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RIP Damian

By Pommy bastard - 31 March 2009 58

At Cook shops today I came upon a bunch of flowers, and a sad note informing customers that Damian Caesar has passed on suddenly.

For those of you who didn’t know him, Damian was a quite profoundly disabled  chap, who used to sell lollies and other items outside Cook shops, to raise funds for the ACT “Boccia” team, (a sport for the wheelchair bound.)

Despite his disabilities, Damian was always happy and chatty, and regulars users of Cook shops, would always stop and pass the time of day with him when he was outside.

I will miss his cheery; “Alright matey!?” when I go down there. He was a decent chap, and the world has lost a colourful character.

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58 Responses to
RIP Damian
Bundybear 7:28 pm 31 Mar 09

PB, I’m sure T or one of the others would be happy to keep up the supply of shower gel if you reeeaalllyyy want it. 🙂

I’ll be happy to track some details for a donation. Get back to you after I talk to the powers that be.

Granny 7:03 pm 31 Mar 09

Or what about a memorial plaque for the Boccia club? Or outside the shops?

Panhead 6:57 pm 31 Mar 09

Always said g’day when I ducked in to the shops. Nice bloke. RIP.

Pommy bastard 6:53 pm 31 Mar 09

Bundybear, can you post the details of how people who knew, or were acquainted with, Damian, can make a donation to the Boccia club? I’ll happily make up a poster and see if Nick at the shops will give it some prominence.

In lieu of attending his funeral I’d very much like to make a donation in his name, seeing as I won’t be able to buy lollies, or dodgy shower gel, off him again.

Granny 6:52 pm 31 Mar 09

Well, if my little girl grows up I know that there is nothing more I would want for her than to be accepted and held in affection by society the way you guys have embraced Damian.

I don’t think you will ever know how much you have probably enriched his life also.

Bundybear 6:40 pm 31 Mar 09

PB, what if you just told the boss you want to go to the funeral of a mate?

What a brilliant surprise to find this post with such sensitive comments from the Riotact rabble. Damian was elected president of the Boccia club some time ago, and was easily the most enthusiastic and successful fundraiser in the club. I suspect part of his success came from his enjoyment of the opportunity to have a chat to people, the chockies and other goodies becoming merely a prop to get the conversation started.

This came right out of the blue, no warning at all. Sometimes that’s the nicest way to go though, while life is cruising along pretty well, and things are good.

My son T is a member of the Boccia club, you can bet they’ll all be there to see him off. Me too.

Pommy bastard 6:29 pm 31 Mar 09

Thanks Granny, very astute and understanding of you.

Granny 6:28 pm 31 Mar 09

Just let it out, PB. It’s better that way.

He was your friend in the way that little kids make friends. You don’t need to know names or where each other lives or what cereal you have for breakfast. You just meet each other and it’s “Hello” and that’s enough. Sort of like we all are on RA.

We have to bury little kids sometimes. We just hold each other and cry and let it out, and when the sun rises the next day life goes on and we go on with it.

I’m so sorry.

Pommy bastard 6:17 pm 31 Mar 09

It became a running joke between us.

Damn, I’m filling up again…

Granny 6:14 pm 31 Mar 09

Pommy bastard said :

*Boy did he have a hoot when my wife told him about that!

It is very noble to go to such lengths for the entertainment of others, PB!


Hells_Bells74 6:07 pm 31 Mar 09

Ohhh that’s so sad. I’ll miss our chats at the Labor Club.

Hope they bury him with his pool cue.


Pommy bastard 5:42 pm 31 Mar 09

I’d love to pay my last respects Granny, the funeral is at Northpark Crem, 4.30 Thursday.

Unfortunately I don’t think work will give me the time off to go to the funeral of “A guy who once sold me some shower gel which brought me out in a rash”*, no matter how I phrase it.

But you are right, people who struggle against the confines of disability, and still manage to keep a sunny smile for the rest of the world are a blessing.

*Boy did he have a hoot when my wife told him about that!

Granny 4:28 pm 31 Mar 09

Life is so sad sometimes.

This sort of story always affects me quite profoundly. I identify quite strongly because of the situation with my own child, so it’s a bit raw and emotional.

Isn’t it wonderful that he was in the world, though? What an inspiring individual!

I am sure a lot of people will turn up to pay their last respects, and will be a silent witness to his influence in their lives.

Really, really lovely posts.

Gobbo 3:47 pm 31 Mar 09

I was a regular buyer of Damian’s chockies.

I’ll have to check out the funeral details. I owe him one last “Hoo-roo”.

p1 3:34 pm 31 Mar 09

Damn, I was talking to him about what a lovely afternoon for a beer it was just a week ago. I’ll be having one in his name this weekend.

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