumper Thumper 12:15 pm 09 Jul 07

I despair the loss of punctuation as seen above.

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 11:31 am 09 Jul 07

canberra public have being night shoping at revolve new ‘paddock shop” ther new yard dose not even have fence yet but the night shopers dont mind at all thats life another mans trash is another night shopers treasure happing shoping

Joyce Joyce 6:00 pm 08 Jul 07

Nice one Coops……. Anything that saves me a dollar i’m all for. Revolve have, so thats the place for me.

Coops Coops 5:50 pm 08 Jul 07

Maybe your stuff WAS crap. remember, 1 mans trash is not necessaryly 1 mans treasure. Why should Revolve pay their hard earned money to take your crap to the tip. And as to someone not getting of the site, thats ACT Nowastes fault now. Too much red tape, don’t you read the papers? At least the stuff is going to good use now, instead of getting bulldozed into the landfill and costing you money. no waste by 2010 – bullshit!

ellingly ellingly 5:38 pm 08 Jul 07

The thing about ‘ACT NOWASTE’ directing everyone to dump it – that’s exactly my experience when I took stuff to Revolve in the past.

I’m going to guess Aussie Junk aren’t going to be set up for a while due to some people not vacating a certain site when they should have…

Coops Coops 4:59 pm 08 Jul 07

Hey, all of you negative no hopers!! Did anyone bother to check out the “NEW” Revolve site today?? I couldn’t even get a fxxxing park!! So many bloody people. Even their new drop-off area had cars lined up as far back as the street to the mrf at 2 o’clock. Obviously the Canberra public are happy that they are back in business. Espeacially as Aussie Junk are not even up and running there yet – and won’t be for some time by all accounts. If you have something to recycle at the moment, ACT NOWASTE are directing every thing to the landfill and charging to to dump it – good stuff or bad stuff. Yeah real sensible. Thank god Revolve HAVE opened up down the road. At least someone is being sensible and getting on with the job. Long live Revolve!

el el 1:09 pm 08 Jul 07

Yeah – I thought the whole point was to turn over stuff quickly in the name of recycling (and the whole ‘NOWASTE’ thing) rather than hoarding crap.

ant ant 12:50 am 07 Jul 07

If revolve had put lower prices on things, they’d have turned over more stuff, and so been able to take on more stuff. I visited teh place a year or so back, and was amazed at the prices on things. Crazy, for broken, filthy crap. No wonder it sat there and they couldn’t take more stuff.

el el 10:52 pm 06 Jul 07

How DARE you compare onions to ogres. People like you give my onion relatives a bad rep.

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