Call for extra security after nurse stabbed in Canberra Hospital car park

Lachlan Roberts 8 April 2019 26

A male nurse was reportedly stabbed in the back and the neck in a Canberra Hospital car park two weeks ago. Photo: George Tsotsos.

The Canberra Liberals have called for extra security for staff coming and going from Canberra Hospital at night after a nurse was stabbed in the hospital car park two weeks ago.

On 23 March, a male nurse was reportedly stabbed in the back and the neck in a Canberra Hospital car park.

An ACT Policing spokesperson said the incident occurred in a three-minute window around 9:40 pm and police were at the scene by 9:53 pm.

“A man was already being restrained at the scene before being placed under arrest at 10:18 pm,” the spokesperson said. “He was conveyed to the City Police Station and appeared before court on 25 March, where Section 309 was granted.”

Section 309 states that if the court has reasonable grounds for believing that an accused needs immediate treatment or care because of mental impairment, the court may order that the accused be taken by a police officer or corrections officer to an approved mental health facility for clinical examination.

A Canberra Health Services spokesperson confirmed the incident took place two weeks ago, stating that the duress alarm was triggered and security and police attended.

“The victim was assisted and provided medical treatment and the alleged perpetrator was apprehended,” the spokesperson said.

“Canberra Health Services takes the safety of its staff very seriously. Security staff are on standby 24 hours a day to respond if duress alarms in and around the campus are activated.”

The spokesperson said staff working late were encouraged to call security staff to request an escort to their car at the end of their shift, stating that the service was always available to staff.

“There are also monitored CCTV systems and contracted security guards who regularly patrol all campus car parks,” the spokesperson said.

“Last month, our courtesy bus operating hours were extended to cover the period from 7 pm to 11 pm, seven days a week to assist staff returning to their vehicles after a shift.”

Opposition health spokeswoman Vicki Dunne said she wrote to Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris asking her to confirm reports that a male nurse was stabbed in the neck and the back as he was leaving his shift at the Canberra Hospital.

Ms Dunne said she had received three separate reports about the attack that allegedly took place in the car park opposite the hospital on Yamba Drive. Speaking at the Legislative Assembly last week, Mrs Dunne said staff had shared their concerns about the safety measures in walking to and from car parks.

“From time to time staff have expressed to me their concern about accessing staff car parks, late at night. Mainly they are women, but in this case, it appears the victim was a man,” she said.

“The Minister needs to immediately inform staff about what extra security measures are in place to ensure that staff are safe especially those that leave work late at night.

“Their workplace is tougher than most and they deserve to feel safe at work. After a long day at work, they shouldn’t have to feel on their guard while walking to a government supplied car park.

“I call on the Minister for Health to take immediate steps to improve the security and safety of staff at Canberra Hospital.”

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26 Responses to Call for extra security after nurse stabbed in Canberra Hospital car park
Kelly Small Kelly Small 8:10 pm 08 Apr 19

Emma stay safe x

Ashlee Bullock Ashlee Bullock 6:46 pm 08 Apr 19

What is even more shameful is that this nurse will not likely be entitled to workers compensation as it has occurred off the hospital campus across yamba drive despite travelling to and from work.

Angel Belle Angel Belle 2:32 pm 08 Apr 19

Emily Smith 😱 I’m not going anymore.

Katrina Maciver Katrina Maciver 1:14 pm 08 Apr 19

Fiona Maciver be careful

Fiona Jane Fiona Jane 1:03 pm 08 Apr 19

I have had to walk alone from the main building to the multi level carpark after midnight a few times and it is very dark and scary. I feel very sorry for the staff who have to do it every night or even walk across the road to the carpark over there in the dark. It's not safe for anyone.

    Mia Cliff Mia Cliff 5:19 pm 10 Apr 19

    They should have security staff taken them to the car.

    They are part of the hospital.

Senavis Shaleen Senavis Shaleen 12:54 pm 08 Apr 19

James Tyrrell terrible! I thought I had to be careful at Bankstown and Campbelltown, but in Canberra..?!

petunia petal petunia petal 12:30 pm 08 Apr 19

I fully support a strike by staff to get the security they need to do their jobs. Clearly there isn’t enough and the ones I’ve seen are usually sitting down on their phones and look weedy and completely incapable of tackling or holding down anyone. Can we get some nightclub bouncers in?

Kacey Butterworth Kacey Butterworth 12:01 pm 08 Apr 19

I remember walking back to my car with my 18 month old son at 2am one night and I was so anxious. That poor nurse 😞

    Rachael Brown Rachael Brown 7:37 pm 08 Apr 19

    Did similar here last year. Did not feel safe at all

Veronika Sain Veronika Sain 11:45 am 08 Apr 19

They're understaffed for doctors and nurses as it is within the hospital. The lack of hospital funding is at crisis point in the ACT. Canberra Hospital is our only trauma centre. Calvary in Belconnen doesn't have a full hospital service (no paediatric or eye specialists wards and no heart surgery).

Which is something to remember if you have an emergency involving a child, or are having a heart attack or have an eye injury.

Ellie Fleming Ellie Fleming 11:07 am 08 Apr 19

Teagan Stanford Kylie Orsucci wtf we could have died

    Kylie Orsucci Kylie Orsucci 12:21 pm 08 Apr 19

    Ellie Fleming I know right - nice of them to let us know straight away 😡😡😠😠

Sue Elliott Sue Elliott 11:04 am 08 Apr 19

I was discharged from causality early one morning (around 4.30am) and it's pretty scary waiting for a lift or taxi.

Renee Oldham Renee Oldham 10:58 am 08 Apr 19

Omg hope the nurse is ok

Sherree Mulquiney Sherree Mulquiney 10:55 am 08 Apr 19

Donna be careful!!

Anohs Llihpmeh Anohs Llihpmeh 10:51 am 08 Apr 19

Just getting a carspace for afternoon shift means arriving half an hour early. Otherwise staff have to park far away in the dark and/or risk parking fines.

    Belinda Napier Belinda Napier 11:03 am 08 Apr 19

    Anohs Llihpmeh when I’m on an afternoon shift, I arrive by 1215 at the latest (for a 1300 start), and even then only just manage to get a park.

    Anohs Llihpmeh Anohs Llihpmeh 12:43 pm 08 Apr 19

    I hear you. Write to hospital parking and any manager you can. The more voices, the more we are heard.

    Tanya Faye Fuller Tanya Faye Fuller 8:07 am 09 Apr 19

    Anohs Llihpmeh I get there at exactly 11:51 to get a space 😞

    Anohs Llihpmeh Anohs Llihpmeh 11:03 am 09 Apr 19

    Well, we all need to do something constructive about it. Tuesdays Bernadette McDonald is in canteen for consultation (I havent got there yet, either trying to park or cant get off ward), contact hospital parking office, which I have done - no success, my line managers know but are powerless to help, so I (and we, you guys get to it too), just need to keep endeavouring to be heard.

Jules Hohnen Jules Hohnen 10:22 am 08 Apr 19

The staff at Canberra hospital are excellent and should be safe when getting to and from work.

    Geoff Young Geoff Young 11:34 am 08 Apr 19

    Jules Hohnen agreed mate. My wife works as a nurse in emergency and two of my kids work as clerks there as well.

    Jules Hohnen Jules Hohnen 11:41 am 08 Apr 19

    Geoff Young after 6 weeks there I was so impressed with all the staff and was staggered by the security incidents that occurred.

    Geoff Young Geoff Young 11:47 am 08 Apr 19

    Jules Hohnen yes mate to many security incidents but as far as ACT goes, this is just another department. Really sucks how unsafe a work environment it can be.

Bec Andrews Bec Andrews 10:10 am 08 Apr 19

Mick Andrews this is why that nurse asked for someone to walk her to her car!! Poor girl

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