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Security In Civic

By bloodnut - 24 October 2005 34

The appalling standard of some security staff in Canberra has been well documented on this site. Despite the fact most patrons of Shooters probably deserve an uppercut, there was little doubt in my mind that an incident I witnessed on Saturday night was one of the worst I’ve ever seen…

Standing on the footpath outside the Phoenix on Saturday night, I heard the ‘dickhead alarm’ go off at Shooters. If you’ve ever witnessed the dickhead alarm, it’s this wonderfully piercing buzzer that pre-empts the bouncers’ violent ejection of a filthy patron onto the equally filthy asphalt outside of the even filthier venue. My rubbernecking tendencies kicked in and I hung around for the show which turned out to be pretty tame – One bloke kicked out and his mates following him out shortly after.

One of the ejectee’s mates was standing next to me as I watched a nasty looking bloke with a security badge skirt around the outside of the crowd and hide behind one of the white poles outside the club. He stood there patiently for thirty seconds, stalking the ejectee’s mate, before launching himself out of hiding and delivering a beautifully vicious right hook to the unsuspecting blokes jaw. Best king hit I’ve ever seen. Knocked him out instantly and the sick thud of old mates skull hitting the pavement left me feeling queasy. Once he’d delivered his rough brand of justice, he disappeared back upstairs leaving me to roll the poor bastard over and check for signs of life. He was out for a long time and his mates came and took over the resuscitation attempts. I left them to pick up the pieces and went back into the friendly warmth of the Phoenix to sup a pint contemplate the thuggery I’d just witnessed. Hopefully the lad that copped it only has a sore head to show for it today – it’s been a few years since someone died outside a Civic club from a punch to the head, but obviously the next one isn’t going to be too far away.

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34 Responses to
Security In Civic
AYS 9:43 am 25 Oct 05

So quick to have a go AD… sounds like the typing fingers went to work well before conscious thought could stop you. But I expect that you are one of the many people out there who think the world revolves around themselves – add alcohol and out comes the moron. Drink up mate and then complain about drink spiking to somebody who does care and will take the time to investigate your claim by abusing them…. good luck.

Step up and do something other than bleating like the rest of the majority who are happy to sit in their comfort zones safe in the knowledge that the understaffed and under appreciated few in blue do their best to keep the peace.

I know – have a go to their faces if you have the courage and are truly that stupid. Sing what’s the colour of a 2c piece, snort like a pig, tell them how to do their jobs, claim you pay their wages and wait for a pithy reply…. oh, don’t be offended by it either – you richly deserve it.

Did the young fella deserve what happened? Probably but the bouncer wasn’t the person to deliver it – perhaps his parents should have raised him better?

AYS – “are you serious?”

Absent Diane 9:39 am 25 Oct 05

No doubt that the kid prob did something wrong….and I can’t see any reason for anyone to attack bloodnuts actions…. not many people have the guts to stick around and actually be useful!!

bulldog 8:53 am 25 Oct 05

Let me clarify the above by saying that although the kid probably misbehaved; nobody deserves to be blind-sided.

bulldog 8:51 am 25 Oct 05

IMHO the fact is that the Police would probably not attend for something like this; once again, this is a reflection on their resources, not on the cops as people or their intellect.

If punters want to take something away from this, avoid putting yourself in situations where you are likely to get into trouble. If you can’t handle a few beers, stay at home and save the rest of us the aggrivation.

Regardless of the bouncers cowardly actions, the kid who got hit probably did something very foolish to deserve it.

Personally the whole things pisses me off. In two years of bouncing I never had to hit anyone, regardless of being belted myself a few times. This is how security should be behaving, restraining and ejecting rather than assaulting and battering. Fuckin’ monkeys like this bouncer need a good bricking to show them the error of their ways.

I rate bloodnut’s actions because I’ve seen lots of people just walk away from this sort of thing. Tool, be honest; would you have jumped in and belted the bouncer for decking some random kid? I’m sure you’ve seen it before; did you step down off your noble steed (or is it merely a high horse) and assist some drunken bogan who was decked or forcibely ejected from a premesis? Maybe you did, and if so I take my hat off to you. If not, give the guy a break, because it would have far easier to fuck off and grab another pint.

bloodnut1 7:19 am 25 Oct 05

Mr Tool, I left my contact details with his friends in case they pursued action – not much point hanging around for the police apart than that.

I did all that was humanly possible at the time and you should be so lucky as to have someone like me close at hand if anything like that ever happened to you.

If I run into you at the gym sometime i’ll give you a few tips on your lifting technique and if your lucky, show you my limp wrist. six four, standing by the squat rack – can’t miss me.

Absent Diane 10:29 pm 24 Oct 05

mmmm Some interesting little Comments Spesh-G… so in response:

Never really been the cocky type… so the whole pedastal thing is a bit of a non-event… but you are right about being the victim of violence from a bouncer. Largely unwarranted though…. seeing as though I was actually apolgising (quite politely I might add as well) for a former mate who was being a bit of a dick..not too bad in comparison to what I have seen…and then the cops ignored the incident because I was too pissed…never mind concussed

And then there was the time my cousin was drugged at a bar.. and the cops told her to go home before they locked her up for being too pissed…
Nice one boys – good work
there are a few other occassions… including times when I was in the wrong but I am happy to admit that

So i think my position is justified….of course you could argue that it is all subjective circumstance, but a) not knowing me b) not witnessing the incidents – that arguement would be largely invalid…..

So perhaps you can climb down off your high mule and do your little song and dance a bit closer to the earth where its more stable 🙂

Absent Diane of the Imminent Present

Tool 10:24 pm 24 Oct 05

Ah Bloodnut1, nothing like pointing out the shortfalls in society in a forum like this and doing nothing about it. If it distressed you so much seeing this guy get hit, and you had the decency to see to his aid prior to his friends arriving, why not hang around or call the police yourself?

It must take a big man to criticise everything and do nothing about it, especially when you had the chance! Perhaps it was because you sprained your limp wrist whilst helping this poor sod that you left?

Special G 5:23 pm 24 Oct 05

AD – You sound like one of those people who have made a drunken knob out of yourself a couple too many times and been locked up for it for your own safety.

You seem like cop/bouncer bashing – when did you get on your high horse and get knocked off your pedestal by A- Police, B – Bouncers. Or is it just the alcohol making you more intelligent.

AD did you think about pulling out your mobile phone/ going to the centre of the interchange and getting the Police – then making a statement and IDing the bouncer. Probably not – you just thought you’d have a whinge on the net when you did f%#k all to stop it happening again yourself.

I agree with Bulldog – People who like taking cheap shots get whats coming to them. Either they pick on someone bigger/faster/stronger/better fighter or the Police catch up with them.


Absent Diane 4:44 pm 24 Oct 05

They are always exceptions to every rule… Im small fun loving and very unviolent… but I occasionally attract the wrath of bouncers because I have violent eyes (when Im passed out)

bonfire 4:36 pm 24 Oct 05

agreed maelinar. size has advantages. i recall doing a pub crawl in moresby a few years ago. the security guy from the HC was telling me ‘normally i wouldnt go to these places, but with you around we’ll be OK….’ i thought ‘what the hell – im a lover not a fighter!’. but regardless of my inability in the pugilistic stakes, i believe potential assailants do a quick mental stocktake of the fact that i might swing back and never make a first move.

i also never get tanked and make an arse of myself in public.

Maelinar 4:19 pm 24 Oct 05

As a 100kg ex military male with a slight kiwi accent that gets stronger the more I drink, I have found that I’ve never actually been confronted by a bouncer.

On the few occasions that I have been a little too inebriated they have politely come up to me and asked me to stop drinking as they have observed me swaying a little too much for them to be comfortable.

I have always obliged, however at a mutual respect level, I was never under the impression that my vacancy from the premises was imminent.

I guess the moral of the story is do weights, get fit, and bouncers will think long and hard about king hitting you when you’re unsuspecting…

bulldog 2:33 pm 24 Oct 05

Careful AD, I used to be one of those ’20-30′ types a few years ago. One of the reasons I got out is because of the behaviour of these types of assholes. Rest assured, it’s not all bouncers, although it definately seems worse now than it was a few years ago.

el; if it’s any consolation, I’m sure he’ll get what’s coming to him. There’s no anonymity in bouncing anymore. He’ll be recognised somewhere down the track and it will be a pretty tough day for him.

As for the coppers, rest assured that there is no favouritism shown to bouncers. After a particularly nasty blue one night it took the fuzz about an hour to get from the city watch house to heaven (a whole fifteen metres).

I don’t blame the cops though, they are struggling with the resources provided by the miserable excuse for a government we have.

Absent Diane 1:37 pm 24 Oct 05

The police are a pack of useless c*nts…the only real difference between them and bouncers is that they have an IQ range from 60-70 as opposed to the bouncers 20-30…..

el 1:37 pm 24 Oct 05

Slack and gutless, I hope he’s pleased with himself.

The sad thing is Bulldog, he probably is.

bulldog 1:25 pm 24 Oct 05

Sounds like a cheap shot to me; although it’s unlikely that this was entirely unprovoked. Not justifying what the f*cktard security punk has done, there are better ways of dealing with a problem than blind-siding some drunken idiot. Slack and gutless, I hope he’s pleased with himself.

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