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Beyond the expected

Saint Samuel Gordon Stewart first martyr of RiotACT

By Jonathon Reynolds - 7 February 2006 71

Many readers on this site may fondly remember the young, highly opinionated, AM loving talkback radio fanatic and at times somewhat naive, Samuel Gordon Stewart, recent winner of several Australian blog awards.

Apparently Samuel has decided that he will no long frequent these esteemed pages and will now tread his own precarious path to self proclaimed sainthood by becoming a martyr of RiotACT.

You can read all the sordid details here.

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71 Responses to
Saint Samuel Gordon Stewart first martyr of RiotACT
JoeyJoeJoe 9:53 am 07 Feb 06

I think it’s a pity that Sam has decided to abandon his rants on the RiotAct. Kinda the same way that I think it’s a shame Pauline Hanson is no longer a part of the political scene. I didn’t agree with her ideas/policies/visions/ravings, but it got debate going and her opinion was just as valid as anyone elses.

Everyone can benefit from widening their horizons and experiencing the world we live in, but I don’t think that someone should be ostracized due to lack of worldly experience. I wasn’t alive for WWII, I haven’t been an astronaut, I’m not a politician, but I’ll happily comment on all of the above.

johnboy 9:43 am 07 Feb 06

Personally I think sam’s commenters are some of the most advanced comedians in the world.

kimba 9:38 am 07 Feb 06

Typical, we make him famous (Australian Blog Awards) and he is now too good for us!

Samuel’s blog was bad enough, full of self-pity but what about the comments he received LOL. Must be Sam’s groupies.

Absent Diane 9:20 am 07 Feb 06

Im gonna miss the little guy…couldn’t stand anything he said… but he had the guts to say it (it often left me quite bemused) and the insuing debate was always interesting to read.
Mael – good call ’bout the PS and breeding out backbone…

LurkerGal 9:12 am 07 Feb 06

He honestly believes that his not posting here is going to cause such a problem that it needs a long drawn out post to explain it?

I have never known anyone with such an over inflated sense of self importance. EVER! (and yes, I am even including Bonfire and myself in that).

Growling Ferret 9:06 am 07 Feb 06

Poor Sam

Its not only those who know him from the intermernet that think he’s a starange character – a few former school mates have passed opinion on Sam and his, umm, obsession with self pleasure, here…

I apologise in advance for anyone who is visual…

Swaggie 8:39 am 07 Feb 06

Can’t he just stop posting/visiting without the long drawn out explanation? Does he want attention or scores of people kissing his backside telling him how respected he was and how much people liked him? He’s an intelligent kid who will make something of himself but life experience is so sorely missing at this point in his life

Thumper 8:27 am 07 Feb 06


true, you can’t turn an 18 year old into a 30 year old by taking them out drinking.

However, you can give an 18 year old a much greater view of the world and how it all interacts simply by getting out and experiencing it first hand.

A point in case, I have three sons, of which the youngest is the only one left at home. The other two took off yonks ago, indeed one of them travelled around Europe and Britain at 18, (at his own cost).

That is the sort of experience someone can get, and I believe it invaluable to growing up and having an understanding of how we fit into society, and how the norms and ideaologies of society affect us and our ideals and beliefs.

Admittedly not everyone can travel around the world but that is just an example. The simple fact is that you cannot comment upon issues if you live in front of a computer in a dark room, or equally, if you lock yourself up and watch TV all your life.

As you can see, I’m not actually having a go at Samual here, but unless you experience a vast amount of life outside your own comfort zone then you are in place to comment upon them.

Mael, for example, has a vast amount of experience in a wide and varying amount of fields. I have different experiences in an also wide and varying field. In fact, most contributors to RA have quite a great deal of experience in vast fields.

This is why it works as a forum.

Then again, I should get out more, but I’m too old and broken, well, not that old, but certainly a bit broken…. *g*

barking toad 8:18 am 07 Feb 06

sam is not going to post on here – we’ll all be rooned!

care factor extremely low

seepi 8:13 am 07 Feb 06

Life experience has to accumulate You can’t turn an 18 year old into a 30 year old no matter how many times you take them out drinking and getting into fights. Sam did seem to bring out the aggressive streak in some people.

Thumper 8:09 am 07 Feb 06



Exactly mate….

Maelinar 8:02 am 07 Feb 06

I view Sam’s situation as reasonably similar to my own in some circumstances, I’m sure we’re all aware of the fact that Areaman and I have extremely polarised opinions about public housing for instance, and we go the subject passionately.

I’ve certainly not attempted to be inflammatory towards SGS, however he must respect that on a site such as RA, you should expect to be flamed for every word you write, be it under a gramattical, heirachial, factual or just plain disagreeance issue with what you have written.

The unfortunate thing really is that the life experience to be able to weather the storm so to speak, which was quite the underlying current of the advice that was being given to SGS, will be ignored, and unheeded.

SGS, you will do well in the Public Service my friend, if you ever decide to join, for they too have absolutely no need for backbone, infact they have selectively recruited it out of the public service by virtue of it’s omission from selection criteria.

(That was a compliment, however badly it sounds)

Thumper 7:45 am 07 Feb 06

Apparently 2GB newsreader Rowan Barker is back at work….

Blossy 7:42 am 07 Feb 06

I love RiotACT. But I do think that Sam has been given a raw deal from time to time, which hasn’t been fair.

johnboy 7:27 am 07 Feb 06

There’s a quote already in the pool room.

A shame Sam won’t take our advice.

I’ll concede that would have meant missing the “Best of Laws” from time to time.

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