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RiotACT goes viral – UPDATED

By johnboy - 8 March 2007 117

[First filed: March 05, 2007 @ 10:00]

As some of you have noted, Kerces is in Kiama. Which raises the question of why am I here in Canberra?

So unless we get a sharp uptick in paid advertisers on RiotACT in the next week or so (to ease the pain of separation) chances are I won’t be running this show, but rather will be in Kiama pumping petrol (or somesuch) and doing a lot of surfing, snorkelling, sailling and fishing.

“Good Riddance!” a number of you cry.

But for those who think this would be a bad thing, here’s how you can help.

This is a link to our advertising rate card. You can print yourself out a stack of them and every business you go into for the next week give them a copy and point out that advertising here reaches people like you, and you think it would be a worthwhile way to spend their advertising budget. Simple really.

Also for the very keen you could take out an ad for the charity of your choice.

And hey, if it doesn’t work we’ll have some sort of party before I go.

UPDATED: By request here’s the cover blurb to go with the rate card.

ANOTHER UPDATE: We’ve been encouraged by the response and have our first paid ads running now but we really need you guys to dig deep and spread the word.

What’s Your opinion?

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117 Responses to
RiotACT goes viral – UPDATED
Jazz 12:08 pm 05 Mar 07

lol Seepi, On your comments or someone elses?

Just so happens that i have myself an edit button already. I dont often use it though.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 12:07 pm 05 Mar 07

And you’ll still have time to do the RiotACT.

Jazz 12:06 pm 05 Mar 07

Thanks Ari. We’re always open to new ideas on how to make the site better.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 12:06 pm 05 Mar 07

JB – just get yourself a job in the public service! Easy work, good $$, low pressure.

seepi 12:05 pm 05 Mar 07

some days I’d pay for an edit button….

Ari 11:57 am 05 Mar 07

I wonder if there could be some sort of “premium” access model developed for RA subscribers.

I reckon open access to the content itself is important to generate eyeballs and an inclusionary sense of community, but perhaps subscribers could gain access to additional tools or posting rights.

Just a thought.

Jazz 11:50 am 05 Mar 07

no probs bonfire. I’ll whip you up an invoice.

bonfire 11:48 am 05 Mar 07

well jb, i’d happily subscribe to ra in the same way i do to the concatenate.

Ralph 11:24 am 05 Mar 07

Kiama is nice.

Ralph’s Canberra exit strategy has me heading down that way in a couple of years, either to go back to lazy academia or as a daily commuter to Sydney.

Thumper 11:20 am 05 Mar 07

Kiama is kind of regional, well, according to WIN news it is…

sheer 11:11 am 05 Mar 07

That’s going to be a BIG farewell party…

But who’s to say you can’t at least contribute from Kiama anyway?

Or maybe RA can have a sister site, based on the coast? I’ll admit, Riot-Kiamaandsurroundingareas doesn’t really have the same ring to it, but…

johnboy 11:06 am 05 Mar 07

I’ve been on my savings for the last year running The Concatenate and RiotACT, but it’s time to get a job now if we can’t get the advertisers to the party.

Where I get the job depends on what’s available but Kiama doth beckon.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:01 am 05 Mar 07

What are you saying JB? That running the RiotACT is your full time job?

apehammer 10:47 am 05 Mar 07

Doing a lot of surfing, snorkelling, sailling and fishing
Why fight it?

Ari 10:13 am 05 Mar 07

Kiama’s already got a blow hole!

Just kidding 😉

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