Roller Derby in Canberra!

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Roller Derby mayhem to hit Canberra!

Event: Canberra Roller Derby Information Night and screening of Roller Derby Dolls documentary
Where: The Front Gallery, Lyneham Shops Canberra
When: Monday 28 July
Time: 7.30

For more information email:

Roller skaters, referees, organisers, supporters and sponsors ready to raise some hell on wheels in Canberra.

Canberra Roller Derby League is starting from scratch, we need women keen to skate, men and women who’d like to referee, enthusiastic helpers, supporters and sponsors.

No experience required – we are currently searching for a venue and will run regular learn-to-skate courses and a rigorous, (but fun), training program. We also welcome experienced skaters interested in coaching and helping us build our skills.

[ED – Thanks to emd for finding a good video explanation of Roller Derby]

Inspired by the revival of the historic roller riot in the USA, derby is taking off in Australia. Leagues have formed in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland – it’s only a matter of time before all-girl flat-track roller derby takes off in the ACT.

Roller Derby Dolls
Roller Derby Dolls is a Film Australia National Interest Program in association with Freshwater Productions and the Pacific Film and Television Commission.

In the backwaters of suburban Brisbane, a revolution is brewing. A motley crew of women from all walks of life have a dream: to resurrect the lost sport of full contact roller derby in Australia. They’ve already won over the local skate rink operator, now they have their sights firmly set on the rest of the state and eventually the whole nation.

Filmed from inside the fray of the roller derby bouts, with a cast of quirky characters, and set to a swinging rockabilly soundtrack, Roller Derby Dolls charts the journey of a group of skaters whose ultimate aim is to take on highly experienced American teams on their own turf.

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26 Responses to Roller Derby in Canberra!
artistic skater artistic skater 2:37 pm 15 Jul 09

Hi All,

When I was younger I did artistic roller skating for 10 years, in the end my club closed down and I stopped. I still have my skates and would love to do this again, I’m don’t think I would like to do roller derby but I would just like somewhere to skate?

Does anyone know of anywhere in Canberra where people do arisitc roller skating or where people can skate (indoors). It’s such a shame but all the roller skating rinks seem to have closed down.

Thaks for your help!

CRDL CRDL 4:01 pm 03 Sep 08

Heya, any keen derby girls around?

We’re starting classes in 2 weeks time. To join, you need to get in touch with us, and get signed up and insured. Check the website for more details.

pippymoo pippymoo 11:41 am 04 Aug 08

I’ve been out and about talking to various stores about getting derby gear.
Shifty’s skate shop in Garema Place stock Protec knee, elbow and wrist guards and will do us a deal if we order a whole bunch at once. They also do Bell skate helmets for $50. As for skates, I’ve been in contact with Da Klinic in Adelaide. They have cheep shipping and will combine orders for even cheeper shipping if a few people wanna get a pair of good Riedell skates. The instructions for how to order are on their website Granny: “Please tell us what US, UK or EURO size skate you would like when ordering, please note this into the comments box on the Delivery Information Page. We will email you to confirm your order before processing your account.”
They also offer a 10% discount for derby teams.
So I’m willing to organise the ordering if anyone is keen on any of these items.
Let me know!

Granny Granny 12:24 am 29 Jul 08

The info night was really good and we are hoping to make it to the Social Skate on Sunday.

: )

I had a look at the daklinic website, and it seemed like there was no way to specify what size skates were required. Does this come further in the checkout procedure? I went as far as the account screen then chickened out.

Do you reckon they would have them in sporting stores?

Beserk Warrior Beserk Warrior 3:19 pm 28 Jul 08


CRDL CRDL 2:53 pm 28 Jul 08

Teams score points by having their jammer – who starts behind the pack, break through the pack and lap players from the other team. The rest of the team helps their jammer through the pack, and tries to stop the other team’s jammer getting through. All going anti-clockwise

Roller skates only – quad skates. You can’t stay upright taking a hit from the side on a pair of inlines

A love of pro-wrestling may not predict a love of derby – modern flat-track derby is completely unscripted, unlike the teevee roller-games free-for-all that a lot of people remember. No staged falls, planned takedowns, nothing like that.

None of the participants are nude, unless there is a streaker. Given that a minimum of skates, (and helmet, mouthguard, knee guards, elbow guards and wrist guards), are required on the track, by default none of the participants can be nude. Also, where’s the fun in dressing up if you don’t actually dress in anything?

Full contact = safe, rigidly defined contact. No punching, no biting, no spitting, no kicking, no tripping, no bombing, no diving, no smoking, no parking no fries with that no war

Beserk Warrior Beserk Warrior 1:14 pm 28 Jul 08

Sorry, I forgot to mention my connection is too slow to watch videos.

johnboy johnboy 1:10 pm 28 Jul 08

Did you watch the video?

Beserk Warrior Beserk Warrior 1:07 pm 28 Jul 08

I couldn’t help but be mildy intrigued by this advertisement. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please clarify a few things about this “sport”?

1. What is the objective (i.e how do you score points)?

2. Is it strictly roller skates or can roller-blades also be used?

3. Is love of pro-wrestling a predictor of my enjoyment for this “sport”?

4. Are all or only some of the participants nude?

5. Is it full contact (i.e head-butts & closed-fist strikes permitted)?

emd emd 11:57 am 28 Jul 08

It certainly makes me want to go get a pair of proper quad skates and get fit 🙂

Granny Granny 11:43 pm 27 Jul 08

Sounds good – thanks!

CRDL CRDL 11:11 pm 27 Jul 08

I don’t know if there’s a group doing speed skating in Canberra, but if there’s anyone out there who does please let us know.

CRDL CRDL 11:10 pm 27 Jul 08

Hi Granny, There are a couple of coaches who run the sessions at Erindale – they’re artistic skaters so they teach the kids general skating skills, building up to skating backwards, doing spins etc. It’s certainly not as extreme as derby!

Granny Granny 9:06 pm 27 Jul 08

Bullseye Betty and Dr Hell push ahead to a new league by Cayla Dengate (CT Sunday 27 July 2008)


Granny Granny 8:46 pm 27 Jul 08

Wow, that is pretty full on, and she is accident prone – although at 12 years old she is taller than me and built like … well, built!!

Most people won’t believe she is under 16, and I expect that any encounter would be rather the worse for the other party.

For the safety of all concerned it may be better to stick to speed skating!

emd emd 8:05 pm 27 Jul 08

Someone I know who plays in an interstate roller derby says she’s seen a team mate break a couple of ribs. Therefore possibly not the best sport for under 18’s. But perhaps speed skating might be more suitable for a girl who loves rollerskating?

Granny Granny 3:52 pm 27 Jul 08

Thanks, CRDL. It is a bit of a drive from Gungahlin, but the entry seems very reasonable. Do they teach them to skate?

CRDL CRDL 3:42 pm 27 Jul 08

Hey Granny,

Kids can skate at Erindale PCYC on Friday nights during school term from 6-8pm so if your daughter is keen that’s a great way to get into it. It costs about $7.00 each time – I think the first time is free.

Granny Granny 3:23 pm 27 Jul 08

Oh, bummer!

: )

CRDL CRDL 3:11 pm 27 Jul 08

To Granny – unfortunately we will only be able to take women over 18! But get your girl skating now – she’ll be unstoppable when she turns 18

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