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RIP Damian

By Pommy bastard 31 March 2009 58

At Cook shops today I came upon a bunch of flowers, and a sad note informing customers that Damian Caesar has passed on suddenly.

For those of you who didn’t know him, Damian was a quite profoundly disabled  chap, who used to sell lollies and other items outside Cook shops, to raise funds for the ACT “Boccia” team, (a sport for the wheelchair bound.)

Despite his disabilities, Damian was always happy and chatty, and regulars users of Cook shops, would always stop and pass the time of day with him when he was outside.

I will miss his cheery; “Alright matey!?” when I go down there. He was a decent chap, and the world has lost a colourful character.

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RIP Damian
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p1 11:30 am 31 Mar 10

“Alright matey!?!”

Can’t believe it’s been a year.

Pommy bastard 11:16 am 31 Mar 10

Down at Cook shops this morning there was a bunch of flowers and a note marking the anniversary of Damian’s passing. Thanks to his parents for the reminder.

“Alright matey!?!”

Hells_Bells74 6:55 pm 08 Apr 09

Or laughing even!

Hells_Bells74 6:54 pm 08 Apr 09

Bloody Oath!

Look to the kids, disgusting levels of fun and energy, who wouldn’t be smiling to be one lol.

Granny 5:18 pm 08 Apr 09

Hells_Bells74 said :

What a remarkable man, I knew he was special but he never let on his struggle ever.

How brave! … It takes a lot of courage to choose to be cheerful in the face of hardship, and to choose to enjoy life.

You can walk into a room of people and so many are unsmiling.

I heard the other day that children laugh about 400 times a day and adults something like eight times.

I think that’s what’s sad. I am pretty sure I would laugh 400 times a day. It sounds like Damian would have also.

Hells_Bells74 4:30 pm 08 Apr 09

I’m glad you guys can still feel his spirit there though. Next time I’m at the pool tables at the club I’m sure I’ll feel him sneaking up on me.

Hells_Bells74 4:06 pm 08 Apr 09

p1 said :

You know, everytime I go to Nick’s (Cook shops) now, and see that space where Damian used to sell his wares, I have to say a quiet “Alright matey!”, he’s still there in spirit.

I have been doing the same thing


Could imagine that spot at Cook shops seeming hollow alright.

My son saw his card from the funeral this afternoon with the story of his life and pics and asked me more about Damian and to read it to him and I did (while he pretended to take it in and watch play school) and although I enjoyed reading it aloud it was really really hard (choked up whole time)and I don’t know how his family got through that day. What a remarkable man, I knew he was special but he never let on his struggle ever. Find myself thinking of him often.

p1 2:22 pm 08 Apr 09

You know, everytime I go to Nick’s (Cook shops) now, and see that space where Damian used to sell his wares, I have to say a quiet “Alright matey!”, he’s still there in spirit.

I have been doing the same thing 🙂

jessieduck 1:20 pm 08 Apr 09

That’s fantastic Damians_Mum. I think you are a superstar.

Pommy bastard 1:20 pm 08 Apr 09

I’m glad the card got there, and our apologies for not being able to attend the funeral.

The amount raised in Damian’s name is a fine indication of the high esteem he was held in.

You know, everytime I go to Nick’s (Cook shops) now, and see that space where Damian used to sell his wares, I have to say a quiet “Alright matey!”, he’s still there in spirit.

Damians_Mum 12:48 pm 08 Apr 09

Hi all – just thought I’d let you know that we have now raised over $2,400 for the ACT Boccia team to travel to Sydney for the National championships as a result of fund-raising through my lovely Damian’s funeral!

We also got a lot of money in a card that was obviously from someone who misses him (and his shower gel!) from the Cook Shops, which made me think of you PB. Thanks everyone.

We’re doin it tough at the moment, but whenever I’m down I think of Damian and all the people who’s lives he touched and it makes me smile.

Thanks everyone at RiotACT for your support – Bye for now Cxx

Kezzie 11:11 pm 05 Apr 09

I am gently sending a hell of a lot of bad vibes to wheover broke into Damo’s house so soon after his death. He has gone to a better place now but those who love him are still here and will definitely not forget such a pathetic act at a time like this. It is incredible that a city full of caring and wonderful people can still be infected by such filth. I hope whoever did took a moment to see the smiling photos of that very dearly loved man on the walls of his house. And I hope the good vibes Damo was all about causes a windstorm big enough to smack them right off their bloody feet.

Pommy bastard 8:13 am 04 Apr 09

Damians_Mum said :

Unfortunately today we discovered that some low-life broke into Damian’s place and robbed him. By the look of the place they were looking for his Boccia Club fund-raising money!!!

That makes me so angry, I’m amost lost for words.

But this is not the place to express how I feel about this.

I’m glad that Damian had a fitting remembrance, and that his good works for the club, and for those who knew him, continues.

Hells_Bells74 11:07 pm 03 Apr 09

Granny – So glad I was on RiotAct to have seen how to go cause I feel I couldn’t have missed it for the world. Love how the world works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Damian’s Mum – I would’ve loved to attend the club and get down and dirty with the Damo stories (I’m sure he wishes lol) my boyfriend was having an attack of the dizzy spells and my son said it was home time in his humble opinion (he was very good for the service, kept it together for his upset mum). Didn’t matter I could almost hear it all anyhow 😉

Oh and here’s to hoping that Boccia team get their smiles and stuff back to normal real quick, cause I’ve never seen a more sorry bunch. Heartbroken. Kezzie *hugs* too.

Granny 11:05 pm 03 Apr 09

Can I just say, Damians_Mum, you’re one of the nicest people I’ve never met?

In the midst of your darkest, saddest time you are still able to look for the good, to see the funny side of life and to keep an enthusiasm for the world around you. There’s an energy and vitality about you that you don’t see every day.

You are a breath of fresh air, as far as I’m concerned. I think you should be nominated for ACT Mother of the Year.

Damians_Mum 10:49 pm 03 Apr 09

Granny and Hells Bells – you are wonderful people. Absolutely correct Granny – we will focus on the positive – and whoever did this to Damian must know that he was looking on and is saddened by the fact that they did this to him.

But – ACT Boccia is the winner with all that lovely money to help them pay for transport and carers and accommodation at future competitions.

And Hells Bells you’re right too – Damian is with us all! Wow did we hear some great stories yesterday and did we have a great celebration of his life and character.

He he he – I also love the comment about having to stand through the Port anthem – Yep – it was so wrong it was right! He’s probably giggling again just thinking about it

Love C xx

Granny 10:38 pm 03 Apr 09

It was great you were there, Hells_Bells74.

: )

Hells_Bells74 10:36 pm 03 Apr 09

Oh that’s truly wrong! I imagine their karma credit just took a big nose dive.

No, thank you Damian’s Mum for being so gracious in sharing the mourning of Damian with us all in your time of grief.

He’s with us all.

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