RiotACT Sim Challenge Round Nine – James Higgins, Greens for Ginninderra

johnboy 25 September 2008 11

[First filed: September 22, 2008 @ 11:14
Second filing: September 23, 2008 @ 11:04]

After a much needed week off the RiotACT Sim Challenge is rumbling back into gear with the Greens’ young gun James Higgins taking up cudgels at All Bar Nun this Thursday night to show the world just how he’d go about running a city.

All welcome from seven to shout unhelpful advice to the candidate while drinking the night away and offering helpful advice to Riot overlords in a forum in which it is welcome.

Candidates yet to participate who feel they are clever, attractive, and competent enough to take on the challenge should contact us to book a time.

As for the rest, why are you bothering to stand for elected office if this is too much for you?

UPDATED: Just an extra reminder that we’re doing this tonight and look forward to meeting any of you who haven’t made it yet.

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11 Responses to RiotACT Sim Challenge Round Nine – James Higgins, Greens for Ginninderra
CheGuarana CheGuarana 9:20 pm 23 Sep 08

jamesforginninderra said :

So then I started working for CPSU, joined The Greens, graduated university and started trying to approach politics like an adult.

Any luck?

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 9:20 pm 23 Sep 08

Yes finally one I can get to and with money in the back pocket as well. Gym shower drinks heckling……sweet

Granny Granny 11:37 am 23 Sep 08

So basically it was one of those ‘snatching disaster from the jaws of victory’ moments? You would probably never believe this, but even I, myself, have these incidents from time to time ….

jamesforginninderra jamesforginninderra 11:24 am 23 Sep 08

Fun times. Not the best moment in my political history…

I think your analysis of the interview and the event are pretty much correct. Following the “incident” and the “interview”, I actually dropped out of political activity for a year – retreated into my shell as it were. It was only through getting involved in the Your Rights At Work campaign that I actually started getting interested in politics again.

So then I started working for CPSU, joined The Greens, graduated university and started trying to approach politics like an adult.

**Shameless plug: Everyone should come and see what happens when I’m left in charge of a city – even if it is a computer game.

James Higgins
Greens Candidate for Ginninderra

Granny Granny 12:59 pm 22 Sep 08

I’m just surprised that Passy’s not standing. He has such a way with people!

jakez jakez 12:52 pm 22 Sep 08

James was a bit ‘liberal’ with the truth as it were. Far from the majority joining Socialist Alternative in heckling Abbott, pretty much everyone there by the end of it were heckling Socialist Alternative.

I am a Liberal Student however I absolutely did not agree with Abbott’s view on RU486. All Socialist Alternative did was shut down what would have been an open and informative debate, and completely alienated everyone there.

I’ve actually had a fairly reasonable conversation with James one on one though. We just have completely different conceptions of the world.

Aurelius Aurelius 12:50 pm 22 Sep 08

When militant lefties get a bit older, they go to the Greens.
Then, when they marry and have kids, they’ll go to ALP.
And when they have grandkids, it’ll be the Libs.

jakez jakez 12:31 pm 22 Sep 08

OH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! It was a true classic.

tom-tom tom-tom 12:19 pm 22 Sep 08

you forgot to mention the terrific interview he gave triple j’s hack a few years back jakez….. I’ve heard it was certainly something

jakez jakez 12:09 pm 22 Sep 08

WHAT? My favourite Socialist Alternative hardcore protest creating, rabble rousing, loudspeaker abusing, former education officer of the ANU Students Association, has sold out and thrown in his lot with the greens?

I’m a little heartbroken.

Then again I can’t complain, I am a sucker shill for the Liberals.

Granny Granny 11:33 am 22 Sep 08

It’s a shame that I have a prior engagement, as I am a veritable fount of unhelpful advice!

Best of luck, James, and have a great night everybody.

: )

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