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Selling a unit in Canberra?

By twodesiree - 27 July 2010 35

Can i auction my own unit for sale in the ACT?

Does anyone know if there is a web site that allow me to auction my place, rather than paying the ridiculously high fees charged by agents?

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Selling a unit in Canberra?
colourful sydney rac 2:55 pm 27 Jul 10

roflcopter @ newbies marketing uber estate. I am so grateful that you have hapenned upon this site and have generously given us the benefit of your unbiased views on this business.

You guys should get together with MP 123. Unless you already have.

Hank 2:44 pm 27 Jul 10

Hk0reduck you have previously commented about AllHomes and AllClassifieds… ‘For a bit of counter-guerilla’ing’ I ask what your evolvement with AllHomes is?

hk0reduck 1:44 pm 27 Jul 10

What about everyone elses’ comments? :(((( I feel neglected after all the effort I went to and you simply respond to the first comment 🙁

For a bit of counter-guerilla’ing – Uber Estate is operated by someone named Mark Higgins who is also the General Manager of the Waldorf Apartments in Civic.

TwoDesiree’s post on a recent post titled Waldorf Wankers( –

“The fact is or the facts are?? who cares:

The Waldorf loving known as the Dorf – was there before (Toast & Transit Bar) this is a fact – FACT
Please don’t get the truth in front of a good story. But at least have the smarts to get the story right and correct – no matter how painful it is for the numb nuts out there to gob off and get it wrong – I live there and I am happy to stand by what I mumble
Love the real deal”

bd84 1:13 pm 27 Jul 10

colourful sydney racing identity said :

I think you need to be licenced to auction a property. A better bet would be to sell ‘by negotiation’.

You are correct, you need to be a licensed real estate agent with an auctioneers licence to properly auction your house. The only option is to sell it privately ‘by negotiation’.

twodesiree 12:33 pm 27 Jul 10

thanks “itsallme” the web site looks good, it says its only $295 to list – pretty good, and i only pay extra once i sell
thats pretty fair

colourful sydney rac 12:32 pm 27 Jul 10

I think you need to be licenced to auction a property. A better bet would be to sell ‘by negotiation’.

emilybob123 12:26 pm 27 Jul 10

Just checked out and it looks pretty easy – and cheap! You wouldn’t lose much by giving it a try.

Deano 12:25 pm 27 Jul 10

Housing auctions are all about greed:
* Greedy agents wanting to charge high fees and do as little work as possible
* Greedy vendors wanting to get a higher price by pitting buyers against each other
* Greedy buyers wanting to pick up a bargain

Someone always loses out on the deal and it’s never the agent.

Auctioning your own property can be as simple as adding the word ‘negotiable’ after the price in the ad and negotiate with genuine buyers to get the best price you can. Just make sure to list the price at the upper end of what you want for it.

troll-sniffer 12:18 pm 27 Jul 10

Ah yes the old agents fees are so high chestnut rearing its head again (how a chestnut can rear its head is beyond me but the metaphor sounds good so it’s staying).

The fact is that good agents generally pay for themselves and more when selling a property.

However there’s nothing to stop you relying on your own abilities to get a better outcome. If you know the achievable value of your property through months of scrutiny and research, you can nominate your price and put it up on Allhomes for around $800 I believe.

You will then more than likely be approached by a swag of buyers who will assess that you have a few thousand you’re able to knock off your price, what with you not paying agent’s fees, and it will be hard to convince them otherwise.

But if your property is highly desirable, immaculate and in an area or complex that is sought after, you could do well to try marketing it yourself. But unless you’re extremely savvy and confident you’ve assessed the market perfectly you might not do as well as with a clever agent.

And no I don’t work for an agent and I might well try and sell privately when the time comes but only because I now have 10+ years watching prices in my complex and I know more than most agents now.

Hank 12:07 pm 27 Jul 10

itsallme said :

Talk to a conveyancing solicitor – a good one, then check out, only online property auction site running in ACT I think.

So this Uberestate is basically eBay for houses? Buying and selling online that’s different.

prhhcd 11:18 am 27 Jul 10

Auctions: not the right thing for the canberra market.

Thumper 11:15 am 27 Jul 10

Ah.. I should have added, send me an email and I could probably get you an agent for about half price, if she’s available.

However, it wouldn’t be by auction.

hk0reduck 11:13 am 27 Jul 10

Are you sure you want to auction it? As a private seller it might be easier for you to try and find a buyer through private treaty.

Pretty much everyone around here uses AllHomes so you might as well list there!

Thumper 11:03 am 27 Jul 10

Auctions are very much overrated.

itsallme 10:20 am 27 Jul 10

Talk to a conveyancing solicitor – a good one, then check out, only online property auction site running in ACT I think.

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