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Seven Story Simon at it Again

By che 27 September 2005 25

The CT has this story on Simon Corbell redesigning Canberra and its busways (again).

Comments and submissions will close on October 17. The preliminary assessment is available at public libraries, the ACT Planning Authority, and on its web site,

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Seven Story Simon at it Again
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areaman 4:30 pm 28 Sep 05

I’m not talking about “priority lanes” I’m talking about busways and they’re just a much a sign as light rail is.

A busway gives you certainty of destination, but it also gives you the ability to go somewhere after the busway ends rather than having to wait for a connecting bus, which you’d have to do with light rail.

Now I like light rail becuause I’d rather catch light rail than buses, but it is more expensive (both to set up and to maintain) and if a busway is what the government can afford now I think it’s a prety good solution. Plus the vast majority of busway infrastructure would be needed for a future light rail anyway.

bonfire 4:17 pm 28 Sep 05

areaman – even the govts own reports and its consultants stated that light rail attracts more passengers. this is also the experience of all cities in which lightrail has been installed.

the govt are only planning this one busway from belco to civic. the gungahlin to civic is a ‘priority lane’. so i cant see how a priority lane for buses will convince developers to build when the government could decide to route the buses via woop woop west at a whim. when the light rail tracks are laid, thats a sign of permanence that buses just dont have.

travel on lightrail attracts passengers for all sorts of reasons. its a more comfortable less jarring experience than buses. it is higher capacity, more room. with the rails telling you where youre going you have certainty. action buses meander all over the place.

the busway is a public funding sinkhole. lightrail is an investment.

bulldog 4:06 pm 28 Sep 05

Cheers Chris; good work.

Why is it we cannot have a discussion without it turning to light rail? The idea does have it’s merits (much like the busway), but as I have stated before I can see the Gov’t issuing us all with jet-packs before we have a light rail network.

colsim 3:45 pm 28 Sep 05

Wow, kick arse discussion guys (honestly) – I’m impressed.

I’ll just say one thing about keeping unemployment figures low bonfire – much easier just to redefine what unemployment is. Anyone working more than 1 hr a week was removed from these stats relatively early in the Howard reign.

areaman 2:59 pm 28 Sep 05

Bonfire, just to go through your list when comparing to a busway (not that I’m a huge basway fan, I’d rather light rail as well, but let’s not try and paint a one sided argument):

it provides a guide for development both residential and business – so would a busway

it lessens the requirement for two car households – no more than good busses

it can carry far higher capacity than buses.

it reduces the requirement for inner city carparking (which in canberra is dirt cheap compared to other cities) – so would a busway

it takes buses off the main intertown roads – so would a busway

it will attract far higher passenger figures than buses – impossible to prove

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