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Security In Civic

By bloodnut 24 October 2005 34

The appalling standard of some security staff in Canberra has been well documented on this site. Despite the fact most patrons of Shooters probably deserve an uppercut, there was little doubt in my mind that an incident I witnessed on Saturday night was one of the worst I’ve ever seen…

Standing on the footpath outside the Phoenix on Saturday night, I heard the ‘dickhead alarm’ go off at Shooters. If you’ve ever witnessed the dickhead alarm, it’s this wonderfully piercing buzzer that pre-empts the bouncers’ violent ejection of a filthy patron onto the equally filthy asphalt outside of the even filthier venue. My rubbernecking tendencies kicked in and I hung around for the show which turned out to be pretty tame – One bloke kicked out and his mates following him out shortly after.

One of the ejectee’s mates was standing next to me as I watched a nasty looking bloke with a security badge skirt around the outside of the crowd and hide behind one of the white poles outside the club. He stood there patiently for thirty seconds, stalking the ejectee’s mate, before launching himself out of hiding and delivering a beautifully vicious right hook to the unsuspecting blokes jaw. Best king hit I’ve ever seen. Knocked him out instantly and the sick thud of old mates skull hitting the pavement left me feeling queasy. Once he’d delivered his rough brand of justice, he disappeared back upstairs leaving me to roll the poor bastard over and check for signs of life. He was out for a long time and his mates came and took over the resuscitation attempts. I left them to pick up the pieces and went back into the friendly warmth of the Phoenix to sup a pint contemplate the thuggery I’d just witnessed. Hopefully the lad that copped it only has a sore head to show for it today – it’s been a few years since someone died outside a Civic club from a punch to the head, but obviously the next one isn’t going to be too far away.

I didn’t see any police during the incident although I expect they would have been about as much use as a tit on an apple.

What’s Your opinion?

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Security In Civic
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Absent Diane 2:21 pm 27 Oct 05

Dress standards… haha up turned collar on polo shirt.. gucci mullet, big gold bling, track pants, white sneakers….. I think I will go next door thanks!!!

Bulldog…. we can certain test our different theories out there…. but somehow I suspect I would be a very sore lad in the morning… LOL

el 1:27 pm 27 Oct 05

As long as you pass the “dress standards” to get in.

bulldog 1:11 pm 27 Oct 05

benett, if you’ve nothing to add check out a thread that interests you.

I for one am enjoying the AYS vs AD sparring. Go to it lads, and to add a little bit of flavour, I suggest you should both head out for a beer at Shooters to discuss this further…

Alas, unless you do this there is little point calling each other names and judging. But don’t let me interrupt. Carry on.

benett 1:03 pm 27 Oct 05

blah blah blah, bla blah, blahh blahgety blah blah, pissed idiot this, steve pratt that..blah blah..blah..

Absent Diane 10:12 am 27 Oct 05

Its all in good fun…. I hope

Indi 8:40 am 27 Oct 05

Flamers tsk tsk….

Absent Diane 7:43 am 27 Oct 05

Had enough darling need to sit down after that rant,a bit dizzy???.

Whining little prat…. i dont think so AYS, shit stirer (troll??) maybe…..

You have still done nothing to debunk my actual arguement…. all you have done is have a dig at me. That is pathetic….the fact that you are still flogging this dead horse is pathetic the fact that I am still replying is pathetic…

Musician first and foremost – supported by some shitty IT job in the pubelick circus

Anyway put up a decent, well thought out arguement that lends me to changing my perspective…. and I will change my attitude – abuse me and argue with blindsided illogic and I won’t fucking budge…. mostly on principal more than anything…

I grow weary

AYS 7:45 pm 26 Oct 05

“but being a cop is no matter which way you look at it a glorified bouncer and bouncers are not known for their intelligence”

Well done AD, you got me HOOK LINE AND SINKER…. and your occupation? Before you ask me – I’m not a civil libertarian I work for a living.

Open your eyes and give yourself an uppercut – better still have a few drinks and stand outside Shooters and if fate has a sense of humour you will be the next victim of either the bouncer or a copper. I hope it’s the copper myself…

You come across as the whining pathetic little prat who does those things from my first posting. Have a drink to celebrate yourself – no doubt you’ll even think you are smarter and better looking for it. I don’t know you (I hope) and can’t say that there would be much about you that I wouldn’t find offensive.

Absent Diane 10:55 pm 25 Oct 05

I am really getting a mental picture here…but back to the arguement….

Are you insecure about your intellect – because you write quite well and I wouldn’t really worry about it…

yeah sure I made a gross generalisation but I think it is pretty accurate… maybe the figures I came up with are complete ass pluck numbers and used as a form of exageration… but being a cop is no matter which way you look at it a glorified bouncer and bouncers are not known for their intelligence. Now common sense dictates that gross generalisations as such are completely illogical…. but when drawing these conclusions I have had to take my own personal experience and juxtapose it against common theory…. mostly due to the fact that I don’t have the time to do actual research and the fact that making a comment on this website is not going to effect the world – in particular a majority of those that I may be offending…. I would not go to a cop/bouncer forum and tell them they are pack of useless c*nts because that is their forum… however this is a forum that is based on opinions of local events hence my willingness to participate..

Now as I said you have drawn point to the subjectivness of my comments…and as I so intuitively pointed out you don’t know me and weren’t there… so any comments you make on me and my various circumstances are completely invalid!!

Hi I am Absent Diane of the Imminent Present and I am a hypocrite

Special G 5:05 pm 25 Oct 05

AD – again you have a dig at people that your impressions of are from being pissed at 3 am in the morning when your telling the Copper how to do their job. No wonder you’ve got a bad impression.

I have had some experience dealing with inebriated people and I would have to say that most of them are not to quick of the mark with a few drinks under their belt. The term ‘pissed idiots’ sums it up nicely.

Before you start commenting on the average level of intelligence in any job I would expect you to come up with some research on IQ levels comparing Police, Bouncers, Garbage men, labourers and Office workers, etc. Maybe your experience of your few friends who are Police/bouncers/footy players is an accurate guess of IQ as opposed to your 3am pissed idiot guess.

Did your friend you thought she had been drugged (15 tequila shots will do that) go home or was she concerned about her health and go and get checked at a hospital, give samples and the like to test if she had been ‘drink spiked’. Drink spiking has only been prominent since it got a name. Its like arseholes – everyone has got one. Ask yor Police buddies how many confirmed drink spiking incidents have occured in the ACT.

And I’ll stay on my high horse because I have dealt with enough drunk knob heads who think they are intelligent to form an opinion.


Absent Diane 4:51 pm 25 Oct 05

OK then I like this thing that you are calling light rail….where can I subscribe to one

Spitfire3 4:12 pm 25 Oct 05

Nice one git ;D

AD – Fix. Everything. As long as it’s Not In My BackYard, in which case it would be an act of terrorism upon taxpaying local families.

RandomGit 3:30 pm 25 Oct 05

Thats right, because no single man could heft a heavy rail into that bouncer *boom-tish*

Absent Diane 3:29 pm 25 Oct 05

Fix it or make it better?

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