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Saint Samuel Gordon Stewart first martyr of RiotACT

By Jonathon Reynolds 7 February 2006 71

Many readers on this site may fondly remember the young, highly opinionated, AM loving talkback radio fanatic and at times somewhat naive, Samuel Gordon Stewart, recent winner of several Australian blog awards.

Apparently Samuel has decided that he will no long frequent these esteemed pages and will now tread his own precarious path to self proclaimed sainthood by becoming a martyr of RiotACT.

You can read all the sordid details here.

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Saint Samuel Gordon Stewart first martyr of RiotACT
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RandomGit 9:59 am 09 Feb 06

Great, you had to ruin it!

kimba 9:38 am 09 Feb 06

I’m only making this post as the current post count is 69 and this would embarrass little Sammy.

el 6:34 pm 08 Feb 06



“Sort of….”

jr 5:36 pm 08 Feb 06

Finally, in closing, I would like to do my best Jerry Springer impersonation. Just as Jerry does at the end of each of his shows… and no body better say otherwise because I consider this my god given right given that I posted the story in the first instance that has created all the heated discussion here!

“Remember folks, that what is posted on the net is there for virtually forever* and cannot be easily removed, deleted of altered. So think wisely before you post or it will come back and eventually bite you in the bum as some have already – to their dismay -discovered”

* at least until you fail to pay your hosting bills or your hard disk crashes.

bulldog 5:15 pm 08 Feb 06

I think some give Sam too much credit by sayng he is trying to be a shock-jock. I think he has his opinions and feels free to express them in the hope he will find like-minded people, as he has on his own SGS blog. I choose not to go there because I find Linux discussion akin to plucking nose-hairs, but I won’t post any ridiculous articles with petulant overtones telling people why I won’t go there.

I agree with a couple of comments posted – that the net puts everyone on a level playing field, so fcuk theories about psuedonyms giving people bigger balls; Anyone who flamed Sambo took the risk of being flamed themselves. I’ve seen pretty much everyone here get flamed for saying something stupid (including myself)- and lo and behold the flamees stopped making stupid (or inflammatory) remarks before thinking…

As for RA players ‘ganging up’, well Sam put a few noses out of joint with his yarns. Some fairly harsh things were said; but that’s the game we all play when we post, isn’t it?

I also like andy’s retard remark. (snicker snicker)

This is your proverbial storm in a teacup. I don’t feel I’ve said anything I wouldn’t say down at the pub – regardless of someone’s age, race, colour, whatever; so I won’t apologise. If someone wants to try and take me to task for it than more power – I’m able to back up what I have to say and I’m able to swallow any bitter pills thrown my way for having the balls to say it here or at the local.

Oh, and I didn’t hear you telling anyone to pull their head in Konrad, so don’t preach now, buddy. I don’t disagree with most of your statements or your sentiment, but you’re coming off ‘holier-than-thou’ and that just blows.

Sambo, come on back when you’re ready, you may be nerdish, you may be outspoken but you are entertaining when you aren’t sulking – so no hard feelings from my end.

lenny 4:23 pm 08 Feb 06

Sam I always thought deep down you were a good bloke, good luck with future ill miss your opinions

Bodhichitta 1:55 pm 08 Feb 06

Actually, if you view it in light of the right (or want) of people to remain anonymous while still being allowed to abuse other people who dont see the need to divulge thier identity or nor to remain anonymous or not in that the rage expressed through this anonimity can only be supressed (perhaps) when the desire to do so is excreted onto a forum where those that are anonymous allow those that arent anonymous the expressed opinions of the identity witheld on the forum itself.

Konrad_Lenz 1:49 pm 08 Feb 06

Andy, you’ve just declared yourself, myself and everyone having this disagreement a retard. That’s a fantastic way to close debate…

RandomGit 1:29 pm 08 Feb 06

Now you have it andy.

andy 1:18 pm 08 Feb 06

further.. i mean.. seriously, you object, fine, just leave
but why tell everyone you are going to leave.. its just attention grabbing in itself.

andy 1:17 pm 08 Feb 06

theres a picture floating around on the net of a disabled child running through a finish ribbon, with the quote “fighting on the internet is like running in the special olympics… even if you win, you’re still a retard”

Its the internet, grow up and get over it.

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