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Shade for local skate parks?

StenzOne 31 March 2008 11

Does anyone know who to contact in regards to getting some shade sails / cloths put up at local parks and skateparks around canberra?

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11 Responses to Shade for local skate parks?
Deano Deano 8:47 pm 31 Mar 08

JD114 said :

Can’t see the problem with the kids wearing hats and slapping on some goo if the parents think good old sunshine is the danger it’s purported to be…

A friend of ours’ 2 year old broke her ankle recently after a fairly minor fall. The break was attributed to Vitamin D deficiency which causes impaired bone mineralisation and bone softening. Apparently it is quite common these days.

So I don’t think sun protection and skateboarding are necessarily such a good combination.

sepi sepi 8:47 pm 31 Mar 08

Working families (or someone) built a bmx park at downer shops, only the govt made them take it down, due to OHS reasons.

GregW GregW 7:05 pm 31 Mar 08

JD114: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And whats with them forcing us to wear seat belts in cars, and I mean fluoridation in our drinking water, don’t they know fluoride is bad.

The day we listen to experts instead of our own stubborn opinions is the day we stop making asses of ourselves, hey JD?


It’s a shame but I can see clowns climbing all over the cloths…

JD114 JD114 1:34 pm 31 Mar 08

Can’t see the problem with the kids wearing hats and slapping on some goo if the parents think good old sunshine is the danger it’s purported to be…

I would be loathe to have my taxes used to prop up the over reaction to the sun so prevalent amongst today’s media-influenced population

ant ant 12:01 pm 31 Mar 08

All the Working Families of the kids who use these skate parks could take charge of the skate parks and put up shade or whatever else they wanted to, and then try to ensure that the users of the parks didn’t vandalise them.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:01 pm 31 Mar 08

As usual, the bored, destructive, ADHD morons ruin it for everyone else…….sigh.

S4anta S4anta 11:11 am 31 Mar 08


In a past life I had a wee bit to do with the parks and ‘open areas’ ran by ACT Govt. This was canvassed, vandalism and public safety were what brought it down.

Chances of this happening are slim I am afraid.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 10:57 am 31 Mar 08

SO: Nothing to do with ACTPLA or Corbell sorry. Call Canberra Connect on 132281. They’ll put you through to someone in Parks part of Territory and Municipal Services. Responsible minister is John Hargreaves if you want to go that route –
Vandal-proofing *would* be a key issue, and probably why they haven’t been put in to date. Doesn’t mean there isn’t some sort of solution.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:29 am 31 Mar 08

So that’d be fire-proof, slash-proof and graffiti-proof shade cloth you’d be wanting????

Wearing an Akubra might be an easier option.

Thumper Thumper 10:11 am 31 Mar 08

ACT government. Write a letter to Simon Corbell.

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 9:46 am 31 Mar 08

Try planning and land authority on 62071926?
Otherwise go to the government section at the front of the white pages
and there should be something in there:)

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