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Roos are gone

By johnboy 13 July 2006 39

Thanks to Growling Ferret, here’s the letter sent to Kangaroos fans:

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dear Member,

As you are well aware, the Kangaroos have played a package of home matches in secondary markets for the best part of a decade – most recently playing a package of three matches at Manuka Oval. This has been part of the club’s long-term plan for growing our brand and increasing our national support base.

I am writing to inform you that while we have had a great relationship in Canberra, the Board of the Kangaroos has taken the decision that we will not be renewing our contract with the ACT Government in 2007 and as such the Kangaroos will play a maximum of 10 games over the next three seasons on the Gold Coast.

Our decision on this matter was not made lightly. It was very difficult, and the issues very complex. We undertook an enormous amount of research and due diligence.

In the end we had to decide – in the long term interests of the club – that the opportunities for greater exposure of our brand on the Gold Coast and the potential for growth outweighed the benefits of remaining in the present arrangement in Canberra.

Throughout the decision making process the prime considerations of the Board have been the Kangaroos members, supporters, and the future growth and success of this football club.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the tremendous contribution of the ACT Government, the AFL, AFL New South Wales, AFL Canberra, the local football community, our corporate partners and most importantly our members.

We have had fantastic support in Canberra and wanted to let our Kangaroos supporters know how much we value their contribution and support to the success of the club and the growth of football in the region. We sincerely hope this support continues.

We are sure our joint commitment over the past six years will provide a strong foundation for AFL football to continue to prosper in the ACT region.

Again, I wanted on the behalf of the Board and the Club to acknowledge your support of the Kangaroos and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with our Canberra-based supporters.


Graham Duff AM
Kangaroos Chairman

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Roos are gone
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Thumper 9:44 am 27 Jul 06

Same here AD…

AFL is like a (dare I say it) religion down there.

In fact, its just insane.

Absent Diane 9:29 am 27 Jul 06

thats one of the reasons I could never relate to victorians when living in melbourne. Their inability to see past the the border of their own state.

Thumper 9:06 am 27 Jul 06

Indeed, don’t you love self righteous Victorians with their holier than thou attitude.

At least here in Canberra we embrace all codes of football.

simto 8:39 am 27 Jul 06

Besides, if you weren’t a one-issue blow-in, you’d know that this isn’t a Rugby League site – we’re a Rugby Union site. Better class of thuggery, dear boy…

johnboy 11:33 pm 26 Jul 06

Maybe if they’d ever committed to us we’d have committed to them.

Kearnes 8:59 pm 26 Jul 06


We’re glad some people are happy we’re going cos we’re pretty happy to be going also.Was never behind the Canberra and this situation was always going to come along sooner or later.You can’t turn boiled lollies into chocolates.As I said, with the amount of time the Roos would be flying up doing clinics, promotions, seminars mostly in their free time, to be getting 8-10,000 to a game regularly wasn’t cutting it.Go back to your NRL and Super league crap.

Kearnes 8:51 pm 26 Jul 06


You really are coming across as a knob.There was a consistent them through the truths posts and the theme was REALITY.You want Collingwood or Carlton up there regularly? HAHAHA good luck champ.The Kangaroos can’t afford to stay there and Canberra don’t deserve an AFL team.They’ve never got behind it, only 1,500 brought memberships, conclusion = stuff ’em.

thetruth 8:14 pm 14 Jul 06

They are redeveloping Carrara

Heavs 7:54 pm 14 Jul 06

Gabba is in Brisbane. Carrara holds the same or less than Manuka. It is not signage free like Manuka. Short sighted and stupid. Good riddance though. Whores.

thetruth 7:22 pm 14 Jul 06

Hate to say but big mistake to think that the Gold coast is growing just because of retirees. As I said before the population is now 90,000 more than canberra. The game between the blues and lions at the gabba was a sell out (horrible game though). The place is really changing (and humming with energy)

macca 5:46 pm 14 Jul 06

you can’t blame the roos for moving to Queensland –
growing population and all… not to mention the fact that half of Victoria’s population can be found there during the winter months.

toriness 3:57 pm 14 Jul 06

you are damn right TT. my wish for carlton to come here was of course purely selfish.

TT 3:53 pm 14 Jul 06

Carlton will NEVER transfer a home game here cos it will cost them money – t he most they can get to a game here is 15,000, their smallest crowds in Melbourne even when they are in spoon form are usually at least 20,000 – god the battle for the spoon next week will get 40,000 as both teams supporters see it as a game they can win

toriness 3:44 pm 14 Jul 06

posted for the trebley:

The Gold Coast’s population is going quickly yes – cos of retirees

AND the Lions have made Qld AFL aware cos they won 3 flags in a row recently – will see in about 3 years time how many supporters of AFL there are when the Lions languish at the bottom of the ladder for a few years – hello the Lions used to play at Carrara and got SFA crowds, the Roos are hardly the team on the way up to maintain the Lions’ momentum

toriness 3:36 pm 14 Jul 06

so waiting for someone to kick me in the head hehe – i’d better put my carlton beanie (yes i do have one!) on to cushion the blow.

toriness 3:34 pm 14 Jul 06

and fevola is on the top of the goal kicking table too!

toriness 3:33 pm 14 Jul 06

thetruth, the mighty blues might be having a bad run at the moment but don’t forget we (and essendon) are the most successful club in that we hold the most premiership flags overall. go the blues!

thetruth 3:05 pm 14 Jul 06

Barking toad suggestion might be what is needed for the pies to win a premiership! oh thaty used to be so much easier to say in the past (as a blues supporter)……..

Growling Ferret 2:55 pm 14 Jul 06

You talking a lot of sense Barking Toad…

Shame El Pres won’t allow the mighty pies to return to Canberra – they would need a 50,000 seat stadium to fit the magpie army…

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