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Ripped off in a carpark, who cares

By The Naddiks - 1 October 2010 97

To : Airport Management            
Cc: Canberra Times
Bcc : The RiotAct
Bccc: Unsuspecting BBP carpark users

Bcccc: anyone who will listen to a grumpy, upset whinning guy who is an Aussie battler trying to make the next payment on his over-priced house and gets ripped off on a daily basis.

This afternoon (Friday 1/10/10) at about 5pm, after a long arduous day at work in one of your semi-functional buildings at Brindabella Business Park, I was informed by one of your staff, a very ‘symapthetic’ bald gentleman that the weekly ticket I had paid $22:50 for on Tuesday (a nice little rise of another $2:50 per week by your airport group not so long ago – thankyou for that one) was not valid to exit the carpark with because I had, in a panic, taken a new ticket on entry to the carpark when I couldn’t find my weekly ticket and had a line-up of impatient motorists building behind me also attempting to gain access to your wonderful facility.

He (the bald carpark attendant) explained in a monotone voice that I would need to purchase a new ticket for $5:50 so I could get OUT of the carpark as those were the terms and conditions of entry….? I asked him where these terms and conditions were actually highlighted so unsuspecting suckers/motorists such as myself would be aware of such all-encompassing regulations and he simply stared at me with one of those ‘I’m not going to even attempt to explain that one’ sort of expressions that occur upon employees of the calibre who can only gain employment in carparks.

I therefore paid the additional $5:50 to get out because I couldn’t be bothered arguing with a bald robotic paraphrasing person and continued – no thanks to you – on my way home. However, realising that I had been forced into paying additional funds for my release from your facility, when, in truth, I had done nothing wrong started to weigh heavily upon my sense of fair play and common decency. In fact, by the time I actually got home, I was really infuriated by the whole ridiculous affair and decided to write this letter in the naive hope that you would;

    a)      Warn other drivers that they would incur a $5:50 fine for not using their weekly ticket.

    b)      Stop hiring people who so nicely advise you that they’ve got you by the balls and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    c)       Have some common courtesy towards your paying customers if they make a silly mistake like forgetting where they’ve put they’re weekly ticket, then found it again AFTER gaining access to your carpark – why not do something basically humane, like, give them a break and  finally, just to re-inforce this one a little…

    d)      Stop hiring people who so nicely advise you that they’ve got you by the balls and there’s nothing you can do about it…..ooh – don’t get me wrong, he was very professional and courteous – in fact, I think you should probably fast track his career to … well, wherever you can get to as a car park thingy…


The battler

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97 Responses to
Ripped off in a carpark, who cares
Anna Key 7:22 am 02 Oct 10

Next time you park, stop at the boom gate on the way in, get out of your car and carefully read the terms and conditions. Press the intercom thingy and tell them you don’t agree and therefore do not wish to enter, but there are now 5 cars banked up behind so you can’t reverse out either.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:20 pm 01 Oct 10

You can live in this world:

“Sorry mate, couldn’t find my pass this morning. Here it is.”
“Oh. I see you’ve paid for parking for the week. These things happen. Enjoy your evening.”
“Thanks mate, see you next week.”

Or you can live in the world of the sad little f*ckers posting here tonight – small minds with small ideas just perfect for a career in a small booth pushing small buttons. That goes triple for you, arescarti42, you special, special waste of oxygen. Quick, run home and tell all your friends you pointed out a typo on the internet.

…Oh. Well, you know you’re awesome, and that’s what counts. I bet we all think twice about posting online now that we know you’re watching.

Funky Claude 10:14 pm 01 Oct 10

Who is at fault here, the incompetent fool who lost a parking ticket or the parking attendant doing his job, and more than likely not getting paid anywhere near enough to listen to your egotistical rant on a Friday afternoon.

But wait, Naddiks is that obtuse not to realise that this situation was occasioned by his own actions IE you and nobody else losing your weekly pass. He then insults the parking attendants appearance and intelligences (but I bet he worked out how to get out of the car park just fine without buying another ticket) like he is worthless. We can not all be as enlightened and intelligent as yourself.

You can be very proud of yourself tonight.

enrique 9:47 pm 01 Oct 10

It’s spring, it’s a long weekend, we’ve got two grand finals in one weekend (and we get to see the AFL final twice), our dams are almost 80% full, the grass is green, the trees are looking lush, ummm anything else… and all you can think of is “boo hoo, someone said mean words to me and I didn’t even do anything wrong. I’m going to complain to the internet.”


Wake up to yourself princess!

creative_canberran 9:45 pm 01 Oct 10

Suck it up, the carpark are perfectly within their right under law to do this. If you lack the mental capacity to keep the weekly ticket in the centre console of your car in easy reach, you deserve to pay a dumb-tax.

MrPC 9:26 pm 01 Oct 10

Grab a (steel) can, such as a can of baked beans. Put it on the ground over the induction loop at the car park entrance. The green button at the entrance will light up. Press the button. Get a new ticket. Walk to your car. Drive straight out. It lets you out for free in the first few minutes. Or if you do pay, it’s less than a buck.

Any steel signature that’s over the induction loop at the entrance will cause the unit to light up. I’m not sure if steel capped boots will suffice, but a tin of food or a tool box would normally suffice.

Just be sure to smile for the CCTV at most of the entrances.

amaroovian 9:21 pm 01 Oct 10

While agree there is a frustrating level of stupidity, lack of common sense and only a passing acquaintance with manners among many employees at Snowtown (mind you who can blame them being grumpy if Snow treats his staff the way he treats his tenants) you do have to admit the parking out there is convenient, cheap and easy to access in comparison to Civic. I worked out there for almost 4 years and the cheap parking was about the ONLY going for Snowtown.

But the one thing the OP tells me is that they must have fixed the computer glitch that let those “in the know” to park for free. Weekly paper tickets didn’t actually expire, so you could take a new daily one to get you into the carpark in the mornings and then use your (nominally expired) weekly ticket to get out at night – never paying for the useless daily ticket you took. I know many people who saved hundreds this way, and since it seems it doesn’t work anymore I guess there is no harm in sharing the secret (and the little bit of glee many must have gotten cheating Snow out of a little bit of profit).

arescarti42 9:10 pm 01 Oct 10

c) Have some common courtesy towards your paying customers if they make a silly mistake like forgetting where they’ve put they’re weekly ticket, then found it again AFTER gaining access to your carpark

First thing, my apologies but I couldn’t let this one go. The word you are looking for is “their”, not “they’re”.

Second thing, if you’re working at Brindabella Business Park and are NOT the car park guy, then I can almost guarantee you are not a “battler”.

The people who genuinely do it tough in this city (and Australia in general) are a tiny fraction of the population. The people who get all the media attention are self proclaimed battlers, who are actually middle class white collar employees making above average income, but insist on living above their means and view expensive homes and consumer goods as necessities rather than luxuries.

Granted, I know very little of your situation, I could be very wrong, but I suspect that if the most pressing thing you can find to bitch about in your life is having to pay an additional $5.50 in the car park, then your situation can’t be that bad.

Pork Hunt 8:46 pm 01 Oct 10

Nads, I’m on your side but others seem to think that although sympathy is in the dictionary that it lies somewhere between shit and syphilis…

H1NG0 7:53 pm 01 Oct 10

I’m confused, lets make this clear. The guy was bald right?

thy_dungeonman 7:50 pm 01 Oct 10

cool story bro.

uninformed jackass 7:49 pm 01 Oct 10

You must be kidding.

Putting aside the fact that there is no doubt some fine print somewhere (on the back of the weekly ticket, perhaps?), what do you expect them to do? YOU misplaced your ticket.

If you don’t validate it on the way in, and they let you out anyway, whats to stop you from passing it to your 10 friends in the carpark throghout the day and letting all of them out for free?

It sounds like the guy could have been nicer about it, but that’s not the main problem you seem to be having with the situation. Honestly, take some personal bloody responsibility. You won’t make that mistake twice, consider it a learning experience.

grunge_hippy 7:40 pm 01 Oct 10

wow. $5.50. now you wont be able to buy a latte on Tuesday.

suck it up princess.

p1 7:34 pm 01 Oct 10

Could you not go back to the entrance on foot and put your weekly ticket. Through the machine? Leaving your car blocking the exit of course….

cross 7:14 pm 01 Oct 10

$22.50 aweek thats cheap most city workers are paying double that. That said Brindabella is purpose built offices and I think parking should free,but we can,t have the slaves expecting anything for free.

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