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Seven Story Simon at it Again

By che - 27 September 2005 25

The CT has this story on Simon Corbell redesigning Canberra and its busways (again).

Comments and submissions will close on October 17. The preliminary assessment is available at public libraries, the ACT Planning Authority, and on its web site,

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25 Responses to
Seven Story Simon at it Again
Thumper 6:25 pm 27 Sep 05


Its simple. It will cost a bloody fortune. It will add to the traffic problems as it wil have to run down the middle of Northbourne Avenue, and, more to the point, I believe this government has locked itself into ensuring that we ride on buses rather than driving cars and buses and roads we already have.

The cost therefore is minimal in comparison, even though they seem to be spending an inordinate amount of money pushing the whole agenda.

Having said that, I think it could work if, and its a big ‘if’, it was planned correctly and was also planned for the future and not just for vote buying in the next two elections.

(As you can see I have no faith in the ACT Libs in the next election. Oh for a decent opposition, Wild Bill and the Zed exempted)

Mr Evil 5:31 pm 27 Sep 05

Good points, Bonfire. Why is this Govt so anti light rail?

bonfire 5:04 pm 27 Sep 05

public infrastructure supports building industry while private construction starts to wane. its a pump prime economic tactic. like a govt employing extra staff to keep unemployment numbers low.

of course there is nothing wrong with public infrastructure projects, as long as they are sane. a 100 million dollar busway, is not to me, sane.

for that price you would get the first link of a lightrail network.

swings and roundabouts.

areaman 4:38 pm 27 Sep 05

Thumper, Che et al: I think it take longer than a year to get to having tower cranes and big holes in the ground (even with call in powers) so I don’t think majority government can be the cause.

Mr Evil 3:36 pm 27 Sep 05

Maybe Simon wants to go down in history for changing the face of Canberra from “Bush Capital” to “Highrise Capital”?

The problem is, don’t we already have a glut of apartments/office space here?

Thumper 2:33 pm 27 Sep 05


I mentioned that there is an apparent boom at the moment. And i have no idea why.

Che maybe right in that we have majority government and no-one can say no….

Maelinar 2:10 pm 27 Sep 05

Smackbang, that’s cause you don’t read the appropriately misplaced comma:

Mr Corbell said the $12million project would include a significant offset from the sale of land, (comma) and developments by the private sector.

Significant offset from the sale of land ?

That reads the end of schools in the area known as Belconnen to me

che 2:09 pm 27 Sep 05

maybe the majority govt has something to do with it

they can anything they like and no one can tell them otherwise

bulldog 1:41 pm 27 Sep 05

Getting back on the ball; I have also noticed an increase in development. Can anyone explain this? Maybe it’s just that we haven’t been paying attention, but many recent articles point to this as well. Without linking to each and every one of them there was a photo of all the cranes over the city, the sky plaza articles, the Belconnen construction, now back to the busways….

Seems to be a lot happening, or maybe we’re just stepping forward from a long period of inaction. Any thoughts?

Thumper 12:51 pm 27 Sep 05

Giant persplex vacuum tubes running all over the place.

You have an access tube attached to the top of your house and in the morning you simply get sucked up and blasted to wherever you are supposed to go.

Okay, it needs a little R&D but its feasible, kind of…. Well, a bit…. maybe if….

okay, its a terrible idea. Camel trains are better….

Mr Evil 12:39 pm 27 Sep 05

Gyrocopters? If everyone rode a Camel to work, we wouldn’t need a busway.

ssanta 12:33 pm 27 Sep 05

Gyrocopters Simon. We need Gyrocopters.

Smackbang 12:17 pm 27 Sep 05

The way I read this comment:
Mr Corbell said the $12million project would include a significant offset from the sale of land and developments by the private sector.
Is that it will be offset by the sale of land and developments in that immediate vicinity, so it has nothing to do with the sale of some paddock in west Belconnen.

Thumper 11:48 am 27 Sep 05

The Boy has really taken the ball and run with it.

However, one must ask, why, after so many years of inaction, has he suddenly become the developers best friend?

Is the airport development putting pressure on him? Does he expect to have a bucket load of cash after the sale of the schools? Does he just have a stash that no-one knows about.

I’m not actually against all of this, i’m just wondering why the sudden increase in development.

Maelinar 10:35 am 27 Sep 05

Mr Corbell said the $12million project would include a significant offset from the sale of land and developments by the private sector. = waiting on proceeds from the sale of school property

Funds for the design of that busway had been approved. He expected that by the end of this financial year the Government would be able to make a decision on whether to provide the $80million to $100million for the construction, which would take about18 months. = waiting on proceeds from the sale of school property

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