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Rhiannon Leetham and the mouth of madness

By johnboy - 5 November 2008 82

[First filed: November 04, 2008 @ 09:33]

This isn’t a story I’d usually pursue. But seeing as the mother is hawking a media release I reckon it’s fair game.

The above video is Rhiannon Leetham, 12, of Canberra explaining how wonderful it is being a young entrepreneur.

Sounds great I hear you say. But what is this young business person selling?

A learn to be psychic course, of course.

Because you’re never too young to sell dreams to the gullible.

Credit where it’s due the website is extremely well written for a 12 year old. Sure it’s heavy on block caps and large fonts, but this isn’t a product aimed at a discerning audience.

At the top of the page Rhiannon suggests that signing up to her course might grant such powers as:

    How about having the ability to PREDICT THE NEXT WINNER at the races? Or HEAL sick animals and relatives, using just the power of your mind?

    MAYBE you’d prefer to spend your time flying around places you’ve never even visited – past, present or future. Or tune your ESP to know things you always wanted to know.

    OR JUST PERHAPS you’d use your secret powers to attract love and wealth into your life, without ANY effort whatsoever!

More importantly is the message just down the page in large red block caps: PSYCHIC POWERS ARE COMPLETELY SAFE.

Let’s see how safe you are after lifting $10k off a bookie who finds out you were cheating. Oh wait, maybe they’re safe because they don’t work?

At $99.95 (USD) it’s not cheap, but the website informs, in large letters no less that it’s “GUARANTEED”!

In my opinion it’s bad enough that Charly Leetham, who issued the media release, is profiting from selling moonshine to the public. But throwing a 12 year old out in front of the scam really is a bit much.

UPDATED: Thanks to poptop for digging up Charly Leetham’s website.


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82 Responses to
Rhiannon Leetham and the mouth of madness
Thumper 10:28 am 04 Nov 08

I bet you that she knew you would say that…

Primal 10:23 am 04 Nov 08

So the mother is a reseller for and is using the kid as a shill?

How lovely.

johnboy 10:22 am 04 Nov 08

It’s not scary Thumper, it’s completely safe!

Thumper 10:22 am 04 Nov 08

I predict a big future for her, possibly in conjunction with that other annoying little piece, Bindy Irwin…

But Rhiannon would already know that.

Actually, she would have known that I was going to say that! And that as well!

Man, this scary…

But she would have already known that as well!

Pandy 10:18 am 04 Nov 08

Charly(tan) by nature?

Granny 10:12 am 04 Nov 08

Pandy said :

Will she be able to cure all those men with erectile dysfunction?

I don’t know, but if you asked her she would be able to tell you.


Thumper 10:12 am 04 Nov 08

Hang on, if you are a psychic why would you need to work or sell stuff? Surely you could just chuck a lazy grand on the trifecta at Caufield ever weekend?

poptop 10:05 am 04 Nov 08

Mum has her own website [] her pitch?

That would be her MBA in internet marketing!

Pandy 10:02 am 04 Nov 08

Will she be able to cure all those men with erectile dysfunction?

Thumper 9:58 am 04 Nov 08

Would you buy a used car from this girl?

I don’t know, but if I asked her she would be able to tell me.

bubzie 9:58 am 04 Nov 08

..can she at least finish primary school first?!?

Granny 9:56 am 04 Nov 08

Would you buy a used car from this girl?

Seriously, well when you’re spending other people’s money you can afford to blow it all on uniforms or give some of it away to a worthy charity here and there.

I admire the entrepreneurial spirit, but have grave concerns regarding the exploitative nature of the product.

Thumper 9:55 am 04 Nov 08

I want two.

SamTSeppo 9:52 am 04 Nov 08

I’m sold! Soon I’ll be healing sick animals at the races. Everyone can enjoy the fruits of power, but it’ll cost you.

Hey, psychicing don’t come cheap, man.

toriness 9:40 am 04 Nov 08

god dodgy as!! should be a law against this bollocks. some people have no shame.

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