Scumbag that killed Clea Rose bailed for rehab

Felix the Cat 20 April 2008 93

From ABC news online – The boy convicted over the hit-and-run death of Canberra student Clea Rose has been granted bail to attend a youth rehabilitation centre in New South Wales.

The 17-year-old was the driver of the car that struck Ms Rose in Civic in 2005.

Justice Malcolm Gray will allow the boy to leave the Quamby Youth Detention Centre next Tuesday to attend a drug and alcohol program across the border.

The ACT Supreme Court will decide whether the teenager can be granted full-time bail once he completes the program.

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93 Responses to Scumbag that killed Clea Rose bailed for rehab
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Pandy Pandy 1:18 am 09 Sep 09

The cops were to blame, not this man with low average intelligence and an alcohol problem.


I-filed I-filed 9:24 pm 08 Sep 09

Didn’t Clea Rose’s parents do their darnedest to forgive this idiot at the time? I wonder what their take on him would be today.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:51 pm 08 Sep 09

Pretty soft sentence considering all the charges I reckon. I guess these were all ‘mistakes’ too.

Thumper Thumper 8:35 am 13 May 08

And I’m sure Clea’s life was taken for a reason obviously god new it was time and he needed her.

That is the most incredible justification for killing a person that I have ever read. In fact, it’s downright disgusting.

Societal norms are set by society as the accepted behaviours of that society.
This person decides to operate outside those norms. Thus he does not deserve to be part of society.

minime2 minime2 11:16 pm 12 May 08

I will define it; there is a legal and a social definition that is well accepted.

Simply speaking – ’cause some of you need small words – “normal” behaviour is what is accepted by and in the/that group or society. Of course this means that what is normal in one social structure may not be the accepted social construct in another, ie: extreme just to make the point: having more than spouse in Utah. Only in Utah, though also available in some other foreign areas. Normal behaviour in a sub-group such as 19-yr old females at Mooseheads on Friday night could make a case for binge drinking as normal behaviour. Outside the social sub-set, it is not.

This means then, -hopefully in small words – that the greater society of Canberra (within a greater one – Australia) does not regard the stealing of vehicles or other persons property, and commiting crimes (in them) as normal behaviour. That is why the “normal” people of Canberra find this kind of stuff weird and incomprehensible.

That last big word also can help explain why many people have trouble expressing their non-acceptance of the perceived abhorant behaviour. Attack or defend are the basic positions.

Proud Local Proud Local 11:08 pm 12 May 08

itstimetomoveon, that was probably the worst dribble I have read on here. Try telling Clea’s family to move on? Easy for you and others that know the driver to tell everyone else to get over it. The fact that he still commits serious crimes tells me he has not learned from his previous actions one little bit.

He deliberately committed a crime, made a very poor and illegal judgment and a young girl lost her life as a result.

He will always be judged accordingly. There is no relevant defense for him and there never will be. So just “move on” yourself and accept that he will always have a bad name.

vg vg 11:06 pm 12 May 08

“And I’m sure Clea’s life was taken for a reason obviously god new it was time and he needed her. “

Maybe the Police should throw in a line like that next time they tell a family that a loved one has been killed on the roads because of the culpable stupidity of another.

‘Sorry for your loss ma’am, I’m sure its for a reason and the baby Jesus needed them…..oh and the crook that hit them to kill them just make a mistake, so lets all move on’

What planet do some people live on?

Spend some time at a fatal accident, and the associated activities. If you ever want to question God’s ways, they are an ideal place to do it. Grow up

ant ant 11:05 pm 12 May 08

Normal = people who don’t steal cars, try to race their cars away from teh police, and commit crimes.

gladbag gladbag 11:04 pm 12 May 08

A “mistake” is something one does when putting new red socks in a white wash – it is not stealing a car. That is a concious lack of respect for the community. Why do scumbags (once they get caught) always refer to their crimes as mistakes? No, they are not mistakes, they are crimes and I am not going to automatically give that person another go (to steal my car) – it doesn’t matter what kind of “good person” they are. They have to work damn hard to get a second go, and from reports this kid is not doing that.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 10:56 pm 12 May 08

Define normal, ant.

ant ant 10:53 pm 12 May 08

Normal people don’t steal cars, drive like lunatics, try to out-run the police, and run over pedestrians. People who do these things are CRIMINALS.

how can anyone try to defend this man who stole a car, stole it! from someone who probably liked their car, was paying it off, came out to the car park and it was gone… and then he used it to create mayhem and ended up killling a young person.

This is not what normal people do and it’s indefensible. People who try to defend the person and the things he did are condoning what he did.

Normal people find this kind of stuff weird and incomprehensible.

sepi sepi 10:52 pm 12 May 08

And honestly – in the end it was an entirely predictable accident that was HIS fault.

And people do not just move on from violent deaths in the family.

I suggest your friend try to move on by giving up drinking, and not driving.

Spideydog Spideydog 10:42 pm 12 May 08

You didn’t read the coronial report did you….. Police weren’t in a high speed pursuit of that vehicle. The police vehicle had only just turned around when the offending vehicle went barrelling into the interchange.

In the own words of the the boy driving the vehicle, he saw the police patches on the shirts as he drove PAST the unmarked police vehicle and he drove off of his own accord, at high speed into the interchange. Police did not initiate a pursuit of that vehicle and did not cause that horiffic accident. The police vehicle was some distance behind the offending vehicle, that far behind that they did not see the accident and when they did drive into the interchange was doing so at far lessor speed.

Get your facts right first before going off on a rant about it being a “huge high speed police chase”.

Do yourself a favour and read the coronial report.

itstimetomoveon itstimetomoveon 9:45 pm 12 May 08

I think you should all give this boy and his family a break. When the incident happened do you think a young teenage boy like him self would have thought of the consequences like such because not many boys that age would? They obviously didn’t realize what the dangers were. You may be thinking if he never stole the car clea wouldn’t have died. But then think if the police didn’t make a huge high speed police chase they wouldn’t have been speeding and hit the innocent. You could go on for years arguing over this incident but in the end it was all an accident, nobodies fault. It’s just a tragedy that cannot be erased. He cannot go back and change what was done and you people have to stop judging him for what he did. If you stopped and took the time to think about it and then got to know this boy you would realize deep down he’s a good kid who just unfortunately made a mistake that’s irreversible. I say get over it yes it was sad about clea and very unfortunate. But life does go on and this boy does deserve another chance and most of all a break. If it was someone you were close to, you’d give them another chance without thinking about it. It’s the fact you go off the media and judge someone you hardly know. It’s not completely fair. And I’m sure Clea’s life was taken for a reason obviously god new it was time and he needed her. This is life and this is how it goes and you can’t get all caught up over something like this for this long. Everybody makes mistakes in life EVERYONE, some are worse then others but you all do. If you continue arguing over this whole incident obviously you didn’t really take in what I’ve said. Think about it. There’s someone out there your close too, I can guarantee that hasn’t always done everything the ‘right’ way and still you stick by them. So stop going against other people just because you don’t know them that well. I say R.I.P Clea. And good luck to the boy for the future I hope everyone gives you a break and lets you move on in life with peace. Its time to stop all this. Let everyone move on.

Spideydog Spideydog 6:59 pm 12 May 08

Bungle said :

I think blaming the parents for kids behaviour is a bit of a cop out as well. It sometimes might come into it but not in every situation. and I don’t know the kid or family in this situation so who knows if it’s the mum’s fault.

I think a child’s peers are more influential than parents…

Sorry for the double post….but this quote above is on the button, peers are a VERY big influence.

Spideydog Spideydog 6:57 pm 12 May 08


Some people here can be somewhat forceful in their opinions here, so take them with a grain of salt.

If you and the other siblings have turned out fine. That is fantasic and a credit to yourselves. I am a believer that there can a “bad egg” in the bunch (I see it all the time) Alot of the time, parent or parents are a big reason for the way a child/youth has turned out whether that be from the home life/environment or the lack of discipline. I do also believe that there are instances that a parent has done everthing they LAWFULLY can but one of their offspring has gone astray, more likely from the peer group they are hanging with. (parents cannot be with their kids 24/7, nor can they imprison them either) This may be the case for your families situation, I don’t know. In saying this, a parent will always bear some % of blame regardless of the situation.

The problem is the “mistake” he made was not a “little” one. It is the “ultimate” mistake that a person can make, it took someones life. In committing this kind of mistake, there will always be heavy critisism, that is un-avoidable. I could say without hesitation that if I had of committed this “mistake” my life/behaviour would have changed the very second Clea was hit. I think that is the big sticking point for other people here, is the fact that he seems to still be getting in trouble, which may indicate that this “mistake” has not been learnt from?

vg vg 6:51 pm 12 May 08

I can’t say I’ll ever make a ‘mistake’ as big as deliberately driving through a bus interchange at a million miles an hour without due regard for the people who walk in there……..and then kill someone.

You have no idea as to what it takes to be a parent because you aren’t one

Bungle Bungle 6:42 pm 12 May 08

I think blaming the parents for kids behaviour is a bit of a cop out as well. It sometimes might come into it but not in every situation. and I don’t know the kid or family in this situation so who knows if it’s the mum’s fault.

I think a child’s peers are more influential than parents…

alyce alyce 6:26 pm 12 May 08

wateva i have tried to explain to you but you are not worthy of my time next time you make a mistake make sure you blame it on your mum due to “bad parrenting” i turned out fine and so did the rest of my siblings you can say what you want. when has he EVER asked for your sympathy you just have nothing better to do than WRECK a family …
oh so what was my mother suppossed to do quit her job and go to school everyday with him to MAKE sure he came home you obvehisly have NO idea what it is like to be a parent. you know when you loose something and you cant find it? thats wat it was like for my mum we looked for him but people just lied so now tell me how was she supposed to stop him from doing what he was doing?

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