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Saving the planet one tax at a time

By johnboy - 19 October 2009 44

The ABC informs us that the Chiefly Stanhope is quite keen on adding a toll to your daily commute:

Mr Stanhope says a congestion charge is worth considering.

“I would be interested in any conversation around what we can do to encourage people to use public transport,” he said.

You could try running decent weekend services so we don’t need to run a car anyway you blockhead.

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Saving the planet one tax at a time
harvyk1 1:01 pm 19 Oct 09

To make public transport more attactive they would need to make it faster to use it than take the car. For example, in Sydney, if you take the train chances are it’ll turn a 40 minute drive into a 15 minute train trip.

For public transport to work in Canberra they would need to find a way to make it a faster alternative. (Eg make the trains run at 200+km/h). Hey if you could get me from my place into the city in only 10 minutes I’d take the train every time…

The other thing they could do is do something good for the hip pocket… Make public transport free (remember those great few months back in 1997 when the bus drivers went on “strike” by not collecting fares:). Lets face it, from what I’ve heard ACTION is running at a loss anyways, so by making public transport free (yes I know we would indirectly pay for it with our taxes, but we’re already doing that) it’d no doubt increase the number of users.

Mr Evil 12:36 pm 19 Oct 09

Maybe if Stanhope removed his head from his arse then he wouldn’t be so congested.

TP 3000 12:01 pm 19 Oct 09

Also ACTION don’t have the capacity to take most Canberrans to work & back. At the moment ACTION have a max carrying capacity of 25,000. Now lets say each route takes an average of 40 minutes to load & unload a bus load along a route. That means only around 35-40,000 passengers can take ACTION buses an hour. Now I would say most people go to work between 07:30 & 09:00. So not even half of Canberra can take the bus to work.

Now with light rail along the major trunk routes I would say they have a carrying capacity of 150-200+ people each (depending on the car set up). Having these run every 5-10 minutes could help get most people to & from work. My plan to “force” everyone onto public transport would be to only give each main road in the City one lane each & put in a toll booth & pay something like $5-10 each way. To accommodate for those that would like to drive part of the way there would be large car parks at Interchanges. My plan would work better with a Public Transport Tax, where the total costs of operators is totaled up & a certain amount is taken out of your pay packet each pay. There would then be no requirement for payment upon boarding of any bus/train/tram/ferry in Australia & there would be no hold ups with broken ticket machines or slow people getting on the bus. This would help to stop assaults of public transport drivers, but if you are already paying for the use of the bus why wouldn’t you catch the bus. I know that no one likes extra taxes, but it encourages the public to use public transport & in these days when no one likes carrying coins/notes around for fear of theft it helps.

c9 12:00 pm 19 Oct 09

The justification for a congestion tax is to get drivers to pay for the negative externalities associated with congestion.

We don’t have that in Canberra.

hax 11:43 am 19 Oct 09

This is a ridiculous idea. Canberra doesn’t come close to comparing to cities that do have congestion taxes, such as Singapore or London.

I wonder where the toll booths would be located, and how much they would charge to forcefully make buses more viable?

It should be renamed the ‘poor planning tax’, and you pay for the suffering!

outdoormagoo 10:49 am 19 Oct 09

Good old Jon. He just keeps giving me more reasons to move back to Sydney. I already moved out to Queanbeyan after 3 years in the ACT. With the way things are going I will go back to Sysney, 6 years after moving down here under the belief of a better lifestyle for my family. The Act govt seems intent on pushing people away.

Ian 10:38 am 19 Oct 09

I would have thought that there actually being a congestion problem would be a prerequisite to having a congestion tax. This is a solution desperately in search of a problem in Canberra. My guess is the thinking behind it is “big cities have congestion taxes, so we must too”.

Decent public transport would also help encourage its use, too, as opposed to punishing non-users into using it.

pmm 10:00 am 19 Oct 09

What a load of rubbish – surely there needs to be congestion before you can call it a congestion charge. Canberra is far too small for a charge to work.

kincuri 9:41 am 19 Oct 09

What congestion is he going to tax?! I didn’t think we had any REAL congestion anywhere in Canberra!

Does he mean the 15 minute periods before 9am and after 5am where you may be delayed 5 minutes when driving in and out of Civic at peak hour?

What a joke…

goose 9:40 am 19 Oct 09

Well people, you voted this donkey in 🙂

icantbelieveitsnotbu 9:32 am 19 Oct 09

Now now Johnboy… easy up there… it’s a noble gesture, you know… more consultation/ no commitment… sounds almost like a greens pledge

ahappychappy 9:31 am 19 Oct 09

“You could try running decent weekend services so we don’t need to run a car anyway you blockhead. “

Ha! I love it! JB you champion.

But seriously… how can Canberra’s “congested roads” be compared to any other of the major cities…

grunge_hippy 9:14 am 19 Oct 09

a decent service full stop. going north/south is easy enough, but anything east/west is ridiculous!

Thumper 8:42 am 19 Oct 09

Congestion tax?


What planet is Mr Stanhope currently orbiting?

harvyk1 8:26 am 19 Oct 09

I’d change that to running a decent service full stop…

It takes me around 30 minutes to drive from my place to the city…
It takes at least an hour and 10 minutes to bus it, and that’s excluding any time spent walking from my place to the bus stop \ interchange to which ever office I am going to, and that’s assuming that the bus then arrives into the city at the time I want to get there…

Tell me Mr Stanhope, why would I use a “service” which doubles my commute time?
I wouldn’t happily pay a toll, but I would pay a toll over using our bus no-service…

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