Sanity Civic closing down sale 50% off everything

NathanaelB 6 March 2008 14

They haven’t got much left in the store and it was packed when I was there at lunch – the line at the counter consistently had a dozen people.

Picked up the 3rd last copy of Die Hard 4.0 there for $10 and a pair of Sennheiser PX-100 headphones for $50.

If you can, get in there today and get yourself a good deal!

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14 Responses to Sanity Civic closing down sale 50% off everything
barney barney 10:43 am 07 Mar 08

The Simpson’s Movie. Hah! No thanks.

needlenose needlenose 12:10 am 07 Mar 08

Hate Sanity. They sell nothing but the most mainstream possible stuff – which their taregt demographic probably downloads from iTunes anyway or can buy at Target for half the price. Haven’t seen anything I wanted there for years.

Go to Abels for range, JB HiFi for price. And the JB online site is fantastic – well, not the most user-friendly search mechanism, but absolutely anything you want sourced quickly and delivered cheaply. Love it.

toriness toriness 10:27 pm 06 Mar 08

hingo you are spot on, sanity is a complete rip. i have a staff discount card (my sister works for sanity into another state and nominated me as the other discount card holder) and STILL with a 25% discount i rarely bought anything from there, because even with that discount, it was still more $$ to buy there than other places in civic. even today i perused the stock (which by far seemed to be complete overpriced crap they probably can’t move from any of their stores) and didn’t buy a thing – that is with a combined 25% and 50% discount! sanity will not be missed at all.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 8:52 pm 06 Mar 08

They had at least 8 copies of The Simpsons movie there at lunchtime today.

barney barney 8:26 pm 06 Mar 08

Well, they did have the Simpson’s DVD’s for 30 bucks. I don’t even think they have them anymore. But that’s the only reason I ever went to any of their stores in the last 5 years. JB sells them for something like 50, or some ridiculous price.

tickboom tickboom 5:40 pm 06 Mar 08

“But the bookshop across from it closed.”

There’s a theme here. Sanity sucks as a music/DVD shop. Angus and Robertson sucks as a bookstore. Their new store next to Aldi is just crap.

Crikey Crikey 4:13 pm 06 Mar 08

Sanity is still open in Queanbeyan (Riverside). I saw it there last weekend.

hingo hingo 3:38 pm 06 Mar 08

50% off everything (but still more expensive than JB Hi-Fi’s normal prices). I don’t know how they managed to stay open for as long as they did. I only buy stuff there if I was given a gift voucher and I still leave feeling ripped off.

skaboy12 skaboy12 3:38 pm 06 Mar 08

Sanity in Queanbeyan shut down not too long ago as well.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 3:26 pm 06 Mar 08

If Landspeed sold movies I’d buy them there; I do most of my CD shopping there – actually probably a 50/50 split between JB and Landspeed. Landspeed doesn’t have the same quantity and selection as JB but they always seem to have the CDs I want.

Sammy Sammy 2:57 pm 06 Mar 08

There was an odd rumour going about last year that Sanity were opening up in the ANU Union building. The supermarket in the ANU Union building closes (forcibly) in about three weeks. Coincidence?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:42 pm 06 Mar 08

Shouldn’t we all be supporting local and buying from Landspeed, especially since Impact got taken away from us!

If you must buy the latest ShitHits complilation just get it from Big W.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:19 pm 06 Mar 08

They probably have 25000 copies of Britney’s latest effort.

Sanity haven’t sold anything I’d want to buy for years, so this will be no loss to me.

The Woden store went belly up last year, so maybe the whole empire’s stuffed?

Crikey Crikey 2:02 pm 06 Mar 08

What’s the story….are they relocating. Seemed to do good business there. But the bookshop across from it closed. Perhaps to much retail space in the city now. There are still a few empty shops in-and-around the city.

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