Rhodium Case Still Going

che 12 November 2007 7

ABC Online has this snippet on the ongoing Rhodium scandal which came up on RiotACT last year. Looks like the dodging, weaving and tap dancing are continuing.

I wish I could give myself a $10,000 cash advance and completely forget about the transaction.

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7 Responses to Rhodium Case Still Going
thetruth thetruth 8:53 pm 12 Nov 07

I lease my car through these jokers and their service sucks the big one – so badly run its not funny

sepi sepi 6:35 pm 12 Nov 07

CT article states that the Rhodium woman is testifying via video link from Melb. Sounds ok.

BUT – she is turning the link to mute every time she is asked a question and conferring with her husband on what to say. She wouldn’t be able to do that if she was present in the room. I think they should run the proceedings properly.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 5:24 pm 12 Nov 07

There are two shareholders – one being our fearless (and stupid) leader Stanhope and the other was (at the time of the cash flowing) Ted Quinlan. Both are putting it all back on the board, who are of course saying that the CEO was acting independently. Lots of finger pointing and it’s clear they all should never be allowed to run a chook raffle – let alone a multi million dollar company leasing thousands of vehicles….

mr_stirer mr_stirer 4:12 pm 12 Nov 07

Shouldn’t make a difference if you are male or female…. If you piss tax payers money up the wall like that you should be held accountable for it. One of the stories I read indiactes that Rhodium is a Government owned company, maybe the share holders (ACT Government) should also be held accountable for this.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:08 pm 12 Nov 07

Of course, they’re only after her because she’s a woman!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:47 pm 12 Nov 07

Emotionally distressing? Say, $10,000 worth of emotional distress?

Let the under rug-sweeping, bureaucratic excrement-flinging fiesta begin!

mr_stirer mr_stirer 1:31 pm 12 Nov 07

let the arse covering begin……..

Ps: I think I owe someone $10,000

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