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Road Rage Bait

By Aleximus - 3 September 2010 120

Driving to work at normal peak hour time on Coppins Crossing Road, a cluster of cyclists with an escort vehicle driving along at 20kph up the hill.

The queue of cars behind this bunch of inconsiderate idiots stretched all the way back over the horizon…

Needless to say, there were a few unhappy drivers when they finally managed to overtake those whackers.

What’s Your opinion?

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120 Responses to
Road Rage Bait
p1 11:34 am 03 Sep 10

bundyjack27 said :

Lets start a petition to get the cyclists off coppins xing!

While they shit me sometimes when they ride in a pack, I think your suggestion is retarded. We have other things, like speed limits, to control the safety of roads for users. If the road it that dangerous, then they should fix it or close it.

farnarkler 11:33 am 03 Sep 10

Sounds like you live in the North and work in the South or vice versa. Move closer to work or get a job closer to home.

p1 11:30 am 03 Sep 10

KB1971 said :

Please explain??

It appears to be for the 2010 Junior Road Championships. There have been signs up for about the last month with the dates on them. Looks like if the weather is nice for a motorbike ride tomorrow, I’ll have to take an alternate route (this is where I would mention the Ducati, if I was rich enough to own one).

54-11 11:28 am 03 Sep 10

Thanks for giving us another opportunity to have another go at these 2-wheeled idiots.

For some reason, cyclists seem to think that they are immune for showing basic courtesy to other road users. Other users have the right to go about their daily business, particularly at peak times, without being stupidly hindered by inconsiderate dickheads.

Waiting For Godot 11:24 am 03 Sep 10

Just slow down and enjoy the view. All those lycra butts …

bundyjack27 11:23 am 03 Sep 10

It’s only a matter of time before one gets hit on that road, it’s bad enough with all the extra cars on there due to the road works at glenlock. The RTA should ban all the Cyclists from it, there is no shoulders and it’s barely wide enough for 2 cars in some spots, surely the RTA has a duty of care… Lets start a petition to get the cyclists off coppins xing!

thatsnotme 11:12 am 03 Sep 10

Could someone please tell me what the attraction is to riding on Coppins Crossing road to cyclists? This isn’t a bash on cyclists – I’m genuinely curious. I travel that road semi-regularly, and I’m always wondered why so many use it, given it’s fairly narrow, windy, and has no real shoulders. I’ve always felt as though anyone riding along it must be putting their life on the line – I’d think that it would be way easier for a cyclist to be hit accidentally along there than on other roads in the area.

So is there some special attraction to a road like Coppins Crossing that as a non-cyclist I just don’t see?

Holden Caulfield 10:55 am 03 Sep 10

Good – The group had an escort vehicle, showing consideration to other road users.

Bad – Riding during a peak traffic time, showing little consideration to other road users.

It’s probably fair enough for the pro-cyclists to ask for calmness. I think it’s also fair enough for pro-motorists to suggest that riding in a large-ish group on a road like Coppins Crossing is better suited to less busy times.

Discussion here will only get out of hand if responses are out of hand. Mind, the OP could have worded his/her words better, haha.

Wraith 10:36 am 03 Sep 10

Bait?? I think this thread is another bait to get some heated “discussion” going. What have we had in the last few days, speeding bikes, headlights on and now this. Oh well, sit back and watch the Internet blood flow..

Jim Jones 10:27 am 03 Sep 10

Pretty sad world we live in when people whinge and complain about being forced to be considerate of the safety of others.

Rollersk8r 10:12 am 03 Sep 10

And what did it cost you? 5 mins? And another 5 mins to log on here to complain? Get over it.

KB1971 10:11 am 03 Sep 10

p1 said :

Seems pretty harsh of them to me, especially seeing they now have Uriara road closed for their personal use.

Please explain??

KB1971 10:10 am 03 Sep 10

So, how many minutes of your life would you like back?

30 seconds, 1 maybe 2 minutes?

troll-sniffer 10:04 am 03 Sep 10

Gee you’re lucky you weren’t born 200 years ago, your life would have been a misery and by now you would have topped yourself from having to go everywhere at 20km/hr.

Mind you, I agree that this bunch of cyclists would appear to have been mindlessly inconsiderate. Generally thinking cyclists either ride in off-peak times, or show some consideration by keeping single file allowing cars to at least ease past.

From a daily cyclist on our roads, sounds like a FAIL to me.

p1 10:01 am 03 Sep 10

Seems pretty harsh of them to me, especially seeing they now have Uriara road closed for their personal use.

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