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Scumbag that killed Clea Rose bailed for rehab

By Felix the Cat - 20 April 2008 93

From ABC news online – The boy convicted over the hit-and-run death of Canberra student Clea Rose has been granted bail to attend a youth rehabilitation centre in New South Wales.

The 17-year-old was the driver of the car that struck Ms Rose in Civic in 2005.

Justice Malcolm Gray will allow the boy to leave the Quamby Youth Detention Centre next Tuesday to attend a drug and alcohol program across the border.

The ACT Supreme Court will decide whether the teenager can be granted full-time bail once he completes the program.

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93 Responses to
Scumbag that killed Clea Rose bailed for rehab
Mælinar 9:29 am 21 Apr 08

Re Bootcamp idea – and televised so we can watch them for our amusement.

CanberraResident 9:10 am 21 Apr 08

Felix the Cat – ask yourself this … if your kid was responsible for this incident, and your kid was on drugs, wouldn’t you want him or her to be given every opportunity for rehabilitation???

People are too quick to judge when they are not personally involved.

And no, I have nothing to do with this case.

shauno 9:06 am 21 Apr 08

I agree the boot camp idea is excellent. Also a national service regiment along the lines of the French Foreign legion. They should have brought this up at the 2020 talk fest.

Thumper 8:28 am 21 Apr 08

It’s a suggestion I’ve thought about before. Some sort of boot camp in the middle of nowhere, you can’t walk out, you can’t survive off the land, you have to stay there.

People are fed, councilled, and put through a series of challenges to build teamwork, espirit de corps, confidence, all the time while getting off whatever they are on.

The accomodation should be basic but livable, TV and other comforts could be earnt, not a be a right. Prisioners/ inmates, would be allowed contact with family, etc, once a week but with the chance to increase this with better behaviour.

Throw in some education as well and there maybe some merit.

I know it’s all very rough but it could be a way forward if governments were serious about getting people of smack or ice. Obviously this would have to be voluntary.

Mælinar 8:19 am 21 Apr 08

@WMD – Open your doors and let him in then. When all other options are exhausted, homestay is next on the list of wet bus ticket slaps I think.

Until society is ready to deal in a more judicious manner, dealing with the crime as well as the inherent problems at the same time, this guy and the thousands of others in Canberra just like him, will not change.

My solution is to send them inland, where there is no access to heroin, much less anything else other than the staples. Remove the ‘candy’ and you can begin to deal with the inherent problems in a more radical, and conclusive manner.

el 10:00 pm 20 Apr 08

And lots of it.

Pandy 9:21 pm 20 Apr 08

Give him pure grade heroin.

sepi 8:48 pm 20 Apr 08

I bet this isn’t the first time he’s had a go at rehab either.

And he’s probably only doing it to get a few days out of gaol, and will just disrupt the place for anyone who is there who is actually really trying to give up.

nyssa76 8:45 pm 20 Apr 08

DMD, ah no. He’s already proven a lack of disrespect for human life and has done so again with disrespecting his own body.

FFS, when he becomes an adult (not long now), will the same do gooders whine when he, as an adult repeats his juvenile criminal behaviour?

Deadmandrinking 8:10 pm 20 Apr 08

When all other options are exhausted, Nyssa, then yes, prison’s about the only option. Everything else should be tried first, however.

nyssa76 6:26 pm 20 Apr 08

And what if he fails to complete the program? Does he get a pat on the back and a ‘there, there it’s ok’?

At the end of the day, only he is responsible for his actions. If he chooses to complete the program and do well with the rest of his life – more power to him. However, as we have seen before with recidivists, what happens when he doesn’t?

Who ultimately pays the price for his failure to be a productive member of society?

Deadmandrinking 5:29 pm 20 Apr 08

Agree Sepi, but it seems in this case the courts are making an effort to ensure this kid does make a satisfactory attempt – “The ACT Supreme Court will decide whether the teenager can be granted full-time bail once he completes the program.”

sepi 3:27 pm 20 Apr 08

And most (all?) rehab facilities are not locked, and participants can just leave whenever they wish. The theory being that rehab won’t work if you don’t want to be there.

The problem with that is that rehab is often used by the courts instead of gaol – there needs to be two kinds of rehab – one serious lock-up version, for people like this guy, and another nicer, non-locked version, for people who have over-done the partying life-style to the point that they suddenly realise they are hooked.

vandam 11:23 am 20 Apr 08

Unfortuantly rehab wont help this little guy! He’s been in and out of jail, a smacky, and his parents are no where to be seen.

In the current rehab/health system, there’s nothing you can do for a 17yr old off the rails.
Unfortuantly this little shit didnt crash the car and become a cripple like miatke.

iamspam 9:20 am 20 Apr 08

And? Rehab programs are not an uncommon thing. His sentence will end sooner or later, so it would be preferable that he comes out of the prison system not a junkie. I believe he would be able to do this inhouse at the Maconochie Centre.

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