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Seven Roos at Canberra Centre

By christicehurst - 2 January 2009 18

Normally when you go for a midnight walk through the Canberra Centre area you don’t expect to see too many strange things.

However when I past Target and headed out the back of the Centre I saw seven roos hopping around on the grass near the Bus Stop.

Now I did clean my glasses and check again. As I walked towards they started hopping over the empty and quiet road.  Have you ever seen them hanging around the Centre?

Maybe they went down to use the Coke vending machines… ?


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18 Responses to
Seven Roos at Canberra Centre
Wokie 11:46 am 27 Jul 11

Japanese tourists will photograph anything, even a copper booking a car at side of road for being illegally parked!

bigfeet 12:39 am 03 Jan 09

I once saw a big male roo out where the Carillion is located. It was the middle of the day. He looked a bit stressed, like he had found his way out there but seemed trapped. He was’t being impressed by some Japanese tourists who kept approaching him trying to take photos.

Eventually he found the bridge back and took off in a real hurry.

christicehurst 11:36 pm 02 Jan 09

I’m just thinking now. I wonder if the Roos were spending their Rudd Christmas Bonus. I mean to save the stockmarket, why limit it to humans?

squashee 10:46 pm 02 Jan 09

I had one in my kitchen…. Tasted beautiful too..

BerraBoy68 9:49 pm 02 Jan 09

Thumper said :

I wonder what the strangest place is that people have seen a roo?

I had one on front lawn in Charny one morning. Guess he’d been to McDonalds…

I saw one once while I was waiting for a bus on Tillyard drive (at the stop just near the underpass about 100 meters past the top shop – but on the Charny shops side). It was about 730am in the middle of winter. Broke the monotony.

The wife reckons she once saw one a few years back heading up the ramp towards Parly house on Commonwealth Ave.

sepi 9:22 pm 02 Jan 09

A girl at work crashed into one on her push bike in Braddon a couple of years ago.

She was quite cross because all the passers by rushed up to see if the kangaroo was ok, and left her lying on the pavement!

Thumper 9:11 pm 02 Jan 09

Oh, btw, I’m no longer in Charny 😉

Thumper 9:11 pm 02 Jan 09

I wonder what the strangest place is that people have seen a roo?

I had one on front lawn in Charny one morning. Guess he’d been to McDonalds…

Holden Caulfield 5:38 pm 02 Jan 09

I have seen kangaroo road kill twice on Commonwealth Ave Bridge.

BerraBoy68 2:28 pm 02 Jan 09

It’s nothing to crow about.

sepi 1:54 pm 02 Jan 09

Don’t duck the tough issues!

Pandy 1:47 pm 02 Jan 09

I am not going to Panda to that question

Gobbo 12:31 pm 02 Jan 09

Is it legal for a kangaroo to use a zebra crossing?

sepi 12:29 pm 02 Jan 09


I once saw one hop across the zebra crossing up near Dickson College during arvo peak hour – that was a spin out.

powell01 12:05 pm 02 Jan 09

Would not suprise me at all. A couple of years ago I was at Uni in Brisbane, 15 minute walk from the CBD waiting for a bus. Saw a few of them hop down the street at 2pm.

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